Private Practice Review: This One's for Team Jaddison

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Private Practice took a break last week, and the series returned with the drama we’ve desperately grown to love this season.

If you are on Team Jake, it’s likely that you were thrilled with this installment. I, for one, definitely enjoyed every second of Jaddison. It was nice to see the fun and drunken side of Addie versus the super baby-focused one. Their chemistry was absolutely undeniable, and their scenes were my favorite part of "The Time Has Come."

Coop and Violet

There’s just one thing, though: Jake, the gentleman - graciously and not surprisingly - turned down Addison when she wasn’t entirely in the right state of mind. He also believes in opening doors and being the driver. He seems like an amazing guy, but I’m starting to wonder what the catch could be. Is Jake truly flawless?!? Surely, there’s got to be something wrong with him, right?

By the way, how funny was it when Addison woke up looking like a hot mess? I couldn’t help but laugh and swoon as Jake knew exactly how to take care of her.

Back at the hospital, Erica and Mason were involved in an accident after Erica suffered a seizure and blacked out at the wheel. Ultimately, Cooper finally convinced Erica to fight for her life for Mason.  

Do you think that the adults will eventually tell Mason what’s going on with his mother? Is it better to prepare him for the worst or would telling him only make him worry more?

Meanwhile, Sheldon helped an army veteran experiencing PTSD reveal to his wife that he was secretly sexually assaulted. It was certainly an intriguing storyline that involved Sheldon struggling with the differences in between male and female rape victims.

As expected, the wife was shocked and confused by her husband’s actions. I was grateful that Sam helped her to see that she couldn’t possibly blame her husband for something that wasn’t his fault. Luckily, the wife was able to see clearly with Sam’s help and returned to her husband’s side.

Elsewhere: Pete was totally getting on my last nerve. He was being ridiculously annoying about Violet and her new boy toy, Scott. Even Sam recognized that his buddy was being a total hypocrite and jerk when he called him out about his one night stand. 

Their separation was a mutual decision, and Pete ought to respect that. I’m betting that many of you would like to rename the Violet Annoyance Scale the Pete Annoyance Scale. The thing is, I thought they were both irritating, with the latter possibly scoring an off the charts rating.

I’m rating tonight’s installment a TWO on the VAS. For the most part, Violet didn’t do much but listen to Pete whine and give her crap about her new relationship throughout the duration of the episode. However, I was frustrated when she said that Pete let her walk out the door by not stopping her. As their relationship separation continues to spiral out of control, they both need to quit blaming each other.

On another note, it’s nice to see that Violet finally put her peephole on the front door to use. Also, I’m hoping that Scott and Violet didn’t get too far in the living room and that they moved their business to the bedroom because there’s simply been way too much bloodshed in that room.

So, what did you think of "The Time Has Come"? Are you optimistic about Jaddison or do you think Sam deserves another chance? What would your VAS and PAS ratings be?


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Everybody always picks on the male of these shows well its about time to kick ass and put down the females.
Violet has been a complete ass from the start and can't find a way to turn it around, for someone who is a professional she got rocks in her head. Pete has tried and she keeps throwing it right back, she has no real love for him or her son its just a fake relationship and blind life.


Complete list of Ashley Johnsons credits--
She's one of those people you look at and go.. "Hey, they look familiar!" The episode was interesting on many levels. Pete and Violet? Eh. Someone smack Pete for being a jackass.
Jake and Addison? They are fun. I like their friendship.
Erica and Mason? I think Cooper's anger is justified and understandable. And Violet was right about why he was truly angry. She (Violet) has moments where she is likable.
Sam. Holy cow. Nice going Sam and Sheldon!
And what a blow for Sam at the end. So that's all coming.
Overall? A solid episode.


Loved your speech! I agree with you 100%! Violet and Pete-seriously get over yourselves.
Mason and Erica-cried every second of their reunite, her seizure, her longingly look at Mason with Cooper's plea....ah!!! I am tearing up just thinking about it (Mother of 2 boys here, can ya tell!!)
Violet and Scott-ITS ABOUT TIME!!!
Sheldon-- I am developing a crush and wondering if I should change my major-apparently accounting is not emotionally involving for me. Good lookin out, Dr. Sheldon! When he is not super annoyingly in love with Amelia- he's got this hot nerdy look about him-totally awesome!
Sam-um..WHATS THAT MY GIRL "Wendy Scott Carr" from The Good Wife playing a crackhead sister of SEXY man Taye Diggs, (Guest star Anika Noni Rose)???
Addison and Jake, well, WHERE CAN I FIND ME A BENJAMIN BRATT/JAKE IN REAL LIFE, EH???? Seriously, women do not make men like THAT anymore! Enough said.


@ash and @Jaime - That was Ashley Johnson. She's been in a ton of television shows and movies. Most recently, she was in The Help. You might have to jump back in your time machine to recall this one, but she was also in Growing Pains.


does anyone know the name of the girl who played the soldiers wife? I swear she has been in something else and its killing me!! Love this episode - so intense!


Who played Kelly on 2/2 of Private Practice?


My take on the Pete and Violet was not a mutual decision it was just another problem that Violet has brought on herself, since the start and she got attacked by that woman for the baby she has beena complete ass towards everyone.
What we are seeing now is a normal reaction to her interdeep motions of rejection of herself. We will see shortly that Scott means nothing to her but a roll in the hay.


I agree with the writer who said it wasn't a mutual agreement that Violet and Pete separate and I think Pete
has been a complete jerk about the whole thing. The person everyone seems to really love and I get annoyed
with is Addison. She was better last night but in many previous episodes I have found her annoying. Anyway,
I still love the show.


I definitely enjoyed all the Jake and Addison scenes. So far, I'm enjoying the build up between these two. It doesn't seem like things between them will happen anytime soon but I'm enjoying what we're seeing so far. Although I have to question as well whether or not Jake really is flawless. I mean, he can't be, right? I'm assuming we'll see sides to him that are less flattering in the future but for right now, I'm just going to keep on enjoying. The whole Charlotte-Cooper-Erica-Mason thing was pretty intense and I like how it's the arc that's putting regular characters lives into some chaos right now. The way they're building it is pretty good but I just wish we could have more Charlotte and Cooper scenes. Some of them talking about their future or just comforting one another. Those have been lacking this season Sheldon's patient case was also great! I love how PP can raise awareness about these kinds of issues.


Jake was SOOOOOOOO cute taking care of Addison! I've loved Addison since her GA days, and even though she has her flaws, she does a great job of taking care of other it was nice to see someone take care of her for a change. No seriously...they're so cute. I need them to be a couple ASAP. We should definitely rename the VAS the PAS. What a friggin hypocrite! Obviously I see it from a woman's point of view, but for Pete to have straight up slept with a complete stranger and moved on, only for him to ask Violet to stop seeing Scott? Unbelievable.

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