Grey's Anatomy Review: Widow Casserole, Anyone?

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Now this is what I call an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It was classic in all of the best ways: sad, funny, witty, tragic, with relationship drama at it’s best. "Hope for the Hopeless” was an hour packed with drama. So now that I have stopped with the shocked face and tears, it’s time to discuss this latest installment.

It was bound to be a monumental day. Richard was prepping for his 10,000th surgery, Meredith and Derek were getting ready for Zola’s party. It was going to be a good few hours for our favorite doctors... until it wasn’t.

Three’s Company. I almost forgot how crowded the Grey/Shepherd house; it’s a good thing the Dream House is in the works. After living with a married couple with a baby, two exes and random girls, it was time for April, Alex,and Jackson to move out. Do I sense a new Three’s Company? Things are bound to get awkward considering the tension and interest between April and the boys. She is about to become one lucky girl with those roommates.

Serious Stare

Pass The Tissues. “Hope for the Hopeless” was an emotional one for several reasons. Adele... Cristina and Owen... Patients...

“I’ll be with Daddy in heaven.” Seriously, tug on my heart strings. The young boy with the tumor was so emotional. I can’t imagine being involved in this scenario. Kudos to the writers for another dramatic case that us viewers can not get enough of. Seriously.

My Funny Valentine. So it is official: Alzheimer’s is super sad and it is heartbreaking watching Adele suffer. Not only has Richard experienced this with Ellis, but now with his wife. Webber singing to his love was one of the sweetest things ever and I could not help but tear up. Confusing Meredith for Ellis? Icing on the cake.

Loretta Devine is a welcome guest on this show any week in  my book. Every time she shows up she is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t you agree?

Poor Adele

Yay Zola! The cutest McFamily ever was preparing for Zola’s big party and through this, you can’t help but realize how much Meredith has grown up. The homemade cake? Adorable. Even better? Giving it to Richard for his 10,000th surgery. How awesome was Mer taking the widow casseroles as food for the party?!?

Zola Shepherd

The Argument Heard ‘Round The World. The tension has been mounting. It’s been a consistent storyline that has been building. Cristina and Owen came to blows over what started as her and Teddy stealing a surgery and then turned nto the abortion. I’m not too sure that these two can bounce back from this. I have to admit, although I haven’t always been the biggest fan of this pairing, this has been an arc I have come to appreciate. How about you?

Richard, Meredith

After Thoughts:

  • Richard is the best faux father to Meredith. Watching these two is one of the most enjoyable parts of this show.
  • Mark doesn’t want to rush into his relationship with Julia. Good idea. The whole “I love you” from Julia felt soon, even for me.
  • I expected a little more from guest star Nia Vardalos. This case didn’t really do it for me.
  • Even though Mer would be great as a General Surgeon, she needs to get back to neuro. It’s where her heart is and that’s where she can work on Alzheimers.
  • Jackson gets the award for most underused character again. Even though this is a big cast, those eyes deserve more screen time than what he has been getting.
  • Teddy is still pissed at Owen, rightfully so. Loved the widow casserole. 
Celebrating Richard
“Hope for the Hopeless” is most definitely an hour of Grey’s Anatomy that deserves a second viewing. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was this episode up to the Grey’s standard?
The series has been bringing its A game this season, and I, for one, cannot wait to see more of it. So hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the latest installment. Don’t forget to check back for the official GA Round Table later this week.


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Did Jackson and Callie get sued/ punished for destroying a woman's heart??
They dropped that ball.
The scene with Richard and Adelle in the operating room...heartbreaking and beautiful.


-Glad Derek failed with that surgery, felt more real. Looks like lil Grey is gonna do Neuro, though she should learn to distance herself more, otherwise, it might cost her.
- Mer and the specialties, always thought she had 2 choices : General and Neuro, nothing else. She cannot do the latter, soooooo Gen it is !
- was twisted... I laughed and felt really sad at the same time...WOW
- Teddy and Owen: well he had it coming ! Like Cris said, he put her through something that was sooo big, it was just too much. Teddy has every right to resent him for that.
-Mer/Webber, always love them together, he's like a dad to her...nice
-Mark...well he's right to take it slow, though Callie telling him that him and Lexie are done...I was like "Is it though, REALLY?!"
All in all, I WANT MORE !!


