Gossip Girl Photos: Dair in "Crazy, Cupid Love"?

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Valentine’s Day comes to the Upper East Side a day early, February 13.

According to the CW's official synopsis, "Blair (Leighton Meester) can’t resist playing cupid for someone she loves." Based on images like this one, you have to wonder if that person is ... no, it couldn't be, right?

Hot Dair Action?!

Very, very interesting to say the least. Meanwhile, "Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) is intent on stirring up more drama, so she decides to crash Nate’s (Chace Crawford) Valentine’s Day party."

Finally, "Serena (Blake Lively) is shocked by something she witnesses at the party."

Hmm ... it's obvious from the surprising conclusion of this week's episode, and the promotional photos for next week, that Dan and Blair's relationship will play a central role on the show going forward.

The question is whether that relationship becomes romantic, and the extent to which Chuck Bass remains in the mix as well. Whatever happens, fan opinions will likely be wide-ranging and passionate.

On the periphery throughout is Georgina - who may or may not be Gossip Girl - as well as the real Charlie, whose role expands in the coming weeks. How do you see things playing out?

Click to enlarge the photos from the "Crazy Cupid Love" below ..

Chuck With Georgina Pic
Georgina and Dan
Ms. Serena VDW
BD Pic
Charlie and Nate Picture
Valentine's Day Concert
Serena and Blair Image
Blair and Dan Image
The Caterer
Real Charlie!

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U guys suffer from severe amnesia : since the beginning of GG, Blair has dated 6 men. Serena : I can't count they were too many. Chuck : a thousand of women, havin 3some or more ?! And that makes of Blair the easy girl ? Lmao.


Blair is a very very very very easy girl!


With these photos Blair demonstrates that she is a very easy girl
Chuck in this season has suffered very much for Blair
So Blair is going to fly away far from Chuck


Hi. I'm only here to show my support to DAIR. Thank you.


The easy girls like Blair do not deserve a happy ending


Blair not at least wise the one who was the father of his son
And on not having known the one who is the father of his son demonstrated that it is a whore
And now on having seen these photos with Dan it continues demonstrating that she is a very easy girl


Poor Dan. Is a good boy and there is deserved a woman better than the prostitute of Blair


There are women to marry and women to amuse itself
And though Blair has married Louis a woman is alone to amuse itself
And Chuck deserves a woman to marry
Because in this season Chuck has been wonderful


I wonder all the men Blair is going to get between the legs?


@Olivia: "Sure it would be mean to Dair fans but since the writers dropped those "hotel trade" and "deal with God" bombs on Chair fans...I expect evrything from them" And it's things like this that makes the writing so horrible in Gossip Girl. It's as if these people don't know what a relationship is like, so they come up with these contrived storylines that only ruin them. "That's why S would need Blair's help...to seduce him again. It was just a theory, anyway.It's just that after a disastreous marriage and giving up on the man who is supposed to be the love of her life, I don't see a young woman seducing a third man two weeks later. But then again, THIS IS Gossip Girl" Serena already tried to seduce Dan at the wedding and the fake dating, he just wasn't interested, especially since last season when she couldn't pick between him and Nate and she chose Ben instead.

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