How I Met Your Mother Review: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Dan Gregor and Doug Mand deserve the highest of fives for this week's How I Met Your Mother episode, "46 Minutes."

While the majority of our readers here at TV Fanatic feel the season thus far has been a success, a reoccurring gripe has emerged lamenting the absence of Barney's famous and beloved catch phrases or Barney-isms. Well... fans had reason to rejoice when Barney suggested a trip to a strip club to celebrate his self appointment as the new leader of the group and capped off the scene with one of his more memorable Legen-dary quotes.

A HIMYM Celebration

While the Eriksens were off playing house, though, the gang was left to operate at half strength. Barney, suited up as usual, came through, put the team on his shoulders and delivered as the show's comedic cynosure. His voiceover during the opening theme music was a great wrinkle, as was the Russian-themed alternate opening montage featuring "Better Lily" and "New Marshall."

Looking like he just went down on Robocop, the silver glitter-faced Barney controlled the floor like Michael Jordan in his prime.

Every great player has a great wingman. His Airness had Scottie Pippen and Barney had a great second in drunk Ted. Ted was on fire all night, from his Party of Five reference to his scenes at the poker table, which were highlighted by his Starship song parody, "We Built Chip City." Great nod to Teddy KGB from Rounders, also, with the onlooker eating a chip rack full of Oreos.

The only weak points of the episode were the awkward exchanges between Robin and Kevin at the strip club, despite the scenario being brilliantly termed "Early Relationship Chicken" by Barney. On the bright side, though, we learned that Kevin is a big fan of the high five, which gave hope that he might help inspire a much requested high five revival from Barney. I would love to see some more interaction between Kal Penn and Neil Patrick Harris. 

Marshall and Lily's move to the suburbs took a back seat to the city storylines, but Marshall's epic search for the fuse box was great. I lost it every time they cut to a bug-eyed Marshall who looked like he was being watched through Buffalo Bill's night vision goggles. The whole ordeal was made that much better by Mickey (Chris Elliot), who went from acting like a Jigsaw-esque game master to talking Marshall through the various pitfalls of the basement like Professor Henry Jone's diary helped Indiana navigate the path to the Holy Grail chamber.

The episode concluded with a touching HIMYM moment, as the group of friends ate breakfast around Marshall and Lily's kitchen table/booth. While life may send the MacLarens mob down different paths, at times creating geographic or social differences, their friendship knows no bounds and will overcome any obstacle. 


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This episode as well as most of this season is complete garbage. I'm utterly sick of this show dragging its viewers along because it knows it can.


Kevin needed to leave about 5 or 6 episodes ago. I lost interest as soon as this pathetic excuse for a "relationship" started. The writing has been sub-par at best since the characters are quick to "forget" what happened in previous episodes and many of the story lines for this season are contrived and over-done. I love this show, but am deeply disappointed at the nose dive it appears to have taken this year. I am sorely tempted to simply stop watching. At this point, I'm not sure if it would be much of a loss...


This show is so lame...I find the writing subpar...You compare to a sitcom like friends which was so well written I sit and wonder such how it has survived so long. A show based on how many women Barney can sleep with doesn't do anything for me. Time to put this dog out to pasture.


I think the whole robin and kevin thing needs to end. It's boring. This episode was kind of boring to be honest.


I was a HUGE fan of this episode. I couldn't control my laughter during "We Built Chip City"...bravo HIMYM crew!


I am really shocked by the ratings on this episode by both staff and tvfanatic viewers! I was practically bored to tears watching this episode; I hit fast forward so many times. Eventually I gave up and left it run it course while I took a nap. Yeah. I literally fell asleep to this episode.


I can honestly say I hate this season. Too much drama belonging rather in a Desperate Housewives type of crap than in a sitcom. The only good things of this week's episode were the return of the classics (Barney's legendary and stripper Lily) and the opening credits. The rest was just boring and in no way similar to what this show used to be a couple of years ago.


Great episodes. Barney´s new intro was awesome.


I do not like Kevin. I think he is ruining the show. Just because Neil and him had chemistry in Harold and Kumar, does not mean that he is a good fit on this show. To be honest I am less inclinded to watch this show, which I have never missed an episode before because of him.


One of the best episodes ever for me! Except maybe for the parts of Robin.. I think the 'couple' is not working

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How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

It's like when they canceled Party Of Five for the second time. I mean when they canceled, sports.


Kevin: Hey guys where are Marshall and Lily?
Robin: Something terrible happened.
Kevin: Are they ok? Are they in the hospital?
Barney: No, somewhere much, much worse...
Marshall: Long Island!