Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 297

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Welcome to the 297th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest here at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! Ready to see who won the crown this time around?

This week's Caption Contest winner, using a pic from "Hope For the Hopeless," is Emma123.

We haven't heard a good reference to Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors in awhile. The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go to jennay and EmilielovesMerDer. Thanks to all for playing!

Celebrating Richard

April: Oh My God! Lady Gaga really is a hermaphrodite!

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April: Okay ladies, McDreamy is finally showing his morning hair ritual. Get your cameras ready!


A real live penis!


MEREDITH: Come on Zola smile for the ladies
EVERYONE: Happy Birthday Dear Zola, Happy Birthday to you
SCRUB NURSE: Hey how much do you think I can get paid for this picture on TMZ??


Bailey: Who left their damn panties on my surgical floor!?
April: Obviously someone who is quite excited about losing their V-Card. Take photos everyone!


nurse 1: 'eh... Being doctors you'd think they would know this is 9,999th...not his 10,000th' nurse 2: 'it does make you wonder doesnt it?' nurse 3 (mutters): 'yep, how they ever passed med school'


Kepner: Hey, Dr Grey has made a birthday cake for her daughter, that's worth taking a photo of ! But this is the OR, not a kitchen so I don't think anyone will want to eat it!


April:AHHHH! i need my cherry popped!


April: Omg you guys i am so flippin excited
Everyone else: we know


April- Pull the Lever Kronk!


April: Yes! Shonda is finally getting me a man to take away my virginity!

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Julia: Love you.
Mark: See ya.

There's nothing else we can do for you. These are the last words a surgeon wants to tell a patient. Getting up doesn't come easy to us, so we do everything in our power not to. For surgeons, lost cause just means try a little harder.