NCIS Sneak Peek: You're Not From Accounting ...

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Jamie Lee Curtis makes her NCIS debut as Dr. Samantha Ryan of the DOD PsyOps Division tonight, and from the looks of the sneak preview clip below, it doesn't take her long to shake things up at the office.

She's the brain gamer - sorry, head brain gamer - and shows it right away as she gets in DiNozzo's head, even if it was mostly/all his own doing. Ryan quickly picks up on his issues with Tim ... and Tony Sr.

No, she's not from accounting, as Tony and viewers soon learn, but she does go way back with one man at NCIS. Is a longstanding connection to Vance a good or a bad thing? Gibbs clearly can't answer that.

While she arrives this evening, Curtis' two-episode NCIS story arc won't resume until Tuesday, March 20. What do you think of her character? Will she and Gibbs clash professionally and mesh personally?

Here's a clip from tonight's "Psych Out":

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Who played Kate's sister, the psychiatrist, in that episode with Jamie Lee Curtis? I thought Jamie Lee performance was stellar. I was captivated by the delivery of her lines her the facial expressions and pauses. She was great!


I agree, that was wonderful to see Jamie Lee Curtis and Mark Harmon together on NCIS, great episode, great chemistry. Loved the "Annual US.S. Military Psychiatric Conference". Gibbs making Ryan uncomfortable was just too funny.


I saw it and it was awesome! I loved all of the scenes with Gibbs and Ryan... especially when he got in her head

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