Gossip Girl Caption Contest 194

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Welcome to the 194th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama! Ready to see who came away with the winning entry this week?

Your Caption Contest winner, using a classic pic from "The Backup Dan," is Sa'ad702.

The winning caption appears beneath the photo. Honorable mentions go out to TFV168, DanFan2012 and queenbee94. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next time!

Dan and Blair at the Airport

Blair: This chip on your shoulder is very comfortable.

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Dan: Did I ever tell you that Cedric is actually a wizard? Yes, he competed in a tournament - the triwizard tournament! He was a real champion...
Blair: Humphrey, if you're implying that you named your cabbage patch kid after a character Rob Patterson played when you were 15, I'll go sit somewhere else.


Blair: I can't sleep. Tell me about your cabbage patch kid again...
Dan: Cedric? Well, he's turning 18 in a couple of months which means he'll actually be an adult. Can you believe it? To me he'll always be the little baby we got at that garage sale...
Blair: Zzzzz...


Dan: ... I used to have a whole family of cabbage patch kids you know. Cedric is just the only one who remained after Dad had to send the others to a farm to recover from the flu...


The Rufus and Vanessa show back for season 2


blair thinking....
what have l done...
gone from wearing vera wang to target....(sorry target)
at least the princes has better hair!!!!!


Dan: *thinking* Dead puppies, algebra, Serena's grandmother in a bikini, Chuck in a bikini... Damn this isn't working!


Blair: Humphrey for the last time, staying in a suit this long will not kill you!


This is the last call for passengers Mr and Mrs Grimaldi! Your flight to Bali is leaving in ten minutes. Please proceed to gate D34. Dan: Blair, wake up!
Blair: What? Is our plane to the Dominican Republic leaving?
Dan: ...Sure! Come on!


Gossipy teen walking by 1: OMG it's Dan Humphrey!
Gossipy teen walking by 2: And he's here with ... Who's that?
Gossipy teen walking by 1: dark hair, underdressed... Must be that Brooklyn girl Vanessa!
Blair's face: :-O


Dan : Boy, who knew a small frame like that could weigh this much..

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