Supernatural Review: Mind Games

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It's good Supernatural finally stepped back into the world of Sam's hallucinations this week.

Not only was it one of the major story arcs at the start of the season, but it's almost felt like it hasn't been as touched upon as of late. Sure, Dean and Sam have mentioned it, questioned it, and persisted that it has all been under control, but viewers haven't gotten to see the real problem it has been for Sam. We've simply had to take his word.

Which I guess is what Dean has had to do, so it's no wonder that he thinks that Sam has it pretty much handled. It makes sense to believe his brother.

Thankfully, "Repo Man" gave us Sam's view and, boy, was his mind raging with problems. Dean should definitely be worried.

Mark Pellegrino on Supernatural

Lucifer continued to be that irritating bug that flies around your head and yet you can't swat it away no matter how hard you try. Sam tried to ignore him, and it seems he has been doing so for months, but I can't imagine giving anyone the silent treatment for that long. That's a lot of dedication and strong will, especially when it's all in his head.

Of course, Lucifer had his own persistence and Mark Pellegrino did a fantastic job in portraying Sam's shadow. In fact, Pellegrino has consistently excelled as Lucifer, giving him a perfect personality that doesn't ring in classic cheesy villain, but a manipulative, calm, collected, and devious enemy that is memorable despite having been in only eight episodes overall. Whether it's his exasperation or glee or just animatedly chatting it up with Sam, Pellegrino makes his character a delight to watch. Sometimes I wish he was back as the main villain again.

And yet, even as he brings out a sense of humor, the episode reminded viewers just how evil and scary Lucifer really is. The scene where Sam watched the people repeatedly smash their heads into the table was disturbing, especially with Lucifer just smiling and pointing out his boredom. If that's what Sam has been dealing with for months, then his outlook doesn't look to good. How long can you deal with something like that?

But it was the final moment of Lucifer happily revealing that Sam can't get rid of him and the ecstatic shouting of "Good morning, Vietnam" followed by the maniacal laughter and images of hellfire that took the final cake. It reminded me of when Sam first entered Hell and the cage. When will Sam's wall break and he turns into a catatonic mess?

And I know it's been mentioned before by Lucifer (but how reliable is that guy?) but what if Sam's hallucinations really do mean he never escaped Hell? Would the show pull a twist like that? Or is it more dramatic that Sam has come back tainted and potentially ready to break not by any creature but his own mental state. Which is a scarier premise?

It was rather interesting that the plot of the episode involved an exorcism from four years ago that the audience was never privy to. I guess that means we have to assume that we haven't seen every journey the brothers have been on, but I don't mind. I love the throwbacks and references to Lillith. I even miss the demon arcs mostly because they really seemed dangerously evil, something I'm still having a hard time finding in the Leviathans.

Additionally, rather than make it just about a demon, the problem lay in Jeffrey longing to be controlled. People are just plain crazy sometimes. And how weird was it watching Jeffrey and the demon dancing around the room? That guy has some strange taste.

I couldn't even believe that he killed the puppy! Now that is just sick.

The episode was certainly a darker turn from last week's rather hilarious and more lighthearted episode (despite all the killings) but it was good seeing one of the larger story arcs progressing. The tone evoked was perfect for that return to the demon phase of Supernatural and I wonder if they will ever rise back to power at some point? Is that even possible?

As for now, despite all the good things that the show continues to do, I'm still worried about the season finding a way to solidly and successfully find a satisfying conclusion for the Leviathan. They have felt so in the background (Frank seems to be doing all of the work when it comes to them) that not only do I still not see them as threatening as they are, but I'm not sure what their end goal is. What is their purpose and more respectively how will that affect Sam and Dean in the long run? Is it possible for the world to be taken over by black ooze creatures?

Either way, the brothers' journey looks like it's about to take a sharp turn into major problem town and I'm excited to see what comes up next. (HINT: this return.)


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Lucifer should be the shows end game villan,Mark is fantastic in the role and much more threatning than the lame ass levis.They blew there load with him during the no-pocalypse season.I say scrap the leviathans and bring back Satan into the main fold.


Also, someone mentioned that Dean came out of hell ok, why can't Sam? Well the difference was Dean was just in hell, Sam was in the pit with Lucifer himself. I don't believe Dean ever came face to face with Lucifer until he was released from Hell.
I also have another question about this episode. Technically aren't all Demons supposed to NOT kill Dean or Sam? Didn't Crowley, who is the man in hell now, say that demons are told not to hurt them so they can hunt the leviathan in peace?


I have to agree, I love Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer as well. He has that character down pat. He's evil, yet humorous. Perfect combo. I also thought the guy that played Jeffrey did a good job.
I have to be honest, I have no interest in the leviathan storyline. I'd rather it be over with already and we can just enjoy watching them hunt week to week.


Charles-"Sam is the real hero on the show, he jumped into the cage to save the world, not Dean, not Bobby."
And Sam is the one who released Lucifer in the first place. A lot of people were killed by his actions. Bobby to Sam-"You're sorry you started Armegeddon? This sort of thing don't get forgiven boy."


sorry for the double post. The page timed out and my first post didn't show, so I had to re-type it. Now, I see both posts have shown up. :-)


I have to vehemently disagree with Charles: Dean is just as much of a hero as Sam. Dean has sacrificed himself over and over again. The show is about two brothers who are both heroes. Now, in regards to this episode, it was okay. I think Edlund has written better episodes. I, too, want more on the Leviathan storyline. I'm afaid the show is going to cram this storyline into the last 2 or 3 episodes. I loved how the show started with the Leviathans, but considering the big hype, the show has basically dropped it. This is the storyline I'm more interested in.


I have to completely disagree with Charles. Dean is just as much a hero as Sam. Dean has sacrificed himself over and over again. The show is about both brothers, with both brothers being heroes. Now, as to this episode, I agree with Sean that I'm worried about the Leviathan storyline; it should be more of a focus than it is. I like that Dean keeps trying to get intel on them and Dick Roman, but the show doesn't seem to care to tell more of that story. I'm afraid the show is going to do what it always does, and cram all it in the last 2 or 3 episodes.


The episode wasn't that bad. I just hope that Sam's not in the cage, and the reappearance of Lucifer its just a hallucination. If Sam really stills in the cage, it would be the worst show ever, and the fans are gonna hate the show forever. I really miss Bobby, but Sam is more important for the show than him, I mean, Sam is the real hero on the show, he jumped into the cage to save the world, not Dean, not Bobby. I also hope Sam gets over those hallucinations. By the way, Dean escaped from hell, and he is out for real, so why can't Sam be out for real..


Mark Pellegrino is suberb as Lucifer and his presence really helped remind us how lame the leviathans have been. The head-banging scene was seriously creepy. I'm hoping that this season has all taken place in Sam's crazed mind so when we come out of it - Bobby's still alive and Cas is still an angel. Now that would make the stupid Leviathans worth suffering through for a season.


Another couple reasons I'm wondering if Lucifer is just a hallucination or at least a part of him escaped the Cage. 1) He helps Sam in his investigation. Points out clues. 2) When Sam tells him to shut up, Lucifer quietly says to himself,,,'he told me to shut up.' Can or do hallucinations talk to themselves?

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