Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Yang in the Hot Seat

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"Saving a life is worth something." - Owen

That may be, but it's certainly more complicated than that for Cristina, who finds herself internally agonizing over what she knows - and what Teddy does not know - in the first Grey's Anatomy episode of 2012.

When Teddy, still in the dark about what happened to Henry, calls upon Cristina personally to help with her patient in the O.R, Yang almost becomes ill in front of her. Sandra Oh, as always, does a superb job. 

Meanwhile, it's just not a good season of Grey's Anatomy if Meredith's life isn't in jeopardy, right? It appears that for the sake of an injured patient, she puts herself very much in harm's way Thursday night.

The show's ratings have declined this season, but most fans seem to agree that the quality of the episodes has been higher than certain points in recent years. Hopefully 2012 continues that upward trend.

Watch three sneak previews of "Suddenly" and comment below:

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what you guys dont relies is that the patient that teddy is operating on comes first. that means christina has to go to the or.

Greys anatomy 1 fan

omg i cant wait for tonight its gonna be great i am a long term greys fan i will be one till the end i hope that mer is pregnant i hope christina doesnt get in trouble she should dump owen he is not a good husband or friend he is selfish


I can't believe they haven't told Teddy about her husband. And making Cristina go back into the OR WITH Teddy? That's just wrong on so many levels!!


There are new photos out for the next episode 8.12 This Magic Moment.
I can put the name of the websites here, yes there is more than one that has these new photos, every time I name another website my comment is deleted. So if you do what to see these photos, not putting it as an actual address, go to spoiler tv and view them or abc medianet. There is a couple of Callie, one of Cristina, some group shots, and if you do see the doc's are wearing different colours on their surgical caps, maybe that's the team they are on red or green.


I bet the other car is the ambulance coming to get them!


OMG!!!! I can't wait!!!!


Video 1 - If I were Cristina, I'd say no. I couldn't face a woman, after her husband died on my OR. Video 2 - If I were Cristina, I would tell Owen that once I am in there to pull Teddy out and tell her then. I couldn't continue to not only look at her, but to talk and answer questions about the surgery too? I'd be sick. Video 3 - Meredith will be fine. We've ALL seen pictures.


Wowwwww. Let me take a breath first... I must start by saying I think it is so wrong to do this to Christina. She is a different person now and has gone through so much so to do this to her now is just mean. It was Henry for Pete's sake! And Poor Teddy. Rhimes could have let him live. Why did he have to die?!!! Meredith...oh Meredith. She has a good heart but can she move out of the way?! All we need is another near death experience and Derrick and Christina will go through the wall. Please Meredith, just move. I hope she doesn't get hurt. I am soooo excited for tomorrow!!


i cannot believe owen requires this of cristina! COME ON! is there seriously no one else in the entire hospital who can help her? hyou have to guilt the woman who killed her husband into doing it??

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I need another me and Cristina is the closes thing. Don't tell her I said that.


Victims of a sudden impact are some of the hardest to treat. It's not just the collision that injures them, it's everything after.