Pretty Little Liars Sneak Previews: Who is Duncan?

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Pretty Little Liars brought the adults further into the picture this week, as viewers attended the Father/Daughter dance in Rosewood.

Up next? An episode titled "Eye of the Beholder," which will raise the question: Can Jenna now see?!?

Elsewhere, a mysterious guy named Duncan will surface. What does this individual from Alison's past want? Can the girls trust him? Also: look for Jason to come through with a bag of his late sister's effects. How might these come in to play?

Ponder all these questions and check out both the U.S. and the Canadian trailers for the installment now:

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I love spoby! I just thinks she needs to explain to him! She obviously misses him! And they cant just fall outta love with each otherike that! Hes being stuburn.... But i dont blame him! And i wonder ehat it is hes telling the police in one of the sneak peeks?!?!? It looks like hes telling about the jenna thing!:O
I think its gonna be so intresting with jenna back! The show gets better and better every epidode!


She didn't dump him over nothing. She made him believe that she was still having a thing for Wren. That is not nothing. Although it was a lie.
Jenna gives me the creeps. Should be interesting to see what she's like when she has her sight back.


I think Toby is getting close to Jenna in order to find out what happened between him and Spencer. He's obviously not stupid enough to believe she would just dump him over nothing.


I meant,spencer with Wren and emily and toby not aria


I love Toby i cant wait till next week! I like Spencer and Toby but i,like Spencer and Wren but i like spencer n toby lol. I would like emily with spencer and aria with jason,anyways i hope to see jason toby n wren more next season


Not sure how I feel about Toby being back. I saw a sneak where he doesn't respond all that well to Spencer. But really, can you blame him? The Jenna storyline should be awesome, though.


This episode looks interesting and Toby hair make him seem more bad boyish which I love. I cannot wait for Jenna to see again because she really be a thorne in the girls side.

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