Private Practice Review: Just a Little Too Much

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"Too Much" was appropriately named, as a heckuva lot happened during an especially intense Private Practice episode.

This week’s medical case focused on the baby of a recovering drug addict. It was a touching story, depicted well by both a remorseful parent and unforgiving daughter. Like always, Private Practice’s professional arcs make it difficult to decide what the right solution is.

Luckily, Addie saved the day (as usual) and the doctors came to what seemed to be the best decision in giving the mother a second chance to be a mom to both of her children. Sometimes a second chance is all someone needs.

Poor Sam

Meanwhile, bratty Mason didn’t care too much for Charlotte’s mac and cheese. Although it was understandable he was acting out simply because he couldn’t be with his mom, I couldn’t help but feel for Charlotte and wonder when she and Cooper would catch a break.

Plus, who seriously turns down mac and cheese and dumps it on the ground?!? It’s only the best comfort food ever.

When Charlotte found Mason, she handled the situation perfectly well. Without getting incredibly upset and trying to stay calm, she was there for Mason when neither of his parents could be. I also thought that Charlotte was right in trying to convince Erica again that she must tell her son what’s going on before it’s too late.

Though heartbreaking, all of the scenes involving Erica’s case got me thinking only one thing: I am so stoked about next week’s crossover event with Grey’s Anatomy. How about you?

There were a number of things I didn’t care too much for throughout this installment, though.

First, I was definitely disappointed in Addison’s choice to take a few steps back and land in Sam’s bed. Seriously, what was she thinking? We’ve discussed this number of times before, but Sam has clearly stated he doesn’t want to be a father and all she’s ever wanted is to be a mother. These two things are never going to add up. Like Jake said, she should have kept her distance. Whether you’re a fan of Jake’s or not, you have to admit that he was right about that. Sam and Addie’s hook up will only get in the way of what she has always wanted. Do you agree or do you think things could be different if they had another shot?

Another part I didn’t care too much for was Sam’s storyline concerning his sister. Maybe it’ll take some time, but there was just so much more going on; this could have been told at a later point in time. Fortunately, Sheldon is helping to treat Sam’s sibling and will be able to find out exactly what’s going on with her.

Finally, I am rating this episode a 3.5 on the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). It’s great that she’s doing her own thing with Hot Scott and trying to be happy, but I thought Pete made a valid argument about how it wasn’t cool that she was messing around at the workplace with Scott, knowing that Pete was there as well.

Sure, he’s been a jerk and could have been an actual adult and told her how he really felt, but Violet should also have known to respect the sanctity of the workplace. Also, I laughed when she tried to analyze what Pete meant when he said he cared. These two need to stay on a permanent break. So as long as they continue to be great parents to Lucas, I much prefer them apart. One more thing: So, Scott’s just a fling to her, but how would Scott feel if he knew this? If the roles were reversed, I’m thinking I’d see some varying responses.  

With numerous storylines intertwining involving our Seaside Wellness doctors, I felt like this installment was a bit subpar. It was decent, but in comparison to what we’ve seen all season long, it just fell short from being anything but stellar.

So, what are your thoughts, TV Fanatics? What did you think of "Too Much?" Hit the comments now!


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The whole Addison/Sam hookup made me mad!!! What is Addison thinking. The relationship between those two seems so forced. There is no chemistry at all. AND, no matter how many times the writers have Addison say she misses Sam, it isn't convincing anybody. They need to move past this storyline.
I love Charlotte. Erica should tell Mason something. Violet has a right to have sex with whoever, but she shouldn't be so out about it.


Who here thinks Addison is going to end up pregnant with Sam's baby from their one night stand???


VAS was 10+.
Addison and Sam - a definite minus. It's been back and forth too many times and it's boring.
I love KayDee Strickland - her part and the actress. Give her more screen time.
I wonder what therapists would say about keeping Mason in the dark for so long. Now, what, pray tell will happen on the cross-over with Seattle Grace. Is there any question? Give me a break.


Violet needs to growup and see what she had in Pete, she is the one who screwed up their marriage and everything else she does.
If my memory serve me right Pete only had a one night stand with ther boys night out, Violet has turned into a slut with her screwing around with the baby boy which will come back and kick her in the ass next episode wait and see.


I wouldn't say Mason was bratty, as it came off to me as him being frustrated he couldn't see him mom. There are all these adults around and none of them can tell him why he can't see his mom and I don't blame the kid for acting out. What was a little unbelievable to me was Mason getting that far when Charlotte was only gone for five seconds, give or take. Mason had to have bolted down the hall and down the stairs, if an elevator wasn't there already. I liked how Charlotte handled the situation, not getting upset at him, but really trying to stay calm. This was a good hour for Charlotte and viewers being able to see how she's growing into the role of being Mason's stepmom. Overall, Charlotte's been the emotional "rock" star in this story, but I do hope that we maybe get to see someone asking her how to see feels about being thrust into the role of being a mom.


This Mason and Erika storyline is just too predictable
The kid will get Stuck with Charlotte and Cooper forever that's mean end of the magic of this couple!


I'm giving the VAS a 7.0. She really annoyed me this week. Is she having fun? Yes. Am I glad she is? Yes. But I found it to be repetitive. She claimed to Addison that she's "never really done anything like this before", yet, she slept with both Pete and Sheldon in season two. It's also horrible that she's flaunting around the hospital like that, even though she knows Pete works there. Furthermore, calling it "only sex" even though it's quite obviously more than that on Scott's end is not fair. She really needs to let go of Pete. I don't see these two reconciling for a while.
In regards to Addison, I am severely disappointed in her. I understand that she still loves Sam, but I do hope that it was a farewell in a sexual way. I noticed Jake's words after he realized something happened and it's quite obvious that he wants in with her and she's just being ignorant about it. He's a good guy Addison. Get in there.


I hate the Cooper/Charlotte/Mason/Erica storyline. It is so boring and predictable.


The case I liked. Originally I was on Cooper side but when Pete talked about it from his experience with Violet even though their situations are entirely different I can understand his POV. Coop is right when it comes to Violet and Pete. Pete cant complain too much because their seperated and Violet should be sensitive about the workplace interactions. VAS 4, PAS 5. Sam's s/l (without Addison) was really good. I love Sheldon, all things Anika Noni Rose, and I've wanted to learn more about Sam's family for awhile so for me so far so good.


To answer your question No! to Sam/Addison redux 125 or whatever number it is now. I agree with Jake right now he is her ex and when he came over she should have said Im sorry your going thru this but I cant be the one to help you. They need to seperate her with Jake and getting a baby s/l, he with his sister and Sheldon. Loved CharCoop as usual my pairing is ah-mah-zing. Im with you on the Erica s/l its sad but it just made me more excited for the crossover eppy. Charlotte rocked she really is amazing as a mother figure to Mason I still wanna a CharCoop baby but I really like the Mason angle.

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