Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Blerena Backlash

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It was obvious from the moment it happened that the fallout from last night's unexpected Dair kiss on Gossip Girl will be severe and wide-ranging. After all, how many relationships were effectively torpedoed?

Not only the romantic intentions of Serena (who loves Dan) and Chuck (who considers Blair the love of his life), but the friendship of Blair and Serena, and to a lesser extent Dan and Chuck, will be shaken up.

In this clip from next Monday's episode, we see just how bitter Serena is at her BFF, who she feels betrayed her. Does S have a right to be mad? Or was she delusional about Dan wanting her back in the first place?

It's a complicated situation, to say the least, but Dorota is determined to force these two to make up. Watch Blair's loyal servant / confidant take charge of the situation in this amusing sneak preview clip ...

For a complete breakdown of "Crazy Cupid Love," follow the link above. Also check out a couple of promos for "Cross Rhodes" if you haven't seen those. Then discuss all things Dair, Blerena and Gossip Girl below!

Are Dan and Blair soulmates?

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I don't feel sorry for Serena she has always been so inconsistent with men...and she always had the power over Dan so I guess I'm now happy to see Dan dissing her big time. We say the wheel turns, don't we ?!
What is more consistent to me is Dan and Blair finding a way to be together, after a whole season 4 with GG writers messin with us DAIR shippers. It's all the more consistent that in terms of personnality, they make the perfect match : materially different (UES vs BK, preppy vs boho ...) to provoke some electrecity, but fundamentally the same when it comes to sharing mutual interests, culture, arts, sensitivity and beyond everythin caring for each other. DAIR all the way.


God, I'm in love with Dorota! :)


Haters gonna hate. You think Chuck and Blair is endgame? Who are you kidding, right? LMFAO!


@kris an looks like im not the only who's pointed out dans desire to be a man whore!


@anonymous as i said before im talking about now. yes i know what chuck did. but chuck is a better person NOW. yea chuck did way worse shit but in the past, it has been forgiven. least chuck has always been sure about blair except tryin to move on in s4, but he always came back to blair. god put a new girl infront of dan an it'll be bye blair. as soon as serena and dan broke up at end of s1 he was bein a slut all summer then bk at school jumped at the new girl who ended up to be hired by chuck.then from serena to miss carr,then olivia to vanessa then back to serena then to ivy now blair, he just likes anything new. chuck has a lot of faults 2 but i was pointing out dans i dont need to hear chuck traded her for a hotel tret her like property etc .. i do know. dair fans are always goin to say why they dont like chair an chair fans are going to point out why they dont like dair. no ones goin to win all the characters in this show are crazy an have all done very unrealistic stuff.


serena did always "falls in love" with every guy she meets but at the end of it all she always comes back to loving dan which i think proves that it has always been dan. plus, she's always been a better person when she was with dan. but honestly, i much rather see serena single, happy and successful instead of pining over dan.


@kris That's because she constantly 'falls in love' with pretty much every 'nice' guy she meets, while constantly leading Dan or sometimes Nate on. @Regina Phalange and @Tartila She had her chance and it just didn't happen or work out that way. @gemsiibear What Dan did doesn't even come close to the things the writers made Chuck's character do like selling Blair out to a hotel or almost punching/forcing himself on Blair when he was drunk last season after he humiliated her in front of the Royals.


and for those saying that S dangles a lot of boys in front of dan when they are not dating its not like dan is innocent as well in season 2 after their 2nd break-up dan sorta dated this amanda girl on the first day after their break-up (classy move lonely boy..sarcasm), dated the teacher, dated olivia, vanessa, almost had sex with chivy and almost hook-up with a girl in nyu. so let us not bash S as if all her deeds were wrong because dan also has his fair share of wrong doings.


cont.. now put your self in Serena's shoes wouldn't you be mad if you saw your bff kiss the guy you love in front of you? also, its not about dair can be together coz derena is not dating. blair is married albeit a loveless marriage but still married. at least when nate and serena slept together its only cheating whereas blair kissing dan its more grave cause its adultery.


@ everyone who's always bringing up the serena and nate sleeping together card.
yes its true that they did sleep together when nate was with blair but again they were 16 and drunk and blair has every right to be mad w/ S in fact she did made S's life miserable she shun her from their friends, tell all the colleges that she has drug problem even if she don't have one. plus, she went away because she thought she killed a guy. Now, i think S has every right to be mad even if dan and her isn't together. why? because blair is aware of that serena love dan. playing cupid and leading her to believe that dan still has feelings for S is plain wrong then kissing him.