Supernatural Preview & Sneak Peek: Call Kanye!

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Supernatural aired a classic episode on Friday, an all-time great and definitely the best of season seven.

How will The CW favorite follow-up?

With "Repo Man," which features the return of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer and which takes the brothers back four years to a case they thought they solved. It involves a demon and postal worker named Jeffrey, who now resides in a psych ward. Dean and Sam will pay him a visit on the episode.

Get your first look at what's to come now via the following preview and sneak peek:

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I didn't understand the Kanye line.. Any help?


I just finished watching "Repo Man" and I have gotta say I'm kinda scared for the youngest Winchester. I hope he's gonna be okay. And in the promo for the next episode I saw Cas!! YAY!! They're gonna bring back Cas!!


I enjoyed the episode, Padalecki was so good playing the comically unconvincing "bad cop" and the legitimate fear of clowns.And I love when the writers remember the brothers arguments from past episodes and give us rainbow expelling unicorns and creepy clown dolls.I'm looking forward to the next episode and hope for more seasons after this.


I really enjoyed last episode, it was fun how Sam did the comedy during the episode. I'm not extremely excited for next episode, but its interesting. I hope the writers keep making episodes like that, for three more seasons. I definitely want Supernatural to end with more than 8 seasons, and maybe make it to a tenth season.

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I'm pretty sure this guy is the boring kind of chubby chaser.


C'mon, Sam, pay attention to me. I'm bored.