90210 First Look: Welcome, Nick Zano!

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Major life changes are on the way to 90210.

Following a multi-week hiatus, this CW drama returns on March 6 with "Babes in Toyland." What can fans expect from an episode that includes appearance by Sara Foster and Nick Zano (as some dude named PJ Hillingsbrook)? A few teases:

  • Adrianna and Dixon will be sabotaged by Vanessa during their meeting with a movie producer.
  • Silver will get accepted into NYU.
  • Ivy will become an underground sensation after she switches up her style of art.

Click around the following photos from the upcoming episode now to get your first look at Zano and other scenes:

Nick Zano on 90210
Nick Zano as PJ Hillingsbrook
Annie and PJ
Hopeful Annie
The Clark Sisters

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And yes, Teddy Montgomery is going back to the zip at the end of the season. Zap2It confirmed the news although the circumstances of his return is still being kept under wraps. All the site teased is that he'll be reconnecting with "someone" from WBHS.


Wait I'm confused, Naomi is marrying someone we haven't seen yet? Theres going to be a third pregnancy? WTF have these kids even heard of contraception? The baby must be Silver or Annies, cus otherwise it would just be repeating storylines...


I've heard rumours that Dixon's been written out for a few episodes and that Adrianna's been rewritten as a result. That might explain why she's making out with Austin in those recent screencaps.


Hopefully someone from TV Fanatic got this: Tristan Wild is said to have gotten a serious case of valley fever (some form of pneumonia) and was just released from the hospital. Looks like he may not be able to shoot an episode or 2. According to those kept up to date in 90210-Media, the show should by know already be taping the final 2 episodes of the season in the can. Wishing TW a quick recovery.


Another pregnancy? Really?


I too hope its Gregs becoz that wud mean we get to see cute maisy some more which also be really nice for ade! I hope ade gets her baby back! And besides who's else can it be she was only wit greg!


@~Katrina~: It's true. Michael Ausiello stated in in his Ask Ausiello last week. I hope it's Greg's baby.
I really hope Silver doesn't leave. I can actually like her when she's not with Navid. Navid has got to Princeton, so I hope he stays there!
In regards to Naomi and Nick Zano, rumour has it that they're getting married, but I don't think it'll make it past the engagement.


I've read some rumors that silver gets pregnant.. if its true, i just hope its not navid's!

Sarah silva

I really do not think that Silver will go to NYU...Navid will propose as someone gets engaged and she will stay in LA


Is this meaning Silver is leaving!? Currently I'm okay with that, cause they've trashed her a lot!
Nick Zano and Annie! Nice combination! loved how sneaky he appeared in the last episode!
And hopefully we get a nice cat fight between ADe and V! Love V!

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