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... or is it heartbreak? On Grey's Anatomy, the two are never separated by much.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Meredith and Derek try to have a night to themselves when Lexie offers to watch Zola on next week's episode, while Callie hands babysitting duties over to Mark for similar reasons.

Ben proves to Bailey that he knows her a lot better than she thinks, while the ER fills with romantics and the requisite disasters that seem to follow every holiday at Seattle Grace-Mercy West. You know how it is.

Teddy is at or reaching a breaking point, it looks like, along with Cristina and Owen. How do you think it's going to play out for them? Will this Valentine's installment yield more tears than smiles?

Read our review of Grey's Anatomy from last night for a breakdown of the alt-universe drama, then watch the promo for next week's episode, "All You Need is Love," as the characters return to real life below:

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OH WOW! What a trailer that was...
Owen saving Cristina...definitely heart-breaking but I know they will definitely work out now that they are communicating! Can't wait for that episode... And Mark and Lexie, finally its time for them to get together!!


I can't wait for this episode!! The preview made me smile....Slexie is back!


Okay I know Christina/Owen really love each other and all but I really don't know how they'll make it through because they are in a tough position. Christina DOESN'T want kids while Owen DOES! How can they move on from that? I mean, it's a very hard position to be in. ***********I'm really excited about the Mark/Lexie scene I hope we actually see some resolution for those two. I can't wait!!!!!!! :)**************


Owen and Cristina is meant to be, they'll work out!
can't u see that how much Owen's loving with Cristina, oh, mam, he saves her from car crashed, I guess Owen gets hurts, not Cristina


I agree... i really think that Cristina and Owen can work out their problems. They have a problem expressing their feelings about what happened earlier in the season. They do really love each other and i think after Owen saves Cristina from the car crashing in the ER he will re think his decision on moving out. i also heard that in a later episode they do marriage therapy!! i really hope they work it out i love those 2 together


awww its about time for mark and lexie scenes and smiles yayy slexie :)


ok. Shonda said/tweeted their is going to be a period with pain for chris/owen, first drama then hopefully theyre gonna work it out. here's her tweet:
''So I'm going to tell you all something: What is coming next WILL BE DIFFICULT. And PAINFUL. And very VERY ADULT. Many of you won't like it while it is happening. Many of you will shout at your TVs while it is happening. But I think some of you will recognize your own marriages in Cristina/Owen. And I think it is going to be amazing for these two characters and ultimately bring extraordinary growth. Also, the vent room is coming back.''


Owen tried to save Cristina from being hit by the car because he loves her, even through he is still angry with her.
But OMG this episode looks even better than the last valentine episode.


As Derek told Burke when he was interim chief, "heavy is the head that wears the chief's scrub cap." Owen has to be a big boy and accept the consequences of those decisions until Teddy is ready to make peace with what Owen did. And Owen can't demand for it to be okay like he tried to do.


@Terry Teddy isn't angry at Owen for Henry dying. Teddy accepted Henry's death and doesn't blame anyone for Henry dying. That's why she had Cristina go through the procedure over and over again to accept the fact that nothing could have been done for Henry because had Teddy been operating, Henry still would have died. Teddy is angry that Owen told Henry he made it through the surgery and she believed he was alive hours and hours after Henry passed. She's angry that her best friend told her that everything was okay when it wasn't. Owen made the call and the decision to do that to Teddy and made Cristina suffer through it by joking around with her and having fun with her when Henry died. Owen made an impossible decision, but he made it. He has to now live with it.

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