Private Practice Promo: It's All Too Much

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Private Practice returned with a solid episode last night, bringing the drama mixed with heart that we've come to expect this year - regardless of whether or not you're a card-carrying member of Team Jaddison.

Where are things headed next Thursday?

Hope you weren't expecting a lighter episode. Cooper, Pete and Addison work to treat the baby of a drug addict, while Sam finds his sister in jail, in a near-catatonic state. He brings her to Sheldon for help.

Watch the promo for "Too Much" below:

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Why did they change Erica & Mason's characters? I sure liked the old one's much better!!


Agreed, Ninque!
Can't stand the two of them!


Sam is the man and Addison wants her man! Get over it, these two are meant to be!
Two gorgeous, intelligent and loving people in a meaningful relationship, we need one that is not dysfunctional on this show! Jake is nice, but stiff and boring. Hook him up with Amelia and let her put a little of her crazy on him! He gets the whole addict thing anyway and could help her!


Nooooooo, not Adison and Sam again :(


@Dexter Idiolizaer: Not a spoiler, already had said earlier in the show, was when in chapter 5 a patient is schizophrenic and his mother has to deal with not giving the medication to rely on it.


@Dexter Idolizer I think you are right about Addisam.


Perhaps Sam and Addison are having a one and final break up with sex?


Did we watch the same show? You didn't mention Coop / Mason , or Addison being drunk. i agree with the "enough of Addison and Sam. Give it a rest. It was getting more predictable and boring.


OMG! Why thy insist in this storyline? Sam and Addison, give it a break.

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You're all "Violet got her groove back."


I would hate to see you hurt worse.


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