Private Practice Episode Promo: Boys' Night Out!

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Love isn't always enough. That point was driven home on the first Private Practice episode of 2012.

But, sometimes, a great deal of alcohol is all you need. Such will be the case next Thursday night, as the men of this ABC drama hit the town for a much-needed night out.

What will the women be up to while the men are playing? Look for Stephen Amett to debut as a paramedic who wants to date Violet, for Charlotte to face an ethical dilemma at work and for Addison to question just how much she wants to be a mother.

Watch the ABC promo for "The Standing Eight Count" now.

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I, for one, am not excited about Jake and Addie. I feel that he has been wedged in and forced on us as a great alternative.


pas de mystère si c'est amélia qui découvre le secret d'erica soit erica malade soit mason
violet c'est chaud
adi encore un mec de plus dans sa vie pas de bébé mais beaucoup de mec


Hi Matt, thanks for posting the preview for us! Do you have any thoughts/ideas in regards to what Erica's secret could be? I'm hoping it's not an another addiction storyline since Amelia is the one that discovers the secret and I feel like it was thoroughly covered in first half of the season. Thanks!


It looks like it's going to be a fun episode next week! Looking forward to the guys going out similar to how they were in earlier seasons. I'm not too sold on Violet going out with the paramedic but I'm really excited for more Addison and Jake!


Its Stephen Amell, not Amett


Go Violet! Show Pete what he's missing and get yourself something 15 years younger! You cougar!
As for Addie and Jake, I hope it's a new fertility treatment..... With Jake's sperm. These two need a baby together and fast!

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I feel like Pete is using this separation to have the bachelor party he never had. You know he wants to sow his wild, old oats.


You're a peddler.


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