Desperate Housewives Review: Orson did WHAT?!

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For the most part, I felt that "Get Out of My Life" was a snooze fest. I couldn’t keep from yawning at the tired old storylines and even absurd moments. This all changed in the very final minutes of the installment, though.

We found out that Orson was the culprit who sent Bree the unexplained and very familiar mysterious notes. It was also revealed that he has been following her since last summer and was lurking nearby on the night of the dinner party and was even there in the woods on that unforgettable night. He knows... everything!

Return of Orson

In many ways, Desperate Housewives reminds me so much of Pretty Little Liars. Thankfully, though, the writers of DH don’t keep us waiting forever for such major secrets to unravel. I actually love the huge reveal that it was Orson all along and the viewers are in the know, while the residents of Wisteria Lane remain in the dark. What about you? Are you satisfied with Orson as the creepy culprit?

While we did get a major answer to one of our many questions, we are still left to wonder what’s going to happen in Maine. Also, what is Orson’s ultimate plan, as he continues to spin his web of lies and keep Bree from her friends?

Elsewhere: Mrs. McCluskey, who is the frontrunner in the Desperate Housewives death pool, found out that her battle with cancer is still raging. I’m thinking that this storyline will be what brings all of the ladies back together again. Hopefully, they’ll be able to unite and figure out the reasoning behind Orson’s devious games because I’m dying to know if it’s really all just out of love for Bree. 

All of the other storylines felt like filler to me. In fact, it was hard to care when Ben was having chest pains and ended up in the hospital. We hardly know him and rarely see him as is. As expected, Renee paid off Ben’s debt for him, but I’m betting that Ben’s financial woes are far from over.

Meanwhile, I got that Lynette was enjoying her freedom, but found it hard to believe that she really didn’t want the twins back at the house. It just felt so out of character for her, and I couldn’t believe she was seriously that crushed that her kids needed to move back home.

Who didn’t guess that Susan would try to meddle and find out who the father of Julie’s baby was? Then again, who guessed that Porter was the father?!? I can honestly say that I didn’t see that one coming. I thought it was rather predictable, though, for Lynette to accept the idea of Julie wanting to give the baby up for adoption while Susan wanted her to keep the child. With Porter fighting to raise the baby on his own and with Susan’s support, I could see why Julie was so upset with her mother.

Of course, Gaby continued to struggle with being a mom and helping out at the office while Carlos was still in rehab. As she selfishly kept Roy from making up with Mrs. McCluskey, I couldn’t help but wonder how she would feel once she finds out how about Mrs. McCluskey’s health. Sure, Gaby was just being Gaby and couldn’t possibly have any idea, but you’d think that she would be able to take care of her kids on her own by now.

So, what did you think of "Get Out of My Life"? Were you surprised by the huge reveals tonight about Orson? Will Julie change her mind about her pregnancy? Who else would you like to see visit Wisteria Lane one last time?


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Gina Marie - Seriously, these curly q's melt my heart and I'm certain they did the same for you! What great phoots that truly capture the love of a family!


Was so disappointed to see Orson back, always wished he had rolled into someone's pool, never to surface again.
Only character that can still make me laugh is Gaby and even that has dwindled to barely a grin from a laugh out loud:(
The official demise of this show can not come soon enough for me, it's been dead for a while now.


among the desperate housewives I like Garby the best..guess she is the most human with her ways..susan is too emotional for my liking.she always like seem to want to cry lynette is too bossy and bre to prim and proper or the exteme..


Oh, also, Susan wasn't ever telling Julie what to do with her body. Julie already decided to have the baby. Susan was concerned with who was to raise the child. Nevertheless, I do agree that she really meddled too much, and that Julie should have been able to give the child up for adoption. At this point, however, since Porter knows and wants to keep the child, I don't believe that it is her choice any more. If one parent wants to keep the child, then that is what has to happen, unless the situation would be dangerous.


Wow! I can't believe people feel that Susan's character could possibly bring down the show! I agree that she is a bit selfish, but everyone is. She isn't trying to keep Julie from giving the baby up because she thinks that it is her right as a grandmother -- although she may have said something along that line in the episode. That is just part of her charm, in my opinion. She's quirky and silly and says things that she shouldn't, but she means well. Of all of the women on the lane, Susan is the most selfless! She has an annoyingly overbearing conscience. Of course she would feel heartbroken, knowing that her granddaughter was somewhere in the world, being raised outside of her family, but mostly she just really doesn't want Julie to make a huge mistake and have to deal with those regrets for the rest of her life. Susan tries really hard, and after all of this time, I feel that she is the most loveable character I have ever imagined!


Interfering with a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body is unforgivable to me, no matter who is doing it. Susan's claim to rights as a grandmother is despicable. She's been a meddler all along and that's what cheeses me off about her every season, but this is the very end. All of the housewives have very strong failings as people, and are often written way too far over the top. Lynette's the only one whose antics I would tolerate in a relative, let alone a neighbor, but between them, Susan and Gaby are usually enough to keep this series from being the complete success that it might have been. Both of them are so damn blatantly selfish that I can't accept the characters around them staying with them. The writers deserve the deckings that the characters so richly deserve.


When they said they will be bringing back old characters, I hope they meant Bree's handyman bf. He was hawt! and he was the least psycho compared to all her partners including her.


I read on a spoiler site that a secret agent (A man we've known for a long time....I'm guessing ORSON) sends a letter detailing all of the events of Alejandro's murder....Even where he is buried now... Do you think it's possible Orson is doing all of this to get back at Bree for having him turn himself in years ago for running over Mike?? I also wonder if Cherry is setting the ending up to show if all of the kids of Wisteria Lane are still carrying on the drama from their parents...Solis Kids, Scavo's, MJ, Julie and Porter having a baby, etc...Just a thought.


"So I'm guessing Orson didn't kill Chuck. If he did, it would have been part of the montage. That means that someone else must have done it. " One of the letters orson wrote said 'You're welcome' soon after chucks death, so going by orson writing the letters, he must have done it?


Also, I thought it was very much IN character for Lynette to throw the twins out. She has been doing this for the past few seasons on a regular basis, how is this surprising to anyone remotely invested in the storylines?

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