Gossip Girl Photos: Dair in "Crazy, Cupid Love"?

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Valentine’s Day comes to the Upper East Side a day early, February 13.

According to the CW's official synopsis, "Blair (Leighton Meester) can’t resist playing cupid for someone she loves." Based on images like this one, you have to wonder if that person is ... no, it couldn't be, right?

Hot Dair Action?!

Very, very interesting to say the least. Meanwhile, "Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) is intent on stirring up more drama, so she decides to crash Nate’s (Chace Crawford) Valentine’s Day party."

Finally, "Serena (Blake Lively) is shocked by something she witnesses at the party."

Hmm ... it's obvious from the surprising conclusion of this week's episode, and the promotional photos for next week, that Dan and Blair's relationship will play a central role on the show going forward.

The question is whether that relationship becomes romantic, and the extent to which Chuck Bass remains in the mix as well. Whatever happens, fan opinions will likely be wide-ranging and passionate.

On the periphery throughout is Georgina - who may or may not be Gossip Girl - as well as the real Charlie, whose role expands in the coming weeks. How do you see things playing out?

Click to enlarge the photos from the "Crazy Cupid Love" below ..

Chuck With Georgina Pic
Georgina and Dan
Ms. Serena VDW
BD Pic
Charlie and Nate Picture
Valentine's Day Concert
Serena and Blair Image
Blair and Dan Image
The Caterer
Real Charlie!

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Ok, the first one is pretty amsiung but the rest... Um, yeah, I don't really know *what* to say about that. Um kind of at a loss for words and that NEVER happens to me! The "no hacksaw" thing makes me think of all those old movies/tv shows where an inmate would have a loved one bring them a cake with a file baked inside so they could break out of jail. Maybe that's what the sign meant? "We won't bake a file into your cake and if you ask, Chuck Norris will rain fire upon your head". LOL


I want DAIR to be endgame! They are soulmates! Perfect match! DAIR fans, don't lose hope. Remember DAWSON'S CREEK? Who knew Pacey and Joey will end up together when the whole show was supposed to be Dawson and Joey! Just keep showing the writers that we support DAN AND BLAIR together and it just might work! ;)


No offense to DAIR fans but i'm sure that deep down you know that all your hopes of a steamy, grounded, romantic relationship between Blair and Dan is wishful thinking. No matter how long the writers may drag out this DAIR nonsense, Blair and Dan are doomed to have a platonic relationship. Blair and Chuck will find their way back to each other. No other relationship can compare to what they have. Their trials have and will continue to solidify their bond. So to all my fellow CHAIR fans, be patient! There is some sort of excruciating pleasure to be derived from knowing that no matter how long the writers torture us, Blair and Chuck are inevitable! It is only a matter of time!


@Lila excitement central! :) @xoxoag I doubt it is, enough 'dreams' for one season :) I love the storyline between Dan and Blair. We all know that Chuck and Blair will end up together sooner or later, but in a meantime let's enjoy DAIR. And I actually don't mind IF Dan posted that video-blast. No one on this show is a saint, and it's about time Dan has done something 'bad' haha Let's not forget it is show. And I guess the writers will give every 'possible' couple a chance. Just for the sake of us - the fans. Although if Serena and Chuck will get together that would be awkward :D


there will be a short lived dair, we all know that. very short short lived. but they will soon part too their lovers. chuck/blair...serena/dan/yay!


KISS!KISS!KISS! please let SOMETHING DAIR HAPPEN!!!!!! now. like right. right. now.


Don't get your hopes up Dair fans. These lousy writers have decided from the very beginning that all roads lead to the most boring, yawn-inducing, sickly sweet, destructive couple ever aka Chair. After all, the Chair shippers need to be appeased! Never mind the fact that though they have never actually given us an actual, mutually reciprocative Dair, there are SO MANY MANY MANY Dair fans out there. Doesn't such a huge fan base for a couple that has never been given due justice tell the writers anything!!! The series will end oh so predictably - Dair kissing could be a dream, or one kiss and then Blair realizes how much she loves Chuck, and then the truth behind the tape is revealed and Blair hates Dan and runs into the arms of the immaculate Chuck...whatever! Nothing will surprise us Dair fans any more, that's how disappointed we are.


My theory: Blair wants to rekindle Dan and serenas relationship and talks to Dan about making a move and Serena over hears and misunderstands and thinks Blair is sneaking around with Dan. Chuck is also under that assumption when Georgina snaps a pic. Of Dan and Blair together and shows him. I think dans feelings will be revealed by either Dan himself or Serena.


I dont see why Dan is getting all the hate here. CAUSE OF COURSE CHUCK IS A SAINT, RIGHT? shut up and wait your turn, Chair fans.


@neats could be a dream though... :/

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