Mayoral Mayhem: New Clips from Castle

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Castle will delve into the murky, grey waters of the political arena on Monday, as the team takes on a case that directly involved the Mayor.

How will the victim be found? How will Castle react to this awkward situation, given his friendship with the man in charge of the city? What advice will Gates offer to Beckett? All these questions and more are answered in the following three clips.

Check out the ABC promo for "Dial M for Mayor" now and then get an early look at what's to come.

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I hope this is the very last time they trot out the "but I know he's innocent, he's my friend!!1!" thing by Castle, followed with Beckett telling him she has to follow things where they lead. What is this, the 5th time? He's a crime writer, duh, and has been with her for over three years, he KNOWS that by now. How about Beckett protecting a friend from cop's prying and Castle reminding her to do her job, for once?
/rant over. ;) We know it will work out, somehow, and I also really doubt the Mayor is a killer. They say in the very first teaser clip that the body was dumped in the car, not killed there, so just cause the Mayor drove it last doesn't necessarily mean anything about the murder. I'll miss the original Mayor, but am interested to see what the new actor does with the role.


nah I'm siding with Castle on this one the Mayor didn't do it. I already knew that Gates would go for the throat before watching any clip. Gates gives an interesting speech in the last clip but you can already tell she's out for blood.
To be the cop in charge of the investigation that busts the Mayor for murder would be a huge career move. I mean it won't make you popular in some circles but the Mayors opponents would love ya for it. Forgive the colloquialism but Gates is kind of a dickhead.
They still haven't lost that whole "Sir" thing.
It's pretty obvious that Kate is torn between Castle and her duty here, just the emotional stuff.
Wait and see I reckon. Should be interesting.

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