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St. Vincent makes an appearance at the Valentine's Day party, and Blair has a big surprise waiting for Serena in this new clip from Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, entitled "Crazy Cupid Love."

Based on the producers' preview we posted earlier today, we have a pretty good idea what that surprise consists of. Whether Dan has any idea he's involved in this ruse is another story.

Or maybe we're wrong. What do you think Blair's surprise for her BFF might be?

Check out the scene from B's "simulation" Constance/St. Jude's party below:

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Wow .... Blair has a woman who follows her and controls her movements? The same woman who is with her in the elevator (in the promo) when she meets Chuck. A constant control by the princes of Monaco. She's really in prison.


@annomomus im ashuming your a Dair fan.


@DanFan2012 In the last episode, Serena said she found her answer after Dan pretty much left her there hanging and sneaking off with Blair, which is probably why Blair is trying to reassure Serena in this episode.


Why nobody wonders who is the lady in black with Serena and Blair? She's also in the promo for this episode, in the brief scene when Blair sees Chuck when the elevators doors open. Perhaps an assistance assigned by Monaco royals? A female bodyguard?


Her last Decent Valentines day. And it looks like Blair is trying to recreate that. Hense the reason why her and Dan are in there uniforms :)


how can be serena's last valentine's day in high school? She were with ben last year.


I dont think Dair would seal the night with a hug or a kiss for that matter, Serena probally suspects something because of all the time there spending together. And because Dan didnt really anwser her confession.


the synopsis for the next episode says Blair tries to convince Serena nothing is going on between her and Dan. I assume Serena sees something happen b/w them at the end of this episode. a hug or kiss...etc leaving Blair having to explain herself in the next episode.


Yeah me too caitlyn...But that clip did not reveal anything...


Aww I love Blair so much in this very second :)