Private Practice Round Table: "The Time Has Come"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

Our official Private Practice review broke down last week's "The Time Has Come," in detail. Now, TVF staff writers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica join newcomers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Round Table Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Caitlyn: Favorite scene definitely goes to Jake and Addison in the hotel room. And coincidentally, my favorite quotes are from there, too! For example: "Was it the eating? Was it all the eating? Did it freak you out?" and of course the "Is it because you saw my vagina in a medical way?"

Jarrod: As much as I do enjoy my Jaddison moments, I’m going to say the fight between Violet and Pete. Her words: “I practically begged you to stop me from walking out that door, but you didn’t. You didn’t do a damn thing. You let me go, and now you have the audacity, you have to go and tell me I can’t see somebody else?” Honestly, I’m praising Violet to actually never go back to Pete again.

Carissa: Addison flopped on the bed all drunk and embarrassed. I love to see nearly perfect people make asses of themselves like the rest of us!

Christina: Jake: “I think I can see your arteries closing up from here.” I loved the drunken bacon cheeseburger-loving Addie.

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Are you rooting for Jake or does Addie need to give Sam a second try?

Caitlyn: Definitely Jake! I think this week he really proved that he's a good man. He respected Addison and didn't take advantage of her in anyway. Addison going back to Sam again would be what … the third chance already? She needs to move on!

Jarrod: A second try? I believe Addison and Sam have had their seasons 3, 4 and 5 of fame together. It’s time to pass the torch. It’s understandable that Addison still has feelings for Sam, but Jake is, well, Jake. Besides, the sparks between them two are just unexplainable and flaring every episode.

Carissa: Jake. Jake. Jake. She and Sam have too much other history that will always get in the way. Plus the whole, "I don't want another kid thing" is an obstacle they will never clear.

Christina: I’m with the rest of the round table on this one. Besides, I already have a Team Jake t-shirt.

Should Cooper and Erica be honest with Mason about the latter’s declining health?

Caitlyn: The accident was bad enough but I think being in his mother's embrace during a seizure should be enough for Mason to get some answers. That would've been traumatizing for any kid and I'm sure he's got questions. Cooper and Erica don't need to tell him she's terminal, but I think he deserves the sugar coated truth.

Jarrod: Probably best if Erica and Cooper do. Honestly, if the kid hasn’t picked up on anything yet, he never will. This storyline feels like it’s been dragging on forever. Just kill off the mother and put Mason with Cooper and Charlotte. I’m pretty sure everyone else is predicting that this is the case. Am I right?

Carissa: Yes. Because if they don't and she dies, he will never have the chance to express to her how he feels and it will haunt him and Cooper forever.

Christina: Absolutely. Then again, I have a feeling that Mason recognizes that something is seriously wrong with his mother and will come to Erica and Cooper with questions soon enough.

What did you think of Sheldon’s case with the army veteran experiencing PTSD?

Caitlyn: I thought it was another good story and issue for the show to discuss. I liked how the show was once again able to connect with RAINN and raise awareness on that. I also appreciated the discussion between Sheldon and Violet because it explained how different that case was to other cases done by the show.

Jarrod: I’m with Caitlyn on this one. It was emotional, it raises awareness, and it’s purely based on fact. Cases like these happen so often and I’m glad the show brought it up. I believe Sheldon was much better equipped to handle it, but I do wish that he’d get a storyline that doesn’t resolve around work for once.

Carissa: Very sad, actually. Especially the reaction of his wife. Although as soon as I saw that particular actress cast as his wife, I knew she would give him trouble about it.

Christina: As always, Private Practice has such interesting and defining medical cases. It was a tough story to tell and the writers did an excellent job. However, like Jarrod, I think that Sheldon needs an actual storyline outside of the ones with him involved with his patients.

Did you notice that Amelia had hardly any screen time?

Caitlyn: Definitely. She probably had less than a minute of screen time and her only dialogue had to do with Erica's condition. I thought it was pretty odd how she was completely out of the storylines this week.

Jarrod: As a matter of fact, I did. I get that she has had plenty of screen time this season, but isn’t she meant to be on some redemption arc? I don’t want to see her apologizing to someone four weeks from now for her actions. Continuation is the key; otherwise, us fans lose the plot.

Carissa: Not really. With such a large cast, some characters get more screen time some weeks than others. She was definitely in on the Erica scenes.

Christina: Like Carissa, I hardly noticed. Luckily, we know that she’ll be back with more screen time sooner than later as she will likely play a major role in Erica’s treatment storyline.


@T: Wow, dude, kinda harsh. The staffers don't seem to mind answering questions and discussing the show with PP_Fan. Can't we all play nice and just talk about tv? That IS what this site is about, isn't it? Sheesh!


@PP_Fan Why do always ask questions? You are so annoying.


I'm going to defend Pete (a little) because with the majority of the fans of this show likely being women whose mantra is probably "men are just no damn good" I feel like his conflict with Violet will be presented here as totally one-sided, which it's not. Yes, Violet practically begged Pete to stop her when she moved out of the apartment. And he was about as responsive as she was when he begged her to not go on the book tour. Between Violet acting like she wanted to run away from her marriage and her family, and Pete's "issues" following his heart attack, there is plenty of blame to go around for the coldness that developed between them. While I don't agree with Pete "demanding" Violet stop seeing Scott, Violet has to know that having to regularly see the guy at work who's dating his wife so soon after there separation has got to be painful for him. Yes, Pete had is one-night stand which really surprised me, but he didn't flaunt it in Violet's face.


@Christina - Hi...what do you think the surprise KaDee referred to on twitte is all about? According to her - there's a big surprise ahead for Charlotte. I really hope it's something good and not Would love to know your thoughts.


@PP_Fan I read that spoiler as well. I guess it was a little too predictable for Erica to die during the crossover episode. Although I feel like they'd really be dragging this arc way too long if it extends all the way until the end of the season. Anxious to know how long this arc takes and what happens. And of course, what this surprise for Charlotte could be.


Jaddison all the way :D It's not that I don't like Sam, I do, he and Addison were really cute when they were wanted all the same things and were madly in love. But it hasn't been like that for a while, and no one, NO ONE has cared about Addison as much as Jake has. They really get each other, and will make a really cute couple :) Plus the way he took care of Addie was so sweet, and she drunk was amazingggg. =)) And it's quite obvious that she really likes and cares about him too! And omg, how cute was that scene in the car when Jake makes her feel guilty about Fiji! And the way she looks at him and says : Jakeeee. It was adoraleee. Jaddison ftw!


@PP_Fan: Thanks for the spoiler. I was hoping she'd go and then Charlotte and Cooper would have Mason to themselves. It wouldn't shock me if she did end up dying eventually from complications. Private Practice does have it's twist.
A surprise for Charlotte? It wouldn't shock me if she turns out to be pregnant or if she is asked to by Erica to be Mason's legal mother via adoption.


@Pedro Villalba - I'll always love Grey's Anatomy, but I totally agree with you. Private Practice has been simply amazing this season.


I have to say that PP is becoming more interesting to me than GA... Really. Plus... I love Kate Walsh! :D


1. Jake and Addison scenes are always the best!
2. Of course Jake! The way Sam´s character has been written since last season has been horrible and there is no way back from there. Cant care less about his family either, would like more of Jake´s and of course Addie´s families:)
3. Mason should know.
4. Really good storyline.
5. I like Amelia, but it was ok for me to see her for just a moment. She´ll have her storylines soon enough. Cant wait for the storyline about Amelia and Addie!

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