90210 Episode Trailer: "No Good Deed"

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Come on now, 90210. Let's pick it up.

Fresh off a rather lame episode, this CW drama returns tomorrow night with "No Good Deed."

In need of improved buzz and ratings to ensure another season, this is what fans can look forward to on the new episode:

  • Annie will organize a fundraiser.
  • Naomi's plan to nab her first-ever client won't exactly go off without a hitch.
  • Silver will realize she still has feelings for Navid.
  • Vanessa will put plans into motion that she thinks will make Liam a star.

What do you think of season four so far? What changes would you make to 90210? Weigh in now and then check out the official preview here.

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@Caroline - agree about Silver. I cant stand Silver now and I really don't want to see her with Navid


I would bring back the girls always hanging out at the beach club in bikinis. I mean it is meant to be LA.


Oh and like others have said NO SILVER AND NAVID!! they bore me to tears... unless you have an evil Adrianna roaming around (which she won't do since she's nice now)


Bring back Teddy and Max. Simple. Also have more dramatic storylines like in season 3 that are a few episode arcs, not too long although not too short like the Greg thing.


I liked silver`s character on season 1 but since season 2 I think it was totally destroyed. Same with Naomi, it was better when she was evil for real..


It seems like a nice episode! Some funny upcoming scenes!!
Glad they aren't forcing LAnnie!, they will find to each other the time is right! And would be nice if Vanessa sticks around!
I read that Silver is maybe going back to Navid hope that doesn't happens! Would be better if she gets into a messed love triangle with Dixon and Ade!


I agree with Sarah. Bring back Teddy and they'll see a ratings boost. Not to mention, putting Navid and Silver together was a ratings drop. Keep her with Greg.


i just want to bring Max back..


I like this season. However there are a couple things I would change: Bring Teddy back and I think they ended the Greg and Silver romance way to soon

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The girlfriend steps in, I step out.


A Naomi Clark party is not to be missed.