90210 Review: You Can't Always Get What You Want

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On 90210 this week, Naomi continued on her quest to become a full-fledged grown-up - and almost achieved that impossible dream by landing a big client.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be "No Good Deed" because it was Mitchell Nash's 16-year-old, hateful, goth-wannabe daughter, Carla. Naomi promised to make her the most popular girl in high school. And, boy, did she when the brat posted the party on Facebook. Complete with under-age drinking and sex. Like Daddy, like daughter.

Realizing the kid was heading down Naomi-lane, Naomi developed a conscience and dispensed amazingly good advice. And in typical cat-style landed on her feet with a big star client to boost. Gotta love that girl. She's a born operator.

Liam on TV

Elsewhere, Pushy Vanessa booked Liam onto a talk show. Himbo Liam froze up. Disaster. But later he ended up saving a drowning girl from the bay and... voila! Party and reputation saved. Raise your hands if you knew that was a set-up when you saw that twisted look Vanessa had on her face watching the rescue. Manipulative much?

Meanwhile, Silver discovered she still had feelings for Navid. It's amazing how quickly her feelings can switch from one guy to another. Wasn't she ready to move to New York with a single dad just ONE week ago?

So Navid "decided" to go to Princeton when all he wanted was for Silver to want him to stay. If he only had known the embers still burned.

Adrianna discovered working with Dixon was a romance killer. Then Dixon added fuel to the fire by asking Adrianna to move in with him out of convenience. The classic fight ensued: Are you just saying nothing's wrong or am I supposed to figure it out while you're suffocating me with a pillow? In the end, Dixon did the right thing and asked her to move in properly. True love conquered all. For now.

Adrianna and Silver consoled each other over their messed up love lives. While it was nice to see the bosom buddies giving each other advice, you know it'll only be a matter of time before their hands are wrapped around each other's necks again.

Ivy's gallery was broken into and defaced. Gee, could that skateboarder have done it? Of course. And were those sparks flying between them? Of course. Here we go... another delusional romance. At least this guy made Ivy realize the error of her ways and helped her to decide to become a true street artist.

Annie tried to decide what to do with her life and her millions. Castillo Bay Charity to the rescue. Loved the line about Ivy's photo frames matching the towels in some rich person's bathroom. After getting ambushed by a reporter, Annie found out Hilllingsbrook Industries screwed her. And like we couldn't figure out the bartender was the Hillingsbrook prick that did it.

But the best was saved for last. Jen and Jacques are back! I was actually happy to see them again. The recent cast additions have been lame at best, so it was a relief to have Naomi's thorn-in-her-side back from gay Paris. S'up bitch indeed!

NOTE: 90210 is off the air until March 6. Get a look at what's to come in this preview.


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What happened to Austin?


I still don't understand how Liams girlfried crashed into him snd totaled her car, then phoned the police and told them it was a hit and run. How did she drive her car away and return to the crime scene to be a witness? It sucks how little thought is put into storylines, and not just this one.


What happened to Raj? He should have some kind of returning if he is not dead yet, he should die in the show.


Also, Ivy needs to rediscover the joys of blazing weed, and forget about that "bad high" she had in Mexico lmao


Need more bikinis! Nuff said


How can you guys not think that Adrianna looked sexy in that lingerie? If I was Dixon, I would have...I probably shouldn't go into detail here. I'd much rather see Adrianna half-naked than the anorexic Naomi.


did anyone notice how ivy's new beau looks EXACTLY LIKE FUCKING RAJ JESUS CHRIST why is everyone so fucking blind, he's just like raj except he's not dying, he probably is his fucking evil twin. I LOVE THIS SHOW


@AdriannaNavid I knew I recognized the jumping scene from somewhere!!! Wow, the CW shows can't be creative can they?


Totally agree with CupcakeKary -Navid and Silver were boring (pretty standard) Adrianna was winey and NOT hot in that all too short lingerie-thingy. Although I DID LOL when she was talking to Silver about Dixon and she went: "... and he thinks I am the crazy one!?" -you're always the crazy one Ade, when will you learn...
OH! and raise your hand if:
1) Liam's staged jumping-in-the-harbour-to-save-a-drowning-paid-nobody reminded you of Trip from GG, season 3!
2) Ivy's new loveinterest could be mistaken for Raj's twin brother both in personality AND looks
3) Annie REALLY needs to get a life
4)You were happy that Jen and baby Jaque returned to stir things UP in the hood!


Isn't it weird that Annie can ask anything out of Liam? Be a celeb at this charity event, it is so weird that after they aren't "together" she needs to ask him for help just like how she needed to host something at his Bar. Annie needs a new storyline separate from Liam (although i am a lannie fan) she just needs to do something other than pity her rich self.

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