The Secret Circle Round Table: "Darkness"

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Cassie Blake is digging her darkness, but our Secret Circle critic didn't respond as enthusiastically to this show's 2012 premiere last Thursday.

Jump in below as TV Fanatic staff members Matt Richenthal, Eric Hochberger and Steve Marsi analyze various developments from "Darkness," looking behind, ahead and everything in between...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: It didn't involve special effects or play a major role this week, but Melissa finally standing up for herself - by standing against Faye. We need to see the supporting characters developed more and this was a worthy first step for at least one of them.

Eric: How is this even a choice? Cassie busting out of that coffin!

Steve: Cassie's eerie speech to Diane at the close of the episode. Could you have imagined, when The Secret Circle started, that Cassie would actually possess evil, dangerous traits? AND that she'd embrace them? Me neither. I'm intrigued.

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Can we trust Grandma Kate?
Matt: Can we, the viewers? Sure. Can Cassie? Not at the moment. Even if Diana's grandmother has the right intentions overall, it's unclear how she'll use Cassie to get there. Stay away, girl.

Eric: Absolutely not. Never trust a grandma that looks that young. Or one uses the cliche of trying to test powers as an excuse for a failed attempted murder.

Steve: Yes. Unlike Eric, I am not a cynic. Why question Kate's explanation to Charles? There's clearly some serious scheming going on with the elders, so why not believe that Kate just needs to know for certain who she is dealing with when it comes to Cassie?

Can Faye trust Lee?
Matt: I'll find out tomorrow when I interview Grey Damon! Return to TV Fanatic later in the week for the answer! How is that for a shameless plug?!?

Eric: No way. That guy is as sleazy as the fake doctor giving mammograms. It was all just an excuse to get to draw a pentagram on her boobs.

Steve: Let's see: if runs a crappy website, he works out of his parents' garage, he doesn't really shave. So... sure! The guy sounds more lazy to me than shady.

Are you excited for Jake's return?
Matt: Definitely. Jake didn't give us a lot the first time around, but I believe there's a lot more to the character. More importantly, the entire concept of witch hunters raises the stakes and offers any number of directions for the show to go in.

Eric: Just read my facial expression. Oh, wait, we're on the computer. So I'll help you visualize: it's showing absolutely zero emotion. Much like Chris Zylka's.

Steve: Yes. We need an outside force to intersect with Cassie's internal, dark one. And Jake offers a connection to the witch hunters, who, as Matt said, give the show the chance to integrate new characters and new storylines.

More boneheaded move by Adam: Searching online for "dark magic" in the Circle's clubhouse or choosing to apologize to Cassie specifically when she was staying over with Diane?
Matt: The Internet search killed me. Would that house even have wi-fi? Would he really not have heard Diane come in? What sort of information did he expect to learn online anyway? It reeked of a lame plot device to move the story forward by outing Cassie's secret to another coven member.

Eric: What guy wouldn't want to break into their slumber party?!? He'd be a bonehead not to find an excuse to throw a couple rocks at that window. Now the real boneheaded move was by The CW. They had a perfect shot to shill for Bing while dumb-dumb was searching.

Steve: The apology to Cassie, no doubt. Talk about being insensitive to Diane! In this age of texting, why couldn't he have just picked up the phone? A few words and a smiley-face emoticon later and it's all good!

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Strawberry fields

Favourite scene – Cassie in the coffin. Freaking out, getting angry and… boooom. Awesome. Grandma Kate is probably one of the good ones and we’ll learn that eventually, but I’m with Eric – she looks too young! My God, did every generation of witches had babies at 16 or something? As for Lee – the whole fake ritual he did on Faye made me laugh. That’s all I have to say about the guy. Jake’s return – I’m all in for that, we need him around. He annoys Adam, which is annoying to watch, but a lot better than watching Adam being boring. More boneheaded move by Adam – both. But what I really don’t understand is why didn’t he even try to keep his promise? Diana guessed it was about Cassie (which was not that hard to guess, btw) and he just spills everything out. He totally lost my respect at „I told her I wouldn’t say anything�. WTF?


I must admit, there was nothing i liked. This show is simply boring. Cassie is sweet, but nothing else. She and Adam have no chemistry together. The Circle has no real power, except of her. No great villain, around. Well, Charles killed her mom, right, but now he seems to be really powerless and addicted to a woman who treated him worser like a dog.
I don`t kno where the writers up to, but i hope this will happen soons.
Would give a grade D- in the moment. Not a show i will watch for long.
Well TVD got strong character (i could write books about Damon and Stefan and how great they are), Supernatural also does. Gossip Girl maybe lost viewers, but they still got Chuck and Blair. I think CW must handle soon. I see this show die early if nothing interesting happens.
So, writers, do your work..


1. Exploding coffin
2. No
3. No
4. Meh
5. Apology


1. When Faye and Melissa first meet Lee
2. No, she wants to use Cassie's power to reach her own agenda
3. No, he's just using her to get at the circle
4. Not really, his character is slightly boring to me
5. tough choice, they are both stupid moves on his part


1. Cassie breaking out of the coffin
2. No she tried to kill Cassie as a test
3. No he seems a little to shady
4. Yes I live his character
5. Looking it up online Im not sure if he would have heard Diana or not but he should have come up with a much better lie and not have told her the truth so fast.


1.Cassie breaking out of the coffin
4..Glad Jake's back!!Like his character
5.adam annoys me,both wer equally boneheaded.It would have made the programme alot more interesting if Adam actually died from being choked..wudnt really miss him at all


1.Adam choking.The look in his eye was both amusing and sweet. I know a lot of people hate his character but he's just so gosh darn supportive and understanding that it almost hurts...or gets him nearly choked to death.
2.I think so. Grandma Kate is kinda awesome, plus as shady as the elders seem to be they do at the very least have a common goal of protecting the kids.
3.About as much as you can trust any guy fingerpainting ur boob.
4.I'm w/ Eric.Not the slightest bit interested. I have yet to understand the appeal of Jake.Indifferent.Although that lame 80's tribute of hanging outside her window with music playing was too much for words.
5.Always being so willing to help. It sucks that he's always trying to helpful and gets no love and no character development.While everyone else is self absorbed with the exception of maybe Diana, he's all about other people,which gets him no love at all from writers,viewers,or other characters.


1.Fav scene!
The scene between Charles and his mom! A lot of tension and some secrets revealed! And the game is on a totally different level now!
2.Gradma Kate!
I love her, from the scene she appeared til the scene she left us! She really played her cards open and knows what she wants. she only disappointed by leaving! Stick by Ur actions.!
3. Lee!
Of course not! He is a twoface, and will screw her so he gain powers on his own! Probably with other guy coming in episode 12! The only positive thing is he looks like the Adam I imagined! He is an Adam with personality, BAD personality1
4.Jake back!
Yes! Just hope they don't forgive him right in this episode! Cause he will play the 2 side game for this whole season!!
I don't like the way Thomas portrayts him! I just don't buy it! NO other comment!

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