Julie Plec Teases Tonight's New Vampire Diaries Episode, Elena and Elijah?!?!?

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A grand ball. The intentions of Mother Original revealed. And a new possible couple alert?!?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec - seen below previewing tonight's "Dangerous Liaisons" - offers up a handful of juicy nuggets, from a strong response by Caroline in the face of Klaus' advances, to Rebekah targeting Matt as her date for a specific, shady purpose.

But the item that may have fans most buzzing concerns Elena and a vampire named neither Damon nor Stefan.

Raving about the chemistry shared between Nina Dobrev and Daniel Gillies, Plec teases: “We are about to play with that a little bit. Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah.”

Read the full article now at EW and sound off: Elena and Elijah?!? No way, right? If only because there's no possible nickname for this potential couple.


I've been craving Elijah/Elena scenes ever since I first saw him. I always want more. Cant wait to watch!!


Put me down as a fan. Only on a temporary basis of course. I vote Elenjah too.


elena and elijah? it would be interesting to see them together for a while love klaroline


Okay I would personally love to see that! I think Elijah would care for her so much and protect her. I just love their scenes together and I hope it becomes a full romance :D I would like to see something other than the Salvatore's for the rest of TVD. Especially since they are both incredibly boring and kinda worthless as of right now. Even Damon who I used to love is a little bitch now only worrying about Elena. Let's see some killin Damon!


I'm a little swoony about the idea, but it would really be adorable if settling this for a short term. I envision them as the BFF type, I don't really see them as the long-term Elena-Stefan, Caroline-Matt thing, like the coupley-coupley stuffs. Perhaps, Elijah secretly fancy Elena and there's no reason why Elena should hate him. She's in fact a little fan of him, if not the biggest, for his integrity stuff and she respects him. However, if Julie Plec would put them together, it would be like cleaning your toenails with a toothbrush, it's possible but it looks ridiculous. As for Elijah, I would really want someone for him, someone that he deserves and deserves him like for example Bonnie? :) Or someone decent and beautiful enough, especially now that he's got a new hair style, which is really ... hot by the way :>


Luv the idea of Elena and Elijah (if only for a little while).


Too bad she just about signed his death warrant tonight by allowing him to be included in his mother's plan to kill all her kids! I was SOOO mad at Elena for letting this happen!!!




Ok, this is obviously a publicity tactic. Elijah is a personal fave and has chem with Nina BUT is better with Katherine. Elena is best with Damon


D-E-L-E-N-A-! I love Elijah. I LOVE Damon. But I am sorta warming up to the possibility of Matt and Elena.... ???

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