Gossip Girl Photos: A Day at the Dairport

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Gossip Girl's 101st episode features Blair on the run after this week's "G.G." wedding fiasco. What can we expect from a princess bride on the lam? A whole lot of scenes with her trusty, dutiful partner in crime, Dan.

Dan whisks Blair off to the airport, as you can see in the image below, following their getaway from her royal reception. Will he confess his romantic feelings for her or simply continue to be her best friend and protector?

Either way, "The Backup Dan" will be interesting to watch:

A Runaway Bride!

Executive producer Josh Safran told TV Line that this on-location shoot “was a really complicated, but super fun, big, great set piece” that yields “some of the best comedy we’ve ever done. [It's] very funny.”

What is their destination? Who knows. They're clearly winging it as they go.

Blair's rocking an I Heart NY t-shirt (we love the look on her), so she apparently thought the wedding dress was a bit conspicuous. This episode definitely has the potential for laughs, romance and drama.

Chuck and Georgina are still in the mix, as well, as we know from previously-released pictures. Check out the promo and complete gallery of Gossip Girl photos from "The Backup Dan", then comment below:

A Dan and Blair Photo
Dan and Blair at the Airport
A Dan and Blair Photo
Cute Blair Pic
Blair Hearts NY
Off to the Airport
Chuck and Georgina Pic
Chair Post-Wedding Photo!
Blair Post-Wedding

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@susan That's because these writers suck, they don't know how to write characters or relationships, it's just a repetitive mess.


Blair looks good in these pictures. It's the proof that it doesn't need a 2000$ outfit to look good. Only good genes....


when looking back on the past seasons the first half of season 4 was a lot of fun. juliet was a pretty good character and she really shook things up, the show needs more of that. as much as i want the drama of the first 2 seasons the characters are obviously a little older now so cant really go back to pulling each other's hair so more drama like the juliet story line is needed. i hope the charlie and diana story lines can bring this. watching blair dance btw men is a bit tedious...im sure even chair fan agree with this.


the photos are probably as much dair action as we'll ever see.....the writer and EP's always are saying 'wait and you will be rewarded'...what a load of bullocks. judging by gg history these photos are as much as we'll get. i just wish they'd not hype it so much because it only ends in disappointment. they hyped up chair for ages and that has ended in disappointment too. by the looks of things....the remaining 11 episodes will be chair running around in circles, serena trying her best for another chance with dan, nate trying to prove he can have an honest relationship. thank god for the charlie/ivy/lola and diana/jake storylines.....i think its these that will keep the show afloat for the rest of the season.


@Dair?? but yet the writers want something more out of dair.


Dair is just friends...they have an intellectual connection...PERIOD. I don't know why people cannot see that. The writers are just putting two friends together..why get so excited over that?


AMAZING. (sorry, I ran out of words when i saw the pics!)


OMG Frekin DAIR!!!! Finally...I'm so excited


Finally Dair. Chuck and Blair used to be awesome, but things have changed. Now they are boring and pathetic.
Chuck deserve his own storyline and Blair and Dan are hilarious and sweet.


We are most likely getting a Dair romance this season.

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