Gossip Girl Review: Winning!

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After Gossip Girl dared to Dair last Monday, would it raise the stakes even higher tonight?

"Cross Rhodes" picked up after the kiss-heard-round-the-Upper East Side, with just about every relationship on the show affected by it in some day. Dair, obviously, but also Chair ... and Derena. And Blerena and even Duck.

Overuse of cheesy couple names aside, Dan and Blair hooking up has been great for the show. Everything is in flux now, from Blair's emotions to the battle between Chuck and Dan. After tonight, who is really winning?

The Princess Still in Peril?

It's premature to make any endgame predictions, but if you thought Dair was a flash in the pan, you thought wrong. Especially after Blair filled in for Lola in the Upright Citizens Brigade's rendition of Inside.

Watching B's face as Sabrina talked about Dylan's true feelings for Claire was a poignant moment - the moment Dan and Blair truly became one in the sense that their mutual attraction was realized and proclaimed.

Some people still say they have no chemistry in the romantic sense. I used to be one of them, but every week I come around a little bit more. Their courtship may be complicated and unorthodox, but it's real.

Leighton Meester, as always, portrayed Blair as a Type A control freak one instant, and a vulnerable maiden in distress the next. It's not the Blair we once knew, and she's not perfect, but such is her life nowadays.

Louis. The prenup. Chuck. These remain formidable obstacles for Dan and Blair (more so the latter ... I sense a vintage Gossip Girl unraveling of the dowry in two sentences of dialogue next week) to say the least.

Serena was right about one thing, though. When Blair is head over heels for a guy, nothing else in the world matters. There's no rationalizing it or explaining it away, and tonight, her walls came down at last.

The mixed emotions of feeling forbidden to do such a thing but at the same time wanting it SO badly shone brightly tonight as Blair kissed Dan not once but twice - once passionately, once lovingly, both memorably.

Is their relationship on firmer ground than it was a week ago? Absolutely. That's the good news. The bad is that moments after Chuck called off his character assassination mission, Gossip Girl dropped the bombshell.

Humphrey, you bastard ...


Dan may be winning, or at least giving Chuck all he can handle in the quest for Blair's heart, yet the Basshole was in rare form with his traditional, sex-based subterfuge. He may be just getting started, too.

Swapping out the manuscript and painting Dan as a plagiarist (while a bit dubious logistically) was cold and calculated. Even if you're rooting for Dan, it was fun to watch the "old" Chuck come out and play a bit.

Yes, using women as objects for pleasure and revenge is not being a good person ... as someone helpfully pointed out. Chuck had been through a lot, though, and he did ultimately listen to B's advice, so we'll allow it.

It seemed he learned his lesson following Blair's directive, until he learned Dan tipped off G.G. Now all bets are off. Dan's the man in many respects, but when it comes to undermining schemes, Chuck may be peerless.

His next move will be very interesting. How far will he go against Blair's order to leave Dan alone? How badly will Dan be hurt when Blair eventually finds out her Muppet prince charming was behind the blast?

Your guess is as good as mine. Blair's love life is very much a blank page, an open book just beginning, with the rest still unwritten (yes, I just quoted The Hills theme song), and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Hey, that book sure sounds more interesting than Dan's next one. Zzzzzzz.

I could go on ad nauseam about the virtues of Dan, the redeeming qualities of Chuck, and the case both can make to put a ring on Blair's finger one day, but we actually have a lot more to cover from "Cross Rhodes."

Namely the fact that ... they did cross. The Rhodes girls, that is.

Serena and Blair in the Street

Finally. After nearly a YEAR as the UES' most infamous impostor, ChIvy was outed at last as she came face-to-face with Charlie Rhodes ... and Carol, Lily and Serena. It was a good, deceitful and confusing run.

Cece's failing health was the nail in the coffin (too soon?) for her. ChIvy should have just bailed in the Hamptons, but she wouldn't abandon her faux grandmother, even if it meant having her trail of lies exposed.

I've been bored by ChIvy for some time. That said, it was great to see her go down. She might be better off if she just split, but it appears she may seek revenge as Georgina's henchwoman next. Good luck with that?

The other silver lining to what looks like Cece's certain demise is that it brought Blair and Serena back together. An evening that began with a major frenemy feud ended on the best of terms, with the two like sisters.

One person who won't be getting in Dair's way is S, who in a moment of reflection, loyalty and surprising maturity, agreed to support her BFF, no matter what. Aww. At least that's one feud we can cross off.

Blair staying with S at the end was a sweet gesture as well. As fun as it is to watch those two bicker and fight in their snarky way, it's only enjoyable when you know they'll come around in the end. And they do.

Will Cece's passing bring the fractured Rhodes clan closer together, or drive a wedge between them? Conventional wisdom says the former, but ... Carol paid Ivy to impersonate Charlie and now they know this.

