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Hawaii Five-0 Trailer: A Blast from Danno's Past

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Hawaii Five-0 has been off the air for a few weeks, but worry not, fans. It makes a seriously suspenseful return next Monday night.

On an episode titled "Mai Ka Wa Kahiko" (translation: out of the past), Danno is faced with an impossible decision, as a corrupt cop from back in the day resurfaces and exact revenge on this detective and his family. Who, exactly, does he threaten? What does he ask Danno to do?

Hold on tightly and watch the official CBS preview now for the answers:

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meah, you can come back and watch again! You should like next week's episode!!!


Now this was more like the old H50... I absolutely loved this episode, probably the best one of the season, mainly because Danno is my favorite character. The one thing I hated was the grovelling message he left for Rachel. Please, writers, give the guy some of the dignity he used to have and don't have him crawling after her any more. It's done. In any case, now he's going to go into guilt mode and not let anyone near him for fear they'll get hurt. So much for his blooming romance with Gabby.
And the only other thing I hated - the infamous mountain scene. Really, what was the use of it, except to teach you not to cheat and not run up stairs??? Oh wait, it set up the reason for Lori not being in the ending scene, which was great as it was, with the original 4 members united in a family moment. Now we have great things to look forward to, like Scott's amazing dad visiting ... and it looks like no more Lori after next week's episode. Good stuff.


I agree with you meah, my mum and I were saying today how this series isn't as good as the last, mainly because of that Lori character. This series has only just started over here, and I don't know whether I will be able to see it through because of her, nothing to do with her being a woman, because I love Kono, and although I can't remember her name, I liked Steve's girlfriend in the last series, it's just the actress who plays Lori, she can't act and ruins the series, which is a great shame because I looked forward each week in series 1, but now I'm not really bothered.


@zeo i stopped watching after the 4th episode...i always come here to check if lauren's character is still i said i love the original cast especially Alex..and i still love the show,but am not impressed with the direction it is going to


@lena..yes he will. Mcg to the rescue. This is gonna be great cause we will get to see the bond he has with danno and monkey. Looks like a great epi and I too cannot wait to see the previews for 2.16. Bring on 2.17 as well. I am ready! :)


I know I shouldn't have watched this. Now I'm going crazy with anticipation.


meah sorry but I don't believe you. You participate here but you stopped watching the show? Come on you have to do better than that for me to believe you.LOL


This looks great. I'm so glad we are looking forward to at least 2 new episodes in a row. I love it when the team rallies around one another.


Looks so intense!! can't wait But uncle Steve will safe monkey for Danny I know he will! Ohh and the best part will be the promo for 2.16 that's the one I am looking forward to the most!!


@meah... I cant blame you for that. Katherine is back in episode 2.16. I believe it is airing on Feb.13th.