Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: A Surprise For S ...

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St. Vincent makes an appearance at the Valentine's Day party, and Blair has a big surprise waiting for Serena in this new clip from Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, entitled "Crazy Cupid Love."

Based on the producers' preview we posted earlier today, we have a pretty good idea what that surprise consists of. Whether Dan has any idea he's involved in this ruse is another story.

Or maybe we're wrong. What do you think Blair's surprise for her BFF might be?

Check out the scene from B's "simulation" Constance/St. Jude's party below:

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Go Dan. ^_^ I am both proud and disappointed at this moment 42 minutes in.




the surprise i would think is that blair is setting (or attempting to set) dan and serena. is she really that blind, everyone and their grandmothers can see that dan has fallen for blair...


Sorry, my English is bad.
In the fifteenth episode of GG, Valentine's Day, surprise that B, saved for S can be related to the return of Ben or someone else from S past. But that day is very important in relation to B and D as they first connect to the very day of the fourth season, when they eavesdropped on the conversation behind the curtain with Chuck and Rejna, and when B learned that he does not like her no more. One can therefore expect that D declare his love to B.


Blair is equal to Scarlett O'Hara of Gone with the Wind
So it must end alone!


DARENA!FINALLY! my favorite, thank god. I waited so long. please all you chair fans understand, please let this happen.


Derena finally! The writers love Dair and Chair, but now it is finally time for some Derena. I like that the focus is now on a different couple for once. I'm sick of the Chair/Dair drama.


I hope that Dan just kisses Blair when she tells him to make a move on Serena. Dan: Be bold and sweep Blair off her feet.


@ Chiara: For the moment we will have to asumme that lady is controlling Blair's movements, but I hope they give a good explanation of her role in the episode. But even if they say she's just an assistant, it could always be a facade and the lady is really there to be Blair's "prison guard". I want to see the episode to see how they explain this.


I read your post after posting mine. We noticed the same thing. But...in the promo you see Blair go to Chuck's room along with Dan, then manages to escape the strict supervision of the assistant. But after she is surprised by Serena and Georgina together? It makes me laugh. Truly ridiculous.