How I Met Your Mother Review: Slam-trak

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About halfway through this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother, I was looking for the conductor to stop the "The Drunk Train" because I wanted off. 

While Barney and Ted's nicknames for it were classic, as were the top 10 things Marshall and Lily said on their wedding night, I felt like the episode tried to cram way too much into one half hour block and came off as a poor attempt to hot-wire the Mother storyline.

Barney messing up his trademark catchphrase was amusing, but I honestly could not believe any woman - let alone someone he met a day ago - could unnerve him like that. I felt like the great Barnabus's legacy was slapped in the face with such missteps, along with the fact that we were meant to believe that Barney honestly did not recognize Quinn from her job at his favorite strip club. It would be like if someone drew a comic book where were were lead to believe Aquaman died by drowning. Come on, people. 

Naked Barney Alert!

Moving on: hey, look who they decided to bring back: Kevin! And he had a ring! Kudos to Robin for coming clean about not being able to have children, but shouldn't she also have mentioned that she didn't want to have kids at all? Instead, we had to endure Kevin asking her to marry him time and time again. Don't worry about Robin, though, because Ted went from no longer caring about "the one" to telling Robin he loved her.

Are we really supposed to believe Robin is the mother? Ted and she have shared a few tender moments the last few episodes... but really? Robin put out her cigarette just in time for Ted to lay the granddaddy of all lines on her? I don't think so, or at least I hope not. 

Aside from some great Barney, Ted's line about his date - whose favorite band was Glee - and the flash forward scene with Marshall and Lily, the only other redeeming part of this episode was that it did at least try to advance what had been a stalled storyline. There was no Vin Diesel, but tonight's installment was too fast and too furious a plot.

So I throw myself at the mercy of the court. Having gotten so thrashed for liking last week's "filler" episode, if I am completely off base in your opinions once again this week, I am going to have to seriously reevaluate my take on the show or my faith in humanity. 

Perhaps I am sadly devoted to an ancient way of judging television. So here I am, my light saber at my side. Oppose and contradict my opinions if you must, or concur with my feelings and join me. For those of you who choose to do so, remember that as the others try to strike us down, we will only become more powerful than they could possibly imagine.


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did ted just tell robin he loves her !!?..where did that come from !!and if they want to start a love triangle thing,him robin and barney ,then why the quinn girl !
i knew this would happen because victoria told ted then there will be a problem with all of them hanging out !
i personally am against the whole ted and robin thing !,she's way better with barney ,add to that that we already know she's not the mother (aunt robin) the whole storyline seems pointless !!


@Anthony I'm from Long Island too and I think the drunk train was completely exaggerated, hollywood style. First off, most Long Islanders don't have that heavy of an accent, and we're not running around the train hooking up and throwing drinks in peoples faces. I for one have never screamed "so you think you're better than me". Sometimes the caricature of how us Long Islanders are portrayed is a bit tiring. It makes us seem crass.
As for the rest of the episode, I hope that the past poster was right and this will spark Robin to move out. I actually like her better with Barney, btw. I cannot wait to finally meet these kids mother!


["Barney/Quinn is a rehash of Barney/Nora."] How did you come to this conclusion?


I don't want Robin and Ted to date if it won't do anything. If Robin helps Ted realize the woman he actually wants or even introduces him to her, then fine. But what's the point of Robin and Ted dating again when I know it has to end in failure? I love HIMYM. I find it hilarious, to be honest.


Barney/Quinn is a rehash of Barney/Nora.


The last seen with Ted and Robin is a device that will set up 2 things that needs to happen in a bigger story: 1) Ted needs to be able to clear the way for him to meet the mother, if it is true that his relationship with Robin is the one that keeps him from developing other relationships 2) finally it will address a subtext in the series since the 4th season about Ted/Robin/Barney, which is in the very essence is a love triangle (of some sorts) I loved the Drunk Train, very witty, funny and skanky all at the same time.
I love Barney and Ted together. I ship them.
I found it LOL that Barney went to MIT. That just gives his character a whole different dimension!


I thought this episode was terrible in almost every way. Yes, there were some fun lines, and Quinn was intriguing, but overall the plot and characterizations were ridiculous. Robin would never have accepted a marriage proposal from Kevin. They've been dating for like 4 months, and she's never even been shown as thinking of him as anything other than the "safe" boyfriend. She's also been shown time and time again to be against marriage and commitment phobic. And three months ago she rejected Barney essentially because she didn't want to be so serious so quickly. So it made very little sense for her character. I was disappointed that the break up turned out to be due to the no-kids thing, and not her having cheated on him.


I like the story overall,but i don't feel a lot of emotions from the suppose emotional scene. The ending is nice and might finally clear the relationship on Ted, Robin, and to some extends Barney (if it's true that Barney go to meet Robin and makes what Ted said in the last Victoria scene meaningful). Personally i think Robin will end up with Barney and Ted with Barney's half sister.


At first I definitely rolled my eyes when Ted professed his love for Robyn but I clearly recall him referring to her as "Aunt Robyn" to his children, so either they date again and don't work out, or he tells her he loves her but in a friend kind of way. I don't know, that is just my opinion.


I had a couple of issues with this episode. For one, the name Karma for a stripper was used by the writers in "The Bracket" so unless this is the same girl the writers should try to expand their name bank a little. The Barney/Quinn storyline was the exact Barney/Nora storyline from Desperation Day where he's running a play and then someone points out that he's tanking himself on purpose because he has feelings elsewhere (somebody suggested that Barney is going to see Robin and not Quinn at the end, which if true would be a good twist; otherwise it's just a rehash). I wish they would advance The Mother plot just a little bit at some point this season; I know there's only one season left and the writers are probably saving all the good Ted stuff for that season, but can't they throw us at least a hint that Ted's moving that direction from time to time? I'm with the purists on here that this show was meant to be about Ted and it has slipped off that path the last couple of years.

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