90210 Review: The Bitch Is Back?

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"Babes in Toyland" seemed more like babes in the woods.

We just witnessed Naomi Clark dressed in a latex Catwoman-style sex suit in what may have been the only highlight of what was otherwise one of the more turgid 90210 episodes so far this season.

The promise of bad girl Jen back on the scene fizzled out because it seems that Paris has turned Jen into more of a flat souffle than the hot tarte she used to be.

Back in town with baby Jacques in tow, at first it seemed she was around to stir up trouble. Alas, all she was looking for was love and a baby daddy. Neither of which panned out.

The Clark Sisters

Naomi rented out a sex shop and landed the big ticket client Naomi Clark Events needed. But it was Jen's flirting with - and eventual blackmail of - married Mr. Paddington that gave Naomi's start-up the boost it needed.

Loved that Naomi had to break into the sex shop and wear that latex suit she claimed to be allergic to. Is there nothing that girl can't wear and not look amazing in?

Of course, the minute Naomi swore off men and claimed to be channeling all her energy into her career she accidentally met future soulmate number-27 in Preston Hillingsbrook.

And will anyone please explain how Annie can continually meet rich guys? All of a sudden in business with Hillingsbrook because she bought a $40,000 bag without looking at the price?

Was it wrong of me to think of this as another boring storyline for Annie that was sheer torture? Although balloon archery did look like fun.

Silver was psyched to have gotten accepted into NYU until Dr. Negative Nelly's breast cancer chat bummed her out. Poor girl, after having had such a rough year she just wanted to be excited about her future.

Meanwhile, the doctor just brought her down with her droning on and on about family history this and death before 30 that. Genetic testing can do that to you.

Elsewhere, Vanessa showed her true conniving colors by sending Adrianna and Dixon on a fake meeting with the VP of A&R of Def Jam while she stole their movie producer audition.

But really, how stupid were those two? A meeting at a coffee house in Echo Park with a big time record exec? Adrianna should have listened to Dixon's advice: don't quit your day job.

And all of a sudden Liam was a major movie star with a trailer because Vanessa worked what her mama gave her and "influenced" the big time movie producer?!? Of course. Doesn't it always work that way in Hollywood?

Ivy continued down "bad girl" road and became further involved with the local gang of street artists. And the attraction to Street Guy finally boiled over. Like we didn't see that coming.

But does anyone out there really care about Ivy's new Raj-lookalike street boyfriend? Do we care if Jen intends to stick around and bore us all with her quest for acceptance and love? And will Liam ever stop acting like a block of wood?

Guess we'll have to wait until next week to find out.


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Honestly the best part of this episode aside from naomi being awesome as usual and finally earning recognition from jen was liam..now wait I kno you're probably thinking dunce-head man meat liam?! But when he tried to say that soliloquoy it showd how good of an actor matt lanter actually is bcuz I cudnt stop laughing at how terrible that was


Oh I forgot about Preston, what was the bag test for? And the story goes as it always does, Preston connects with Annie on an emotional level and with Naomi more physically. And speaking of a familiar situation, Naomi/Ethan...Annie/Ethan...Silver/Ethan...Naomi/Liam...Annie/Liam...& possibly a Silver/Liam relationship. Big shocker there!


Waited 3 weeks for this episode, and what a wasteful hour it was. Naomi is running her "party planning" business as Jen calls it. Blah blah and the sisters share a bonding moment. Silver gets the oppurtunity that she has been waiting for, and then second guesses it.Vanessa uses her "feminine charm" to get Liam a role in a movie. Hopefully this backfires because we saw that Liam can't act. Speaking of acting, wasn't that what Annie wanted to pursue back in the day? And yet what is she doing..."oh poor me, I have so much money (that i broke into a house for to inherit)and I don't know how to spend it"


I fail to understand why people keep praising AnnaLynne's body. I think she's disgustingly thin.


I had so much hope for this season, but the absence of Liam and Annie is really bumming me. I do think that PJ and Naomi will end up together b/c Annie is destined to be with Liam.


Preston is another Naomi/Annie boy drama waiting to happen! I hope Naomi finally gets the guy over Annie.

Sarah silva

Personally I still like this show and I liked this episode.
However I can not stand Jen.
It is so obvious that Jen and Naomi will fight over Preston. I am not sure why Preston was not attracted to Annie. I guess their relationship will be strictly "professional".
I am glad Silver will be sticking around and it was good that Liam happened to get her the PA job. However NYU was her dream and she was saying she could not handle being rejected twice. I guess her reasoning for staying was now that she has the PA job, 4 years at NYU would be pointless.
I hope Liam wakes up and sees that Vanessa is not a nice person.
I liked the Liam and Silver scenes, it reminds me of the friendship her and Teddy had.
I am not sure how I feel about Ivy and the whole street art thing .


I really hope that either a.) it get's cancelled this season or b.) next season blows everything away and is awesome (which is very unlikely). I already own the previous seasons on dvd and I would hate to have an incomplete series. If it ends this season I won't mind so much forking over some dough (I'll try and find it really cheap though) but if it continues in this suckfest for another season and beyond, then I'm just going to pretend the series ended with season 3. That way Naomi and Max are still together with child, Teddy is still a main character and Adriana's redemption is up for the viewers to decide whether it happens or not. You know what... I like that ending better!!


@Sa'ad702: Just because the cast are renewed on for a sixth season, it doesn't ACTUALLY mean that it'll get renewed. Contracts are there in order to hold the cast members there up until a certain point. Yeah, it may get "special treatment", but the ratings and demos show otherwise. So I'll wait and see for myself when the show manages to dip under a million.


I liked this ep. A majority of the people who always complain about the show are looking for entirely too much out of a shallow teen drama. It's not meant to be realistic, it's meant for entertaining a younger audience which it obviously does hence the reason it's still on the air and will most likely return for a fifth season. Oh and no offense "Sa'ad702" you sound a bit moronic. Or take offense, I don't really care. Insult a majority of the actors fine, but you clearly haven't seen The Wire. Tristan is one who's abilities should never be insulted. Hence the reason he's been praised for his portrayal on that show. Then again, he's not given much to showcase his talent on 90210 so I digress. I'm gonna need for some of you little fan girls to realize Matt Lanter's ab's are not impressive at all. Annalynne has more defined ab's than him. I don't understand why half of you who dislike the show waste your time watching & complaining. Just stop watching if you don't like it geniuses.

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Naomi [to Jen]

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