Castle Review: A Grimm Case

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Keeping up with the latest fairy tale craze, Castle went all Grimm this week with "Once Upon a Crime”. An hour filled with murder and drama, what was not too love?

Happily Ever After... Or Not. The case focused on the murders of two girls dressed in classic costumes, with a third found before death. Turns out the third victim had killed the other girls to keep a secret of a hit and run several years earlier. 

Ryan and Espo

A little I Know What You Did Last Summer for sure. But it didn’t matter. I’m a sucker for revenge cases or those carrying a secret and I know I am not alone in that.

The investigation brought out a guest star who should be seen on the small screen every week. Mason Lockwood Taylor Kinney showed up briefly, but but his appearance fell flat. This is an actor who has way more potential than a few lines here and there, something NBC has clearly noticed with his casting on Chicago Fire. Anyways...

One Woman Wonder. Martha decided to put on a one woman show in the apartment she shares with Rick and Alexis. There wasn’t really any point to this arc except for Castle to discover the tying of the bow. It felt a little cheap, but I guess it served its purpose. 

Alexis as stage manager meant no shadowing Lanie. Hopefully this story is not over. Pairing the two together gives Alexis a chance to be with another adult besides her grandmother and it gives her a solid reason to appear on our screen. Time to get her back to the bodies!

Secrets are like bombs. Castle dropped this knowledge on us and prompted Beckett to acknowledge that secrets always find their way out. This little bit of foreshadowing means that Castle has to find out Beckett knows he said I love you. I’m thinking May Sweeps and I'm thinking it’s going to be awesome. Any theories on how and if it comes out?

After Thoughts

  • How creepy was the apartment filled with dolls? I was right with Ryan in not looking directly at them. I’m pretty sure Chucky damaged a lot of us. 
  • Ryan looked a little different in this episode. New haircut? I couldn’t put my finger on it.
  • No Gates once again. Anyone miss her? 
  • Hand-holding anyone? It was super quick, but Beckett grabbed for Rick’s paw!

Overall, a solid and entertaining hour of Castle. The fairy tale theme seemed right up Nathan Fillion’s alley and it was great. Twists, turns, and excitement; just the way we like this series. Next week is a repeat isode so we will have to suffer a little longer until the next new installment. Until then, hit the comments section and sound off on what you thought of “Once Upon A Crime.”

Don’t forget to check back later in the week for the Castle Round Table!


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Actually, she did run through the woods wearing the cape. They explained it. She was drugged, then dressed in the costume, but the drugs weren't enough to knock her out. She started to run and attempted to get away, but the killer drugged her again and this time it killed her. The killer then used the wolf claws to make it more 'authentic.' There was no 'lie.'


I like CASTLE. But, when they start an episode with a straight-out lie, it makes me mad. The opening scene with "Red Riding Hood" never happened! It wasn't just a "red" herring, which is a distraction. The victim never wore the cape and never ran through the woods. She met up with her killer and was dressed up after. Grrrrr....did the previous 2-parter strain the brain capabilities of the writing staff to the point where even a first-grader could see how lying to the audience is wrong? It would be one thing to cut to a scene of Castle reading the fairytale to a group of kids at a library. But, the show clearly wanted us to think the victim was actually chased down in that manner dressed as she was. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Shame on them.


Awwee... nuts. Have to wait another week for that episode. So bummed!


I can't wait for next episode, "47 Seconds."They are building up thier relationship slowly, I get that, getting to know and trust each other.Not much lately about Gates, or Lanie and Kate haven't had a girls night out in a long time, and wonder if they go out for drinks sometimes to talk "bout stuff", while Castle has his poker night. That would be cool to see Lanie tell Kate, "what are you waiting for girl?"- I would have a hunk of that man- he's doable! You've had him hanging around you for 4 yrs, if you aint' getting someone else is going to steal him away...or Kate asking her how did they keep things hid so long between her and Espo, or what happened, Havier is nothing to toss back either! Part of me, wishes Castle would ask Kate for a walk in the park for just some alone time to tell her of his feelings. Maybe He could ask her what is she looking for in a guy-leading on the question, and gives her a promise ring. Just dreaming,to much a romantic.


Good point Grey-I think it has to do with Beckett following her gut instincts on earlier case, "Dial M for Mayor." She, like Castle doens't let anything go, and that ending, she and Gates didn't like how that case ended, they found the killer, but were suspicious about the mayors involvement. Then the statement about secrets could really blow up could all tie together. Castle could get himself in a real pickle, looking like he was being controlled, or helping mob bosses. I liked Esposito's comment from "Linchpin", calling Castle writerboy. There are still hard feelings that Castle is doing police work in a department where people trained and paid to do the job, while he makes millions writing books. That could tie in with Gate's uneasyness about Castle, and probe into his involvement with the Mayor and special favors.


I agree with Rob. There's been heavy foreshadowing that things will blow up when Beckett realizes that Castle has been investigating her mom's case behind her back. Even moreso because he's got a secret arrangement with the Mysterious Man to keep Kate off the case. Kate is finally comfortable holding hands with Castle, smiling when he pokes fun at her. This can't last. It either has to graduate to the next level or fall utterly apart. Or both. If there is uncertainty about the show's renewal for next season, I could picture it ending in a two-parter where Beckett is furious (S4E23). Then, in the not-ordered S4E24, if the show is cancelled, she forgives Castle, they solve the case and they live happily ever after. If not, it sets the stage for yet another season of Caskett UST.


I don't like what they are doing with Martha. I like her character very much, but think she should come off as more of a professional actress than the hack they seem to be portraying. I suppose everybody liked that line about mother being the greatest role ever. I'm a mother and I love my children, but please. I did NOT think it was "sweet." Grrrrrrr....


pretty good episode on the lighter side which I liked. Still could do wothout Alexisintern with Lanie glad we did not see it this episode. I lkied how we saw a reflection of what was going on through castles home life I always liked that they used to do that. Fun to see that aspect back. Liked how marthas arc gave room for a little teasing of castle on becketts part. I miss that old banter and that was Almost back... almost... Of course loved the end and where castle says she looks cute when she is mad. All in all a fun episode.


Castle is a great show, once upon a crime that is a good suspence, even I wouldn't been able to figure out who the killer really is.


Well. There were some funny parts. I'm sad to say this, but I agree with some of the other commenters that it could be better... :(
In the beginning Ryan and Espo had style switches... both out of character. Ryan in a jacket and Espo in a tie. Kate seems very comfortable around Rick. It didn't feel right when they arrested the first guy. Glad they cleared it up. Loved the ending. Can't wait for more episodes and when both Castle's and Beckett's secrets come out.

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