Who Will Play Zoe's Love Interest on Hart of Dixie?

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Team... Jesse?!?

With Hart of Dixie fans battling it out over Wade or George, producers have gone ahead and thrown a major wrench into Zoe's love life. A majorly hot wrench, that is.

Justin Hartley, Smallville

Michael Ausiello confirms that former Smallville star Justin Hartley - who will also guest star on the January 23 episode of Castle - has been cast on The CW series as Jesse, a southern gentlemen and war veteran who will cozy up to Zoe. He'll first show up some time this spring.

It's a busy time for ex-Smallville actors and actress: Erica Durance appeared on the most recent episode of Harry's Law; Cassidy Freeman will play an upcoming role on The Vampire Diaries; and Hartley himself may be back in the news later this year if The CW chooses him for its planned Green Arrow pilot.


Wade is without a doubt perfect for her, he challenges her and gets her to step outside her comfort zone and brings out the fun side of her. He affects her passionate side and the side of her that wants to live life to the fullest.


I would like to see Zoe with George. I love them together.


Whaaat ? I love Justin Hartley he was great on Smallville but no, I want Zoe and Wade together ! It's hard enough with Zoe drooling over George and Wade watching them with sadness in his eyes, we don't need another guy !

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It's a lame Network.....Dramedy....who cares about some doofus love story....wait til it gets made for Showtime or Cinemax....and then it's relevant...


Love Justin Hartley especially as Green Arrow, but Team Wade FTW always!!


So this is a rectangle now. I can imagine that both Wade and George are not going to like Justin's character. Justin is so darn likeable with virtually every character he plays. I hope his southern accent is good.


I read that apparently something happens between Zoe and Wade, because Wade put a bet on how long she'll survive in Dixie or something like that, which puts her off Wade. However, their chemistry in undeniable, so I'm not worrying.


They are just trying to postpone the zoe/wade and zoe/george hookup...i'll keep watching!!!#teamgeorge


this is seriously messing with my team wade status. Still, it's nice to see another guy in the frame.


They would be a nice couple! But hope they really get to the couple status! Wade will probably mess things up and so we won't enjoy them be a long term stuff for now!

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