NCIS: Los Angeles Promo: The Old Guard is Changing ...

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NCIS: Los Angeles returns tonight after an all-new NCIS.

In the first installment of the year, Nell plays a key role!

When a researcher with the Department of Defense is found dead, Nell must put more than her high IQ to the test when she goes undercover as his replacement. Think she can pull off actual field work? We'll find out!

Meanwhile, Hetty’s ability to lead the team is questioned by the new NCIS Assistant Director, Owen Granger (guest star Miguel Ferrer). Suffice it to say he does not mesh with Callen, Deeks and Sam right off the bat.

The NCIS spinoff certainly has not lacked for internal power struggles this season, with Hetty's fate, and authority, appearing precarious on more than one occasion. But never count the diminutive shot-caller out.

Watch the promo for "The Watchers" below:

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Colin & Michael - the car Callen is driving now is a Jaguar XK. He has in the past driven an Aston Martin.


I love the NCIS series and the characters but if Linda is gone the show NCIS LA will fall apart, she is the catalyst that makes the show work. The network would be crazy to get rid of her she has always been the pivital person in all her endeavors........


this new IDIOT miguel ferrer ( note the lower case m and f ) , if he stays i will no longer watch NCIA LA


Colin, just so you know: Callan was driving an Aston-Martin. Same make of car that James Bond drove for decades.


There is a puzzle brewing!
Of the two NCIS - this is the best. The team work and banter is more believably real and the quality of acting that much better - probably because Linda Hunt's (Hetty) presence elevates the acting of the others. This season's writing staff has incorporated many levels into the show - the end of each episode presents another question and puzzle piece. Miguel Ferrer is a stronger foil for Hetty and the team, than Clare Forlani was.
This episode was not as action oriented as usual, but the quiet simplicity of the presentation, the relaxed acting, and the depth of layers evoked palpable tension that echoes of actions to come. I hope the writers are able to maintain or slowly increase the tension as this episode somewhat promises a more dramatic conclusion to the season. If the writers are reading this, I hope they don't cop-out with some "hollywood" ending because I want to be taken on a WTF ride.


What kind of car was Callen driving in this episode? I know it was not Dodge or looked more like a new Jag - very nice,black, sleek, but not shown enough to get good fix on it...too nice to be involving in car chases!!


Ditto the angry comments! Messing with a show's chemistry is usually not a good thing. Letting Hetty go would be like Gibbs leaving NCIS--would not work and we won't watch.


What is the name of the actor that played the main villain in tonight's episode?


LOL Miguel Ferrer ... I thought I was watching a Charlie's Angels rerun. Please tell me his listing as a 'guest star' is just a one-episode episode. Otherwise ........... outahere!


IT WAS HORRIBE. I tell you now that if Miguel Ferrer continues on this show in this role I will stop watching, as much as I love NCIS-LA. It was terrible, why do they need to keep coming in and taking over Heddy's role when they know that we will not like it? Especially when it is done it this fashion. I love Miguel Ferrer in anything else, but not this show, in this role, no way!