Not your average dysfunctional family in other words. A few more odds and ends from this episode, which started off slowly but converged in a rather emotional and dramatic way by the end of the hour:

  • Don't know quite what it is, but is everyone loving Nola as a couple as much as me?
  • You know Lola's an outsider because she's beyond bad at Facebook/phone stalking.
  • Did anyone else catch the Dorota and Jenny Inside characters in the background?
  • How appropriate is it that Rufus still hides his old clothes from Lily in Brooklyn?
  • Great scarves tonight - both on Blair and Alessandra. Chuck has good taste.
  • Was Lily just wearing jeans for the first time ever?
  • R.I.P. Cece. You were great.

Before we turn it over to your comments, as always, here's next week's promo for "The Princess Dowry." Looks like Hurricane Georgina (absent tonight) is forming and taking dead aim at the Upper East Side ...

What did you think of this evening's Gossip Girl? Discuss below!

Who do you think should be with Blair?


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@Anonymous The CW's streaming model was crap to begin with. The CW player took a week, if not more, to replay their episodes after airing, when most networks offer next-day availability, not to mention that the CW player's stability was next to nothing with constant buffering issues. Getting on the Netflix/Hulu wagon was at least a decision that did make sense to increase bottom-line revenues while allowing their recently aired shows more exposure via Hulu. The Netflix deal allows for previous season watching by Netflix members which increases their demo beyond the Monday night CW consumer.


@Anonymous Most drama shows have all their costs front-loaded. They're in the red for most of their run until their 100th when they begin to break-even on costs. It's why most on-screen talent has contracts that last through 5-8 seasons to guarantee a return on the production studio and the network. Salary increases over-time is built-in the show's overall running budget. Anything production accountant half their salt would know to account for expected increases, especially on-screet talent since it doesn't count as labor, so the costs are fixed into the contract on-screen talent signs.


@Ace Shows become more expensive over time, especially salaries, expensive fashion/clothes, locations/sets, etc. Other shows can sustain those expenses and have performed much better than Gossip Girl has. Gossip Girl doesn't even do well in repeats with 0.2, being in the black doesn't mean a good thing for CW who had to rely on a temporary lifeline in Netflix/Hulu, but with the network as whole declining from a year to year basis, that can only take them so far.


So happy Dan is not silent anymore and that he expressed his love. Not since Eric's and Sookie's hook up on True blood have I been this excited.


I agree with some of the posters, the way Dan and Blair look at each other looks so real. Not acted, not overly dramatic. I also felt some joy thinking maybe Blair liked Dan already back last year when she hid from him in her bed for one week, to realise she loved Chuck, for 5 minutes, until he insulted Dan. Then she met the Prince again. And slept with Chuck (again, they were together for about 5 minutes). But maybe she already liked back Dan at that time, after their first kiss. It would be awesome if she told him something like that.


Someone pointed out that last year, at Valentine's day, Blair and Dan were watching Rosemary's baby and this year they kissed. Amazing. Actually some build up of a SL. what makes me laugh is that Chuck fans now complain about poor writing but they never complained when the episodes contained Chair. Which was a lot of inconsistent writing.


The CW will most likely renew GG for a sixth and final season. I've said it before that reaching 100 episodes allows production to break-even with its costs since most dramas are front-loaded in the earlier seasons. Despite lackluster viewership, the CW will renew GG if only to shop the show to other networks as they can sell per-episode at a higher rate. GG is all profit now as their costs have since marginalized from ep 100 and will continue to go in the black, even if not in greater percentage but black nonetheless, that will allow for a sixth and final season. Given that May sweeps is around the corner, announcements should start coming in on what gets renewed: my money is that GG will be a mid-to-late announcement of renewal.


@lyla I know, the writers are just making stuff up.


As for ships, Dair, Chair, I don't really care anymore... I'm not against couples, I'm against bad writing which is obviously the case here. Wasn't Blair just a couple of episodes ago ready to throw it all away for Chuck and declaring true love for him? But then wait, no, all of the sudden, all that goes away because she has feelings for Dan? And I'm not even mentioning the whole pact with God thing... so, seriously, talk about bad writing...


Not a lot to say except that the conclusion of the Chivy story arc was unsurprisingly disappointing. It all started when Chivy decided to stick around at Nate's party. I mean, really? You're pretending to be someone, you meet the real person at a party where all your friends are and even though you know that it could blow up your cover, you stick around to "catch up" with the person you're pretending to be? Only on Gossip Girl.
Also, really? Carol cracking up that easily and revealing everything like it was just a little family misunderstanding was awful.
And above all else, what is the matter with the real Charlie Rhodes? When Carol told Chivy that the family would never forgive her if they knew what happened to the real Charlie Rhodes, I honestly thought she was like at a mental institution or something... I'm still waiting to know what is so unforgivable about Carol's behavior towards her daughter.

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