Supernatural Sneak Preview: "The Slice Girls"

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Aunt Jenna lives! Sort of!

Supernatural will not return with a new episode until February 3, but when it does, a former CW favorite will at least grace our small screens once again: Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries) guest stars on "The Slice Girls" as Lydia, a woman who meets Dean at a local bar and takes him back to her place. Ooohhh yeah?!? Or, uh-oh?

Watch the official CW preview now and get an idea of the ramifications for yourself:

Elsewhere on the episode, look for Sam to make a discovery related to the case of a victim's heads and feet being severed. That really has got to hurt.

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@becka04, no it was Candice Accola, who plays Caroline on TVD!


Ugh, always comes back to Vampire Diaries. I watch that show and didn't care for her then and still don't. Supernatural doesn't need her or the ohhhh she was in Vampire Diaries, yuck.


Wasn't Sara Canning in supernatural before as Dean's high school girlfriend?

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