Good the scenes w/Richard & Mer. Adele stole the show. Get rid of Teddy, PLEASE????? Love Cris, but not w/ juvenile. Teddy doesnt do Juvenile well (or anything else for that matter). Put Mer back in Neuro w/Der...Lexie is not cutting it. Great music!!


I loved it ! It was fun, sad, outrageous and put some things in my head like :
-Avery and Kepner, errrr, what was THAT ! Wouldn't mind though, they've been friends for a while, he defended her against the others a lot, why not !
-My fav couple is over, saw it coming though, Owen/Cris, she pushed, he pushed, the baby part was WOW ! I'm all for abortion, don't want it, don't get it. But he knew the how's and why's but seeing her that way with Zola, again coz she did it before, was the last straw. It looked like Cris took a side and coz she "killed" Henry, she feels obligated, it's wrong !


This episode was terrific!!
The kid and the mom, Adele and Richard, Christina and Owen. Heartbreaking!
And the last minutes scene was so tense.
When Owen yelled, "you killed our baby!"
He forgot he was there too!
The scene was truly heartbreaking! Can't wait for the next episode 8x14.
But still have two wait for two weeks.. Sandra Oh and Kevin Mckidd,, really make their fans crying!! Goood job!


This is imo the best episode of the season so far (yes even better than 8x10). It made me smile, laugh out loud, cry, cry some more, laugh again, be shocked and cry again. I mean, wow, what an episode. It speaks volume about the writers that after 8 seasons they can still write story that don't feel overused or to far fetched. This show can really make you care.
I loved everything about this episode, from Calzona/Sloan, over April/Jackson/Alex, Zola's birthday, the medical cases, Adele, Cristina and Teddy, Auntie Cristina to the Owen/Cristina fight.
Flawless, absolutely flawless.

Greys anatomy 1 fan

Adele scene was ok
I loved the little boy not his mom though
I feel sorry for christina that she fell in love with owen
I want to see more of merder still not to happy about zola i want to see a mcbaby not a mcadopted baby Alex april and avery were fill in characters this week I wish callie would be a stay at home mom cause i dont like her character she mellodramatic!!!!!

Greys anatomy 1 fan

Adele scene was ok
I loved the little boy not his mom though
I feel sorry for christina that she fell in love with owen
I want to see more of merder still not to happy about zola i want to see a mcbaby not a mcadopted baby Alex april and avery were fill in characters this week I wish callie would be a stay at home mom cause i dont like her character she mellodramatic


Great episode. The scene with Adele was so realistic. If you have any experience with Alzheimer's patient, it was typical for her to think he had left her. I had an experience like that with my dear cousin when I took care of her for the afternoon and her husband went to a baseball game. She was sure he was not coming back and was leaving her. Made me cry when they sang together. As far as Owen and Yang, if she didn't want children, why didn't she just have her tubes tied or have a hysterectomy, being doctors they know birth control isn't perfect. I don't blame him, she is a very selfish woman.
The relationship is doomed.


I think Loretta Devine stole the episode with her scenes.She was fantastic as always and her scenes warmed the heart.
I kinda envy april if she's moving in with those two.I agree that avery is horribly underutilized.
teddy and yang were behaving like brats. how is a tough situation for all them but both are taking it out on owen. its bad enough he doesnt always get the respect he's due as chief but them undermining them was insubordinate.he made the right call.I like Yang but Im team owen as far as their relationship because he ALWAYS compromises with her and caves for her but she never does the same or at least gives him the dignity of listening to his opinions.i can see why he's so fed up.There is nothing equal about their partnership.

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