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Melissa might have been Allison's "A," but I don't think she's the "A" that the girls are dealing with. I think someone else took up that mantle...


I always thought Melissa was involved!! So A's a huge group!! That was the only information that came with this ep..Aria and Ezra are SO boring, I've came to HATE them together. I want him to leave or get caught already!


+ Spencer shouldn't have been so reckless as to try and solve her problems with alcohol? She is just 17 (or 18). Give that girl a break. She broke up with her boyfriend because of A, her sister might be involved with the Alison murder and she just found out she had a half-brother. She always wants to handle everything perfectly and just be the best at everything, but she doesn't have anybody to confide in at the moment, at least when it comes to the Jason thing. So I don't think Spencer should be judged for getting wasted. I actually liked the Wrencer scenes and although I love Spencer with Toby, I wouldn't mind seeing her with Wren. But I'm sure she'll get together with Toby again.

I couldn't care less about Maya. That girl is strange. Maybe she turns out to be A.


Why does the review say that we didn't get closer to solving the show's mysteries and that it didn't really lead anywhere? HELLO? Melissa worked at the law company. The company with the address that was handed to Alison aka Vivian. The same person who sent Alison those texts must be the same person who's texting the liars. So it's either Melissa or someone affiliated with her. But knowing PPL, it's probably someone completely different. :) Although my bet's on Melissa and has been for a long time now. I really want to hear what she has to say to Spencer.


'..Jade' - since when is an age difference every an obstacle on this show? Hahaha. They have no problem letting an adult date a minor, so Wren and Spencer should be an issues. :)
I say this all with sarcasm because I cannot stand Ezria together. It's just wrong. Just because he's not her teacher anymore doesn't mean their relationship shouldn't be a problem. What kind of dumb excuse is that?!! It's a big problem for her paraents! As it should be for any parents. Geez!

Aria did throw a tantrum didn't she. Her face in the car when Ezra broke the news to her....she seriously looked like a 2yr old pouting. It was very ironic.


@KristinaJade, of course she will talk about that stuff with Toby because he is kinda experiencing it too. It is just like Hanna and Caleb.


I have also always preferred Wren, I think Wren is actually my favourite boy on the show. And I know theres an age difference between him and Spencer but Spencer is far more mature than her age, and it was never an issue because there was never a time when he was in a position of power. I love them together, he makes her so much more fun than Toby did, all they did was talk about Ali and Jenna and her dad and all the other drama.


Wow Spence is stupid. I know Melissa is her sister, but things are sketchy to begin with, and then she sees Meliss get into Garrett's car, knows Melissa lied to her about where she was, and the Melissa is taking Garrett to her OB appointments. SO WHY THE HELL WOULD/SHOULD SPENCER GO ANYWHERE WITH HER? And leave her phone and laptop unattended. My first thought was Melissa was drawing Spencer away so Garrett could get at Spnce's stuff. Then I thought maybe she's taking her to Garrett so he can do whatever. Either way Spencer should know better than to trust MElissa.


How is it that it's a problem for Aria to be dating Ezra, but Spencer can get with Wren, an doctor already done with medical school!

it's icky because aria was Ezra's student and ezra can lose his chance to teach. It breaks more code of ethics. Just because Wren was Melissa's bitchboy, cheating on her with spencer wont revoke his license to cure people but get him deported for being a cradlerobbing pedo. Oh btw i dont condone their relationships - I'm channelling ella


i also liked her with wren

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