Gossip Girl Photos: Dair in "Crazy, Cupid Love"?

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Valentine’s Day comes to the Upper East Side a day early, February 13.

According to the CW's official synopsis, "Blair (Leighton Meester) can’t resist playing cupid for someone she loves." Based on images like this one, you have to wonder if that person is ... no, it couldn't be, right?

Hot Dair Action?!

Very, very interesting to say the least. Meanwhile, "Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) is intent on stirring up more drama, so she decides to crash Nate’s (Chace Crawford) Valentine’s Day party."

Finally, "Serena (Blake Lively) is shocked by something she witnesses at the party."

Hmm ... it's obvious from the surprising conclusion of this week's episode, and the promotional photos for next week, that Dan and Blair's relationship will play a central role on the show going forward.

The question is whether that relationship becomes romantic, and the extent to which Chuck Bass remains in the mix as well. Whatever happens, fan opinions will likely be wide-ranging and passionate.

On the periphery throughout is Georgina - who may or may not be Gossip Girl - as well as the real Charlie, whose role expands in the coming weeks. How do you see things playing out?

Click to enlarge the photos from the "Crazy Cupid Love" below ..

Chuck With Georgina Pic
Georgina and Dan
Ms. Serena VDW
BD Pic
Charlie and Nate Picture
Valentine's Day Concert
Serena and Blair Image
Blair and Dan Image
The Caterer
Real Charlie!

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@TinaTrina: Yeah, I know! It´s just that I just caught up with gg again and have a lot to say about the changes that happened. It´s my current obsession and I´m a little frustrated with it.


@ Ilovechair: The possibility of Cherana happening next hasn´t even crossed my mind until you came along! Please don´t scare me so much! This couple´s always been sacred to me. They achieved the impossible and overcame their history and hate and became friends. In my head they´re as much siblings as Eric and Serena are. Especially since Lily is often a better mum to Chuck then to Dan or even her biological kids. So no, no, no! When Chuck and Serena hook up, I´ll consider nothing sacred on Gossip Girl anymore! Dan and Blair are pretty much inevitable, even though I still don´t see it. Like you said, they´re great frenemies but I don´t see any romantic spark there. Their banter, although very amusing, reminds me more of siblings or very close friends rather than lovers.


lol. The same people here writing essays all over the place. LOL


Dan always did and said what he believed to be the right thing. Now he just runs after Blair like lapdog and never disagrees with her. In the meantime he treats Serena like crap and still judges Chuck at every opportunity he gets. That makes him totally unlikable for me. It doesn´t matter that the guy is nice to you if he doesn´t treat your friends fairly. Lily and Rufus were bound to get together at some point but that doesn´t mean that they should be so terribly boring as they are now! And I miss Blair´s parents! And Eric! They should have introduced some characters to hate in the place of Jenny and Vanessa. Maybe that´s why the hate is spilling all over the place


@Dr. Holland: I agree with so much of this. I find most of the characters so unlikable right now. I love that Chuck is a good guy now. But I wish the writers would show that good guys can also be badass and make him more snarky, arrogant and flamboyant while helping people and doing the right thing. An ambitious business man, not a love-sick puppy! Blair´s evolution was about overcoming her insecurities and being a little less pretentious. Another important thing was that she was willing to let go of her make-believe fairytales and that her friends were more important than appearances. But this season she abandoned her friends so she could become a princess. And now is again running from her problems. Serena stopped Blair from fleeing to Paris in season 1 and now Blair again attempts to flee from her problems! I thought she was a bigger person now then in season 1! cont


I love Penn. I really do. I know he's shooting a movie that requires that long hair, but good GAWD, cut the hair already. I want nothing more than for season 5 to end already because Penn's movie will be well into post, and he can cut that hair!!! I prefer it short, not super short like it was a la season 1, but maybe season 2's closing and season 3?


@dover I like Dair as frenemies because I think that on an intellectual level they do have a connection. And I enjoyed their banter, that was a nice change in s4. I was against a dair romance from the beginning. Not just because I'm a chair shipper but because it is too ooc for both of them to fall in love with each other. Watching the dair kiss just confirmed my opinion. It really was an awkward kiss and in my mind they are better as friends not lovers. But the writers want to make them happen so they destroyed Blair's and Dan's character in order to do it. The old Dan would have laughed at the pact with God. But this lovesick puppy version of Dan even supports that. I loved that Cherena bonded as friends or stepsiblings when they plotted together against Lily and Thorpe in s4. But a Cherena hook up,please no!!! The writers let chenny happen, most likely dair will happen, so why wouldn't they let cherena happen too? I shudder at the thought!

Dr hollis

(When SHE was married to Bart, BTW... although I think I just launched a new AU ship... Rubart?)

Dr hollis

I miss Serena's CRAZY bad couture outfits, breathy plans that won't work in a million years, falling for a different guy every other week, and just... her Serena logic. I miss little J trying so badly to out-Queen B Blair, and failing miserably every time, then trying to take the fashion world by storm at age 15. I miss Vanessa being the character you most wanted to punch, but the one who'd actually SAY what needed to be said or DO what needed to be done. I miss Rufus and Lily panting after each other when he was married to Allison, then when he was married to Bart. I want more and more Cyrus, because it's just "not enough." I miss Dorota and Vanya -- they were so adorbs. I just really miss the old Gossip Girl!

Dr hollis

Dover, I miss the scandal, the gasps, Gossip Girl's sometimes outrageously hilarious commentary, people MOCKING the guest stars instead of taking them seriously, Eric being the Voice of Reason on the show, and the annoying antics of Little J and trashy V. I miss Blair being so fabulously put together and flawless until I wondered if she were real and not just a porcelain doll. I miss Chuck's whale sweater and fearless ability to wear pink and especially the scarf. I miss remembering that Nate is the only guy on this show who actually knows something about sports. I miss Dan wanting so badly to be a real writer, and showing his insecurities about whether or not he had the talent... I used to root for him SO much. (cont'd)

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