Revenge Review: Up In Flames

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What could be worse than losing one's fortune or fame? How about losing one's children? Victoria Grayson's kids have been slowly slipping away all season and with the information uncovered in "Infamy," it looks like it will only get worse. But let's recap the rest of the episode before we get to the big secret most of us saw coming.

Girls Making Out!

The Destruction of Mason Treadwell. As Nolan put it, "What a tool." Between the arrogance and the ridiculous bow ties, how could anyone like that man? Then, to find out that he lied to a desperate, grieving child.The spineless little weasel gained young Amanda's trust only to abandon her for a pay day from the Graysons.

Amanda was a poor, scared, little girl who was betrayed over and over again by the adults in her life. It's those scenes that convince me it's long past time for someone to pay. It's time for Revenge.

And Emily delivered. It was so satisfying to watch Treadwell writhing on the ground as he saw his precious memoir go up in flames and Nolan standing behind him, grinning his admiration for Emily's handy work.

The Marriage Card. From last week's previews I didn't think Emily would be the first one to play the marriage card... but she was. Her little speech about not wanting to live with some one because her beloved parents were so traditional was really well played. With one hand she let Daniel go to take care of his mother and with the other she subtly pulled him back to her. Smart girl.

Conrad certainly didn't think much of his son - or, should I say, he believed it was more of a case of like father, like son. Conrad thought the marriage clause in the trust was enough to keep Daniel away from his shares of the company. Unfortunately for Conrad, his son was quick to see through his very pretty distraction.

But when Victoria asked Daniel to access his shares she never thought she'd be pushing him towards marriage. The matriarch unwittingly drove him right into Emily's lingerie-clad arms. 

I had to give Victoria points for trying to stay ahead of things. She used Ashley to leak the marriage clause details to Emily, something the little conniver was more than eager to do. But since Emily's not in this for love, the news simply played into her plans.

The Wild Child. Amanda's inner crazy girl started to make an appearance as her jealousy over Jack and Emily grew. Poor, quiet, Jack didn't know how to handle Amanda's Coyote Ugly impersonation or her girl-on-girl action.

I do have to ask: will Amanda ever wear a shirt she isn't falling out of? Oh, nevermind.

In the end, Emily made Amanda an ally once again or at least a well played pawn and Jack decided to live a little and enjoy the wild side. I'm sure it will all blow up in his face soon enough. He might as well have some fun in the meantime.

The Secret Revealed. Most of us have believed that Charlotte was David Clarke's daughter for quite some time but tonight was the first we got any sort of confirmation. And more importantly, Emily's been made aware that she may have a half sister. Now what she'll do with that information is the mystery, but this has the power to rock Victoria's world.

Other tidbits worth mentioning:

  • Nolan and Emily were quite the devious duo. Watching these two work together was just too much fun.
  • I loved Nolan more than ever when he uttered:
    You know I haven't been this disappointed since Phantom Menace. | permalink
  • Emily's lingerie and Victoria's evening gown were both striking. I'd love to know the designer.
  • Declan was only marginally an idiot tonight. He spent half the episode making his smart, rich, beautiful girlfriend feel guilty about being smart and rich enough to attend a great school. But at least he made the attempt to keep up, Cliff Notes and all.

So, do you think a DNA test will prove that Charlotte isn't a Grayson? What will Emily do with the information?  How will Victoria react when she knows the truth is out there and will Conrad kick his only daughter to the curb if she's biologically not his? Debate away as we have another long week until we get more Revenge.


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I loved when she acted like she was a bad shot with Daniel then as soon as he is gone she just kills. My favorite part.


The warden referred her to the Japanese mentor when she formed her revenge plan. The showrunners have indicated that the man shot in the pilot is dead,but declined to confirm that it is indeed Daniel.


I have not been this excited about a TV soap since Dynasty!!! I love all the twists and turns in the plot. Most of them I can follow and they seem plausible but could someone surmise when and why Emily/Amanda managed to learn fluent Japanese and the martial arts and why is Emily/Amanda so hostile to Nolan. After all he made it possible for her to claim her inheritance; did I miss something??? thanks and this is a lot of fun.


I too really enjoyed the show. Nolan was his usual brilliant self. He and Ems dynamic duo was thoroughly enjoyable to watch.
Both Emily and Victoria do villains-villainy really well, I find myself almost rubbing the palms of my hands together with glee.
Amanda, sure as hell was spot on in her delivery of Emily's message. One would easily fall for actually being the real Amanda Clark.
Not sure what Emily will do with the knowledge that Charlotte maybe her sister. I don't really see her doing anything significant with that information, Daniel would be her sister's half-brother I think she will downplay that. Her hatred of Victoria which let's face it overshadows that of Conrad, and desire to destroy her will not be denied. She is going to see this all way too the end.
Declan bugs me too with his little bouts of petulance. Having said that it was still cute to see him doing some reading to be of some help to his girlfriend should she need it.


I just loved when Nolan said "Bad Girrl" while watching the house burn....I just love this show.....


I'm surprised Emily never considered the possibility that Charlotte may be her half-sister. It made sense considering Charlotte's age and the timing of Victoria and David's affair. I'm relieved that the writers decided to begin the "paternity" storyline now and not 2-3 seasons later when they need "new" storylines. I just hope they explain specifically why Victoria favors Daniel over Charlotte. Why would she shun the child whose father she loved and dote on the child whose father she hates?


This episode was great and I love it.


about Daniel's "death" in the 1st episode: why could'nt be his father? he have reasons to do that and I think Conrad is capable to do such a thing


Love the show but I just really dislike Declan, he's such an idiot!


Maybe Tyler, having escaped his brother, is the shooter going after Daniel?

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