Private Practice Review: Just a Little Too Much

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"Too Much" was appropriately named, as a heckuva lot happened during an especially intense Private Practice episode.

This week’s medical case focused on the baby of a recovering drug addict. It was a touching story, depicted well by both a remorseful parent and unforgiving daughter. Like always, Private Practice’s professional arcs make it difficult to decide what the right solution is.

Luckily, Addie saved the day (as usual) and the doctors came to what seemed to be the best decision in giving the mother a second chance to be a mom to both of her children. Sometimes a second chance is all someone needs.

Poor Sam

Meanwhile, bratty Mason didn’t care too much for Charlotte’s mac and cheese. Although it was understandable he was acting out simply because he couldn’t be with his mom, I couldn’t help but feel for Charlotte and wonder when she and Cooper would catch a break.

Plus, who seriously turns down mac and cheese and dumps it on the ground?!? It’s only the best comfort food ever.

When Charlotte found Mason, she handled the situation perfectly well. Without getting incredibly upset and trying to stay calm, she was there for Mason when neither of his parents could be. I also thought that Charlotte was right in trying to convince Erica again that she must tell her son what’s going on before it’s too late.

Though heartbreaking, all of the scenes involving Erica’s case got me thinking only one thing: I am so stoked about next week’s crossover event with Grey’s Anatomy. How about you?

There were a number of things I didn’t care too much for throughout this installment, though.

First, I was definitely disappointed in Addison’s choice to take a few steps back and land in Sam’s bed. Seriously, what was she thinking? We’ve discussed this number of times before, but Sam has clearly stated he doesn’t want to be a father and all she’s ever wanted is to be a mother. These two things are never going to add up. Like Jake said, she should have kept her distance. Whether you’re a fan of Jake’s or not, you have to admit that he was right about that. Sam and Addie’s hook up will only get in the way of what she has always wanted. Do you agree or do you think things could be different if they had another shot?

Another part I didn’t care too much for was Sam’s storyline concerning his sister. Maybe it’ll take some time, but there was just so much more going on; this could have been told at a later point in time. Fortunately, Sheldon is helping to treat Sam’s sibling and will be able to find out exactly what’s going on with her.

Finally, I am rating this episode a 3.5 on the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). It’s great that she’s doing her own thing with Hot Scott and trying to be happy, but I thought Pete made a valid argument about how it wasn’t cool that she was messing around at the workplace with Scott, knowing that Pete was there as well.

Sure, he’s been a jerk and could have been an actual adult and told her how he really felt, but Violet should also have known to respect the sanctity of the workplace. Also, I laughed when she tried to analyze what Pete meant when he said he cared. These two need to stay on a permanent break. So as long as they continue to be great parents to Lucas, I much prefer them apart. One more thing: So, Scott’s just a fling to her, but how would Scott feel if he knew this? If the roles were reversed, I’m thinking I’d see some varying responses.  

With numerous storylines intertwining involving our Seaside Wellness doctors, I felt like this installment was a bit subpar. It was decent, but in comparison to what we’ve seen all season long, it just fell short from being anything but stellar.

So, what are your thoughts, TV Fanatics? What did you think of "Too Much?" Hit the comments now!


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My two, three, five cents for what it is worth. Addison/Sam - Yes, Yes Yes, she gets pregnant from their latest love romp and they get back together. There is chemistry, so evereyone just get over it! Sam and Addison together is just Hot! Two gorgeous people! Jake - He is cool, but boring. Amelia - Ready for more of her crazy without the drugs and alcohol! Charlotte/Cooper - They just rock. Not to be harsh, but Mason is more exciting to watch without his mama. She will succumb to the tumor, he goes on to live with his daddy and step-mommy, who will soften up just enough, but still get her Charlotte on! Violet/Pete - Yawn...........


This show is 'too much' all the time, yet I have it permanently scheduled to record on my DVR. It's a soap opera. I'm not surprised that Addison and Sam got together, they live right next door to each other, they obviously still have feelings for one another, it was bound to happen. Of course it's totally inappropriate for Violet and Hottie to be making out in the hallways of the hospital or practice but 75% of the stuff that goes on in this show is inappropriate and unrealistic. I'm glad Violet is with Hottie though, if for no other reason than I can see him week after week. I hope they keep that story line going. I don't think it's fair to call Mason a brat, he's been a good kid so far, he was upset and acted out a little. That was probably the most realistic thing on the show.


Many bad storylines, I'm so sick of Violet!
I love Charlotte though


Please keep Addison and Sam together Let Addison have Sam's baby it will spice up the show they are a good couple together with lost of chemistry from my point of view


Please let Sam and Addison reunite they make a good interracial couple. She should have Sam's baby and that will change his mind and bring some depth into the show.


I agree the Charlotte/Cooper/Mason/Erica storyline is pretty B grade. I love Char/Cooper and seeing how Charlotte is really growing, but it's still a pretty lame storyline. Really what are the two options from now?
- Erica gets amazingly cured by Derek in Seattle... what then? Erica and Mason fade into the background and become irregular guest stars
- Erica dies and Charlotte & Cooper have to deal with the drama, angst and challenge of raising Mason on their own.
What do you think will happen???
I still think there is hope Char/Coop will get pregnant at some point. I hope the show continues running long enough for us to see the baby!


Addisam Yay!!!! It's about time!!!


Call me a romantic or whatever, but I am still pulling for Pete and Violet. She so wanted to stay with him but left when he made it clear he did not want her there. Now I think he is realizing that he does still have feelings for her. I hope she wises up as well and they reconcile.

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

When will Addison see that Jake is the one for her?! That was a bad choice sleeping with Sam but I never thought until this until someone above mentioned it- what is she ends up pregnant from this one-night stand with Sam?!! That would be something! I hope Erica tells Mason what's going on soon. I can totally see why she doesn't want to because she has been the only constant in his life and she thinks he will be very hurt and upset when he hears of her diagnosis but its obvious by the way he is acting- he knows somethings up! Charolotte is really doing good with him. ... much better than I thought she would! I wonder what Violets going to do if Scott wants to step up their relationship being that she says "it's only sex?!" Plus she picked up on Petes jealousy... is their a chance for them still??

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