Castle Review: A Grimm Case

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Keeping up with the latest fairy tale craze, Castle went all Grimm this week with "Once Upon a Crime”. An hour filled with murder and drama, what was not too love?

Happily Ever After... Or Not. The case focused on the murders of two girls dressed in classic costumes, with a third found before death. Turns out the third victim had killed the other girls to keep a secret of a hit and run several years earlier. 

Ryan and Espo

A little I Know What You Did Last Summer for sure. But it didn’t matter. I’m a sucker for revenge cases or those carrying a secret and I know I am not alone in that.

The investigation brought out a guest star who should be seen on the small screen every week. Mason Lockwood Taylor Kinney showed up briefly, but but his appearance fell flat. This is an actor who has way more potential than a few lines here and there, something NBC has clearly noticed with his casting on Chicago Fire. Anyways...

One Woman Wonder. Martha decided to put on a one woman show in the apartment she shares with Rick and Alexis. There wasn’t really any point to this arc except for Castle to discover the tying of the bow. It felt a little cheap, but I guess it served its purpose. 

Alexis as stage manager meant no shadowing Lanie. Hopefully this story is not over. Pairing the two together gives Alexis a chance to be with another adult besides her grandmother and it gives her a solid reason to appear on our screen. Time to get her back to the bodies!

Secrets are like bombs. Castle dropped this knowledge on us and prompted Beckett to acknowledge that secrets always find their way out. This little bit of foreshadowing means that Castle has to find out Beckett knows he said I love you. I’m thinking May Sweeps and I'm thinking it’s going to be awesome. Any theories on how and if it comes out?

After Thoughts

  • How creepy was the apartment filled with dolls? I was right with Ryan in not looking directly at them. I’m pretty sure Chucky damaged a lot of us. 
  • Ryan looked a little different in this episode. New haircut? I couldn’t put my finger on it.
  • No Gates once again. Anyone miss her? 
  • Hand-holding anyone? It was super quick, but Beckett grabbed for Rick’s paw!

Overall, a solid and entertaining hour of Castle. The fairy tale theme seemed right up Nathan Fillion’s alley and it was great. Twists, turns, and excitement; just the way we like this series. Next week is a repeat isode so we will have to suffer a little longer until the next new installment. Until then, hit the comments section and sound off on what you thought of “Once Upon A Crime.”

Don’t forget to check back later in the week for the Castle Round Table!


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It was nice to see them working together, and seeing Castle's theorys spun off and Beckett working them in. I suppose that play put on by Martha was in part to help push the two together? I did enjoy the pun of it, how Mom was invading his life, like sombody else's in the show... Kate Beckett caught all that and was loving it. Interesting hand touch at the end. Do hope Rick mans' up and has a private meeting to discuss some important facts he has been keeping. I don't miss Gates, but wonder how long before she blows and throws Castle out of the precinct. With Castle's money , he could start his own detective agency and hire the beloved crew at the 19th!
Just saying...


The secret that's going to come out is Castle's involvement with those hindering Beckett's mother's case. Not a good thing -- and maybe set back Castle-Beckett??


Good episode again. The case was a bit weak, but that's alright. The dolls were creepy, reminded me of The Woman in Black. I thought that Beckett will see her mother's files in Castle's room at the end. That would have been a great end.


One of the guest stars was the killer?! I'm shocked!


Yes secrets do eventually come out. And it seem Beckett was smiling more this episode. How the castle character continues to come up with another angle and we never get tired of it. But we know now that we are closer to what we all want. For them to be together. It was a feel good episode. Never let secrets go to long, you just might not get the chance to come clean. Nobody misses Gates because she just does not fit in with the characters so much. Alexis does need to be with the bodies again. And every person I know growing up except for one disturbed kid was freaked out by Chucky. And guys name was Chuck!!!


I loved the light, interesting touches--Martha suggesting Rick and Kate make a date of the play (and Kate agreeing!)--Esposito saying "As you wish." to Beckett (and Castle noticing); Beckett saying that we need fairy tales so we can believe in happy endings-- and her taking Castle's hand at the end! Starting to believe the Ausiello blind item IS Caskett.
And while the secret coming out will of course be bumpy for them, we know they will have a happy ending. So glad Alexis was NOT shadowing Lainie. Lainie doesn't need to do a duet, not with Alexis, and Castle doesn't need his daughter hanging out with them--plus it's too pat, too pre-packaged sitcom to have it go on. The twists were good, even if the last scene with the killer was too much exposition (compared to discovery) but all in all, I liked this episode a lot.


Mason Lockwood in a case about a wolf..loved it

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