Pretty Little Liars Review: "The Naked Truth"

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Every answer leads to more questions on Pretty Little Liars. But eventually, we've been promised, we'll find out the identity of A. And that best be the truth for once!

"The Naked Truth" had an interesting premise: every major character is locked in the school overnight and forced to interact. While the whole plot seemed a little contrived, it did lead to a lot of drama and one big revelation. Unfortunately, that revelation had little to do with what we learned last week about Ali's alter-ego.

Trio of Liars

By the time the "lock-in" started, Emily had a grudge against her principal; Hanna was the most hated girl in school; Spencer was confused by Jason's return; and Aria thought Holden was using/dealing drugs (plus, she was blinding people with those hideously fluorescent shoes!). The atmosphere was ripe for dramatic confrontations and the show did not disappoint. Again, there was a lot going on, but the episode kept a much more even pace than last Monday.

Spencer found it odd that Jason was so desperate to speak to her father, especially after everything that happened the last time he was in town. The animosity between her parents and Jason - coupled with an odd memory of her parents fighting over a kiss between Jason and Melissa - lead her to startling revelation. Jason is her half-brother! It really explains a lot about the Jason and her father's strange behavior.

But does this give us any clues about Ali's death?

Hanna's evening was filled with dirty looks from every student and suspicious glances from the teachers and parents. She spent most of the night throwing herself a little pity party. HOWEVER, she did pull herself out of her funk long enough to notice a very big birthmark on Kate that wasn't in the naked picture she was conveniently staring at earlier in the day. I take back any sympathy I had for Kate; although her diabolical plans indicate that she might make a better ally than enemy. Imagine having Kate's scheming mind working against A!

They'd know who A was and have naked pictures of him/her on the Internet by morning.

And while we're on the subject of unlikely pairings... Emily's heartfelt apology to Mona really gained her a powerful friend. Although Mona said the apology wasn't necessary, you could see how haunted she still is by the memories of just how brutal Ali was. In no time, she found a way to break into the principal's office, find evidence of his corruption and blackmail him to get Emily back on the swim team. We knew she was pretty devious, but where did those computer skills come from? Could she be working with Jenna? Or is Jenna working for Mona?.

Those black light confessions in the music room and the shadowy figure who eventually stole Caleb's laptop indicated that A (or A's minion) was definitely at the school that night. But the eerie "I know who killed Allison DiLaurentis" was not the only interesting item on the poster. Someone also wrote, "I'm afraid of my dad," and I think that person might be Holden.

Although the pills falling out his bag made Aria instantly think he was into drugs, Holden told her that she has it all wrong. Those pills could have been vitamin supplements, or something just as innocent. Plus, his fighting skills indicate that he must be taking some kind of self-defense class. He's hesitant to discuss it with Aria, but I think he might be trying to protect himself from someone violent. If not his father, maybe it's A.

As I mentioned earlier, we didn't get a whole lot of progress on the Vivian Darkbloom angle. The claim ticket was just for her dry-cleaning, but the coat had a mysterious phone number in it. This, of course, led us to many more questions. Who's number is it? Why does he want to meet?

Maybe we'll find out next week. Maybe.


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i liked pretty liars show i love pretty little liars


My theory is that Holden is being abused by his dad. I think he's the one who wrote "I'm afraid of my dad" on the truth wall & made the comment about Aria always being around her parents as a negative thing. I think he's using Aria as a cover up to A) see a therapist, B) take self-defense or C) get away from his parents.


wheres Ezra ?!? Yeah for Hanna and Emily . But boo for Spencer and Aria . We're family spence ! sounds like Ian is back . Joke


Solid episode.Good to see Hanna and Emily get some wins.
Jason half brother of Spencer thats interesting.
That was fun Caleb getting all bitchy to Jenna.


I totally saw the Jason plot from last season and Holden is totally in a fight club! generally, all my favorite characters had great story lines!!! I love Caleb!!!


as much as i think holden has a bad home life, he wasn't in that group with aria and caleb. otherwise, i would agree that the "i'm afraid of my dad" was from him.


Oh, and im very curious what Holden told Aria about the pills, they didnt show it when he took her somewhere! + jason half brother from spencer, interesting story!


Does nobody notice they keep saying -A has 'beautiful/mysterious eyes' and that mona said 'it's those eyes' in a very obvs way about noel + I don't think jenna/copboyfriend or jason is -A, i think those 3 are having trouble wIth -A..


That means Melissa... made out with her half brother. ... can I get a gross?


I'm with @smash--I think this is a fight-club scenario with Holden, rather than an abused child plot. Looking at the preview for next week, I'm almost afraid to see what Caleb is going to pull up on that laptop. I keep thinking that either his vid copies are gone OR--some other video that looks incriminating for him or one of the girls could've been planted. Hopefully, with his l33t skilz, he's buried and hidden the files on that drive :)

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