Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Blerena Backlash

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It was obvious from the moment it happened that the fallout from last night's unexpected Dair kiss on Gossip Girl will be severe and wide-ranging. After all, how many relationships were effectively torpedoed?

Not only the romantic intentions of Serena (who loves Dan) and Chuck (who considers Blair the love of his life), but the friendship of Blair and Serena, and to a lesser extent Dan and Chuck, will be shaken up.

In this clip from next Monday's episode, we see just how bitter Serena is at her BFF, who she feels betrayed her. Does S have a right to be mad? Or was she delusional about Dan wanting her back in the first place?

It's a complicated situation, to say the least, but Dorota is determined to force these two to make up. Watch Blair's loyal servant / confidant take charge of the situation in this amusing sneak preview clip ...

For a complete breakdown of "Crazy Cupid Love," follow the link above. Also check out a couple of promos for "Cross Rhodes" if you haven't seen those. Then discuss all things Dair, Blerena and Gossip Girl below!

Are Dan and Blair soulmates?

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Oh gosh, I can't wait. I actually enjoy Serena and Blair bickering. Fighting is a tribute to episode one. Seriously though, I love DOROTA. This looks awesome. Plus Blair's oneliners are amazing. See, Dan is already helping her get back to normal.


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. LOVE IS DAIR!!! Dan have always fought for Serena and ends up hurt. Blair have always fought for Chuck and ends up hurt. Dan and Blair deserves to be happy. They make each other a better person...


No you are not right. But D is hypocrite because he did not immediately responded to the statement of love S. Unfortunately S leads futile battle for D, but the only thing in this moment she can do - no other choice.


@zoran....im sorry but dan never cheated on serena....they havent been anything remotely a couple since season 3.


Serena USES people and always treated Dan like he was second best to whoever she was after at the time. She is simply jealous that the CURRENT object of her affection wants her best friend. Its always been about men to S anyways....and all of them are lining up for her bestie. Chuck is gonna hate too but B is a big girl....


@gemsiibear I never said there weren't any. I just said that a lot of them did leave. Gossip Girl lost a lot viewers/demos and they're still losing more. A lot of Chair and Dair fans left/jump ship because they were fed up, the writing is still terrible, characters are constantly ruined, etc. @Zoran Actually it turned into the Chair show with Derena in the background. @ShowHasLostItsSpark/2 The writers don't know how to write stable relationships, all they can do is repeat the same back/forth crap over and over again until it finally ends, hopefully sooner than later. The lovechild's name is Scott, he was a pointless plot device that ruined Derena in Season 3 and left while the writers constantly try to forget about him.


Fuck chair, we want Dair


Dan and blair are awesome


Honestly this is just really annoying on Serena's part. Yeah she loves Dan and yeah Blair was kind of wrong for kissing Dan while at the same time trying to get him back with Serena. But DAN DOESN'T WANT HER. She needs to get the fuck over it. She's just mad because she knows Dan loves Blair and she's jealous. So she takes her anger out on Blair. What she needs to do is get over it and move on to some other guy who isn't Dan and let Blair and Dan be happy


@anonymous theres still alot of chair fans out there, around 5x10 maybe before an until now when it was all about chuck/blair/louis all the chair fans were piping up and i wondered where the dair fans had gone or if they had jumped back to chair, but actually alot of dair fans just stopped posting comments until now that dair are around again its mainly dair fans writing on here and other sites cos chair fans well some cant be bothered with these shipping wars, dont get me wrong ive seen alot of pro-chair comments but obviously its not about them now so its dair fans who are mainly at interst, just like when theres next going to be a storyline about chair thats when they'll be more talk about them on here, . i think its 50/50 really. but you cant trust polls cos either theres more chair fans voting or dair fans.