Private Practice Review: When Love's Not Enough

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Private Practice returned from the holiday hiatus with a solid episode. "Are You My Mother?" was an excellent way to kick off the second half of an already stellar season, focusing on the theme of when love is just not enough.

I was a little confused at first, though. I expected to immediately see Addison with her pregnancy results. I was a bit surprised and felt that the entire installment was in fast forward mode, as Addison and Sam prepared her home for the social worker.

Pete and Lucas

It was obvious that some time had passed, but I feel like the missing scene was needed. By the way, how did Addie meet with a social worker and even the birthmother that quickly? I guess that’s TV for you.

After much acknowledgment from both Sam and Addie in regard to their conflicted relationship, the two ultimately decided to break up. Are you disappointed or glad? I, for one, am actually the latter, relieved they both finally realized they just don’t want the same things.

On another note, I always thought I’d be crushed if Addison didn’t get to have her own baby. However, I’ll admit that I’m definitely intrigued to see her explore different options for motherhood. At the end of the day, so as long as she gets to finally have a child, I’ll be more than thrilled.

The best parts of this episode included three great scenes. First, I really liked that Jake was the one to comfort Addison as she broke down after being told she wasn’t chosen by the birthmother. Second, as always, I appreciated the Charlotte and Cooper scenes. I love that she's so supportive of him and how well they work together as a team.

Lastly, how great was the shooting range scene with Sheldon and Charlotte?! Private Practice needs more moments outside of the hospital and office. Also, it was tough but understandable to see Sheldon deal with his feelings for Amelia. Thankfully, Charlotte was there for her. These two are great when they're together.

By the way, high-five to Cooper for actually stepping up and being the father he needed to be for Mason. I didn’t think he had it in him at first. Ironically, Mason seems to actually be helping his dad mature.

I can’t say I cared too much for the medical case involving the “polamorous triad." I thought it was random and their demise was predictable. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Elsewhere: I was glad that Violet told Pete he should be the one to leave. I’m not one to be rooting for Violet, but she was right. After all, it was her house in the first place.

I honestly am appreciating the way Pete and Violet’s storyline is going. Separation seems like the right option for them now, though Lucas does need some stability. It’s great that they are establishing rules, but let’s hope that they will both sincerely keep Lucas as their number one priority.

There was a time when I was certain the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS) rating would be soaring off the charts. With tonight’s episode, I'm only rating it a 2 on the VAS, though. Addison and Violet have grown close quickly, and it just isn’t believable to me. Also, I was slightly disappointed she didn’t let Pete see Lucas.

Again, I understand that they have to have some boundaries, but it was heartbreaking to see Pete confess he didn’t want to lose Lucas. Furthermore, she did bend the rules for herself to see Lucas when it wasn’t her turn just earlier that morning.

Were you pleased with this installment? What did you like or dislike? Don’t forget to leave your VAS rating.


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@PP_Fan - Honestly, I am a little worried. Like all of you, I'm hoping for the best. PP will definitely be tested without Grey's Anatomy, but I have a feeling it will fare just fine following the infamous Dancing with the Stars. This season has been incredible and the show MUST go on...


@Christina - what do you think of the move of PP from Thurs to Tues night? Can this possibly be good for te show?


I was absolutly shocked at the lack of continuity in this episode, really truly I was expecting to see addison go back into the thanksgiving dinner feast and tell everyone that there was a baby on the way. very unhappy with this, and yes, I think there is great potential with jake and addison, but its all in the way they write it. they could have written sam as more supportive, but they didn't want to. I've been an addison fan since she took the grey's set by storm and have been a faithful fan of the show, but the writing this year has been unrealistic, I mean, who recovers from drugs, or has such fast and furious addiction as ameila? really not realistic. and the boyfriend she was so broken up over, I mean, really? she's a neurosurgeon. she's not a high school kid. You don't become a neurosurgeon without some smidgon of maturity.


If I remember correctly addie only had like 4 viable eggs and she used them all on that one procedure because she was hopeful. So shed really have no choice about adopting/surrogent whatever she decided to do


I always thought your VAS rating makes you annoying.
Anyway. Thanks for the review!
I hope the best for the whole bunch! Give Addi her baby already! Or a toddler or a teenager! Just give her a kid to care about!


Ugh. What the crap? The pre-holiday epsiode leads us to believe that Addie is pregnant and then all of a sudden she's making plans to adopt? I know there was a time elapse but I find it hard to believe that she went from having her hopes dashed with a negative pregnancy test to just deciding to adopt. I knew that she wasn't going to get the baby right from the off-too quick, too easy. I was really rooting for Addie-still am but sick of the let-downs! Give her a baby already! And I am so glad that she and Sam finally called that charade quits. I cannot stand him, he's been so rigid and unsupportive through her entire journey. Oh, and I am sick of Pete. I am by no means a Violet fan, but he's been horrible to her for reasons I don"t quite get. I mean, is he just now realizing that she is self centered and narcissistic? Did he just recently notice that she is meddlesome and annoying beyond words?


Poor Addie, my heart broke for her seeing her face light up, when she thought the baby she delivered may be her daughter only to have the girl dash her dreams. I hope Sam wakes up in time to realize, he can have another family with Addison, he can have one with Noami and start a new life with Addison. If not end it for good and let Addison find someone willing to have a family with her. I want Addison to be truly happy.


Poor Addie, nothing comes easy for her. Love her and Jake. they are a perfect match. Hope they get together soon!!


Sheldon doesn't just love Amelia, he is in love with her; so he isn't just trying to forgive her for her nastiness, he's also healing from rejection and a broken heart. It's understandable, given what she's been through, but Amelia knows he is in love with her and she is being a bit insensitive just expecting him to move on and be her pal. It doesn't work like that.


I, too, was shocked by the lack of continuity from the last scene of the previous ep to where the show picked up this week. I felt like everything else flowed well except for that story. Regardless, I feel like all the actors have brought their absolute A game this season...hoping to see Addie and Jake together! They had such great chemistry at the end of last season!

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