The Secret Circle Review: Daddy's Home!

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"Return" may have been the best episode of The Secret Circle. Now that Cassie has a parental unit of some sort back in her life, she seems less annoying. It didn't take much for the change, so maybe she was being portrayed as a wayward teen without someone to love her. Whatever it was, I found her much more appealing tonight.

Before Daddy arrived, she thought she was moving back home and even got her first job at the local coffee shop. Adam taught her how to serve drinks but not how to serve them from the bottom of the glass. Dude! You grew up in a restaurant. Watching Cassie's fingertips on the lip of a glass may be a turn on, but not to other customers. Thankfully, that wasn't the only indication of how close Adam and Cassie are becoming.

Metting John Blackwell

When John showed up, he made it pretty clear that telling anyone was an absolute no-no. Cassie said straight up she would tell Adam whatever they talked about, but he didn't believe her and warned her to stay quiet anyway. It took Cassie about 15 seconds to defy this order. Another impressive moment from Cass. She's no longer thinking only of herself.

Everything wasn't perfect, of course. Even though John acted as though he was trying to protect Cassie, there is still something about the medallion that doesn't ring true. Any time the medallion was mentioned, a strange look brushed over his face. Because of it, the witch hunters were after her.

The circle came together to save both Cassie and John in the end, but the person John chose to confide in about his daughter, to ask to work together to protect Cassie, was Jake. Does that seem off to you? He did indicate that he and Eben had a long history, so maybe there is information he wants from Jake about either other hunters or Jake himself. Am I putting too much thought into it?

It was a pretty cool spell that Eben used on Cassie, but how would it work? She's basically proven herself to be close to indestructible, but she could be spelled by someone that easily? That was the weakest link in the hour, but it did provide a nice cozy fire in the middle of the snow covered forest, so it wasn't all bad.

Odds and Ends

  • Melissa was getting sucked up in to bad Juju world again with Lee's friend Callum. I'll be honest, I'm completely lost in the voodoo world. I don't know if Lee or Callum or both or neither is/are bad Juju themselves. Who is the chick in Lee's house with the IV? I thought it might be Heather Barnes, but this girl was younger, and it seemed that Lee was stealing power from her to give to Faye...  or the other way around? I need answers!
  • Joe Lando has held up very well. Cassie's dad is HOT. And no, not just when he was surrounded by flames.
  • The more I see them together, the more striking I find the father/son resemblance of Adam and Ethan. They did a hell of a casting job on that one.
  • For the first time, I felt as if the circle was acting as a unit. I don't know if the addition of one new character could really bring the circle closer, but it seems to have happened. It was also interesting that John didn't know Cassie's mother's generation had gotten their powers back. That should provide some for fun adult material, given the animosity between Ethan and John.
  • Maybe it was just remnants of Brian from The Nine Lives of Chloe King, but when Lee turned on the charm at the end and he and Faye started kissing? They brought more heat to The Secret Circle.


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so does anyone remember the end of an episode a few episodes ago where they were hintin at Faye being John Blackwell's child ??? whatever happened to that? is it gonna be released anytime soon or what? this show has a lot of loose ends and im getting annoyed.


It's strange for me because I read the books and Adam and Cassie are soulmates and you just feel how much they care for and desire eachother. When you read the books you just root for them, it's magnetic and irresistible. Unfortunately, the show isn't carrying over that chemistry, I feel like Cassie has more chemistry with Jake. I want Cassie and Adam to be the charismatic soulmates from the books, but if they can't pull that off with these two actors, they may have to rethink things. Also, I have to say I was disappointed with the errors in the review for this episode, it can cause quite a bit of misinformation and she should add a correction.


honestly u guys,Adam is the most annoying guy in the show,Faye is the sluttiest bitch in the show,wonder she make out wit Cassie father in the nt episode


At the end he well be Bonny's father, you'll see.
I really want to like the show but its so boring and I watch it hopping they well put or do something interesting but NO. The only thing I like about the episode was like the last 10 minutes and from there if we cut the ending they are just like 5 minutes. I was glad the circle used the're powers and more glad they get the're hands dirty wen they "killed" the witch-hunter but it was disappointing when they didn't actually killed him and as for the controlling spell they shouldn't let her talk because when she said she couldn't say the "spell" I was like you are talking and you cant say that? really? so next time don't do that because that is so pinocchio's revenge from 1996... This needs a little lesson from The Halliwell sisters (the original sisters), Sabrina the teenage witch or at least a talking cat like Salem


Worst episode yet!

Strawberry fields

Cassie and Adam are sweet. A little too sweet for me, unfortunately. I much prefer the bitchy version of Cassie, the way she is with Jake. Like that thing she did with the umbrella. I can't help it, Cake works for me. I agree that the spell Eben did on Cassie was the lowest part of the episode. It's way too easy for those witch hunters to grab her and do stuff to her. It's the third time it happened, not very impressive track record for a super powerful witch. And she still claims that she can look out for herself? Get real, girl. And watch your back, for the love of God!

Strawberry fields

I'm sorry, what? John Blackwell has no power? COME ON! I was hoping for some serious dark magic action with him around. Fortunately Joe Lando really works for me as John. I hope they won't get rid of him any time soon. The thing is, I believed him when he said he cared about Cassie and Amelia. Maybe protecting Cassie is his priotrity, but he definitely has other business too. Carissa, I don't know if you're putting too much thought into the whole John/Jake thing, but I didn't see anything off about it. John needs to have someone on his side, since nobody really trusts him, and Jake seems to be the right choice. Especially after he made it pretty clear that he's willing to do anything for Cassie. The coma girl in Lee's bedroom is obviously Eva. Lee put a totem under her bed in the previous episode and he said that he figured out a way to make her better. So obviously he was stealing power from Faye. I have to say I like him a little more now. He and Faye fit with each other.


comeee onn! it was kinda bad i admit i mean compared to all the others but as all of the people said with jb the show may be more interesting. I don't like adam too. I mean ok he loves her but the only thing that he does is complaining... On the other hand Jake is always there to save her, he even sacrificed his self 4 her. so even if the hole event is quiet like TVD I think this love triangle is different... can't wait till march 15


Also what is with Eben? First he is a hunter, then he is someone who could spell a witch. Don't tell me he has Alaric's ring?


Yeah after my second watch and re reading the review, Carissa didn't really watch properly. No where in the ep was John surprised that the Adults had power. No where.
I loved how much Britt and even Wooden Model aka Chris Zylka has grown in terms of acting... Her anger at John felt so real.
Joe Lando is ahmazing. He really showed emotion when he talked about Amelia. But I have a feeling that there is more than meets the eye. I am happy about how Andrew and Kevin adapted John for the series. He was very one dimensional in the book and here they have done it perfectly. Kudos to them

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