Hawaii Five-0 Review: Tracking the Wild Danno

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Mai Ka Wa Kahiko: Out of the Past

This week in Hawaii Five-0, we got to see Danny Williams - police officer and protective father take center stage - as a dirty cop he help send to jail turned up on the island in "Mai Ka Wa Kahiko".

I enjoyed the break from Shelburne, Joe White and Wo Fat. It was especially nice to get a glimpse into Danny’s past. Unless you count him being a complete moron at Halloween, which I choose to forget, this was our first real Danny episode of the season.

Opening the case with him knowing the US Marshall that was killed gave some great foreshadowing of where things were going. Once things got down to "Officer McGuire" (Rick Peterson) picking up Grace I knew Danny was in trouble. Then again, I don’t think I have ever seen Peter Greene (Peterson) in a role where he’s not a bad guy, a mobster or both.

Danno vs. The Past

He was a great choice to portray a dirty copy out for revenge. I had no problem believing that Danny would do anything he said to keep Grace safe. There were two things I did have a problem with when it came to Peterson, however.

First, how he got off the plane. Even allowing that he could get to the landing gear area from inside the plane, shouldn’t there have been a ton of emergency crews and police around the plane when it taxied to a stop? Maybe I’m just being picky, he’s not the first bad guy (or good guy) to get off a plane by escaping from the landing gear, and I’m sure he won’t be the last. 

The second thing that really bugged me was when Rick was able to disable the GPS unit by the spare tire. Subwoofers are put in the trunk, not GPS units; those are put up under the dash or in the engine compartment so they can’t be disable or removed easily. Even assuming that for some reason the Hawaiian police department did put their GPS unit in the trunk, it would not be attached to the spare tire. Come on, really??? 

Moving past the minor annoyances, did anyone else wonder if Stan was really going to die? I never thought Danny would do it, but I thought Rick might take a shot from the car at him to try and frame Danny. While I’m glad that Stan will survive, the voicemail that Kono played really makes me wonder if there might yet be a future for Rachel and Danny.

Finally, I saved what is surely going to be the most controversial issue for TV Fanatic readers until the end: Lori and Steve’s failed attempt to run up the mountain. 

What do you all think? Is this the beginning of a romance? Or was this just a way to explain an injury that Lauren German might have sustained? Next week is Valentine’s Day, maybe this was as set up for that installment. Might candy hearts and flowers be in the air?


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Also, I think her back story could have been really interesting and being on the governors payroll getting us past the Shelbourne story and Danno's continual family saga. The writers seem to have lost their plots - literally. Time to give Kono a nice long story arc methinks!


We only just had this ep air in Australia and I thought it was the best Danno ep yet. Especialy as he was SUCH a tool in the Halloween episode. Great to see him be a vengeful dad. I only got inot watching Hawaii 5-0 at the end of the first season so do't really have the 'history' of the programme that otherws who have been there since the beginning, but I really like Lori. I know people despise her but I think it's a bit crazy. She was never going to be in for the long term as she never was on the front credits. I actually am not a huge Catherine fan at all, I think she's really boring as a romantic interest for Steve and I think SHE has been really badly written and bounced around the show, but she doesn't seem to cop the flack that Lori does. I agree that some stuff with Lori has been really clunky...like the racing up the hill stuff. But there have been great moments between her and all of the team members seperately. Her and Kono (sistah!), and especially her and Max. I think her back story and being implanted by the governor REALLY could have been an amazing slow burning story, something to take beyond this Shelbourne thing (starting to get BORING) and the ongoing saga of Danno's family. Now she is leaving I really hope they start creating interesting stuff around Kono, because the cool girls who kick ass need to come to the forefront!! I would love to see a romance with Kono and a super bad guy!!


Kathryne, I'm right there with you on thinking it makes sense to pick the plot first it works so WELL in your books!And I'm bnetitg that you're even better at coming up with characters than you are with plots, because you know you can always create a character to suit any plot you come up with. Someone who's stronger at plotting than at characterization would probably want to go the other way, getting the hard part over with first so it can be shored up with the part that comes naturally.I love the part about where the magic happens and can't wait to watch it unfold!


I think the ending of the latest episode probably makes it pretty final that Steve isn't going to fall in love with Lori - his affections are clearly firmly engaged elsewhere!


The Lori character has a problem. She goes from agency to agency. Develops inappropriate and unrequited feelings for her boss and eventually has to leave. While she is with the organization she talks endlessly about her non-existant skills. This character gives professional woman a bad name.


Not sure who would have already seen this episode but they tweeted lenkov that their heart is still pounding and that this season is getting better and better. I am officially excited to watch tonight!!!


@zeo..you are setting yourself up to be very disappointed. I guess if that is what gets you through but it is not gonna happen. She is gone after tonight. You would be best to follow her to her next role.


but Steve will fall in love with her, touched by her noble act to leave the team on her own. Lori will return as a love interest for Steve in the future!


@jeffrey...ha ha!!!! At least you have a good sense of humor about it. Good for you. :)


@zeo..it doesnt really matter if she is shy or not shy. The point is her career will continue and this was one role for her. I want lori weston to be just a fading memory. I am ready for it to go back to the team of four. I am not going to feel back about that.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Lori: Your shoe's untied.
Steve: [looks down as Lori takes off running] that's your plan "my shoes untied".

Steve: Uh Danny, if we drown him, he won't be able to tell us anything.
Danny: Hey, I'm trying to drown him; he killed a friend of mine ok?