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1.My favourite scene was when rebekah try to bite elena and elijah stopped her.I also love the stelena scene it was so emotional.2.Going after kol wasn't that bad,he was angry but man picking a fight with an original vampire that can kill you with a blink of an eye isn't a smart move at all.Telling elena that he loves her wasn't dumb,elena already knows that damon loves her whether he said it or not it wasn't just the right moment for him to confess his love and making out with rebekah wasn't a smart move either,why would he be always going after stefan's girlfriends.Btw the sex scene was hot.3.It's hard to believe that esther wants to kill her children just to restore the balance of nature,if that's the case does that mean anyother vampire will die since they are all an abomination?


How is it stupid that Damon told Elena he loved her? He's only reinforcing what he's already told her. And even if he hadn't told her, she would be an idiot not to realize it. He was worried about her, almost panicked, and upset, all of these emotions resulting in his love for her. So maybe it slipped out, because he was frustrated and wanted her to understand. Now, after 2 whole seasons of Elena trying to get Damon to feel, she's telling him it's a problem.
*depressed faceplam*


Everytime Elena says something wrong typical abuser he acts out. I am glad he saved Matt. He did try to kill Jeremy, Caroline & Bonnie. So sick of the oh poor Damon party. Is there any woman that Stefan hasn't been with that he has to go after. Damon is a jerk and talks and treats Elena like his child he tries to man handle her. Elena has rejected Stefan whom had done everything for her. Stefan left to protect his worthless brother and there is Elena forgetting everything. She has done more to Stefan who has always had her back than to Damon whom she let kiss her low down. Damon is like her father and she his child. Stefan is better at being bad loved the neck snap yes. Damon is a jerk and he does not deserve Elena oh can't have my way with Elena again wah wah borinG. Can Damon leave Stefans leftovers guess not. I enjoyed the Stelena moment better than the Damekah moment it was boring. I do like Elijah & props to Klaus like the beautiful picture of Caroline.


Actually Dan as per custom the Orignal families last name was because of Mikael...They wouldn't have had one so they would have been referred to as Son of Mikael, so Mikaelson. I loved that nod at name derivatives...and it's accuracy. Fave Scene was the most heartbreaking one for me, that moment when elena allowed Elijah to sip the champagne.
2.Telling Elena he loves her.No shocker there to anyone as she knew it already, but the moment he said it it officially gave her the power over him that she already has and uses to her advantage whether she realizes it or not.
3.None of the above.
4.Sure...other than the fact that they haven't had scenes together and it came out of virtually nowhere, in theory I buy that Klaus is into Caroline, and her being the sweet one I buy that she's softening a hair but not too much.
5.Umm Kol.He's the equivalent of Rebekah but he's hilarious and horribly vain.And I didn't even realize who finn was until later on, he's okay with dying?Yeah okay.


I'm really thinking on quiting this show....What Plec and Caroline Dries think they are doing???
The only transition I'm noticing here is concerning about Ian Somerhalder's ego. Oh man! The guy is so cock-a-hoop and feeling SOO self-important that thinks he is the main star of the show. People are commenting in here and another sites that we are mixing this show with real life...(lol). Some cast are doing the same! But Vampire Diaries is becoming a "more real life show" than a distraction. P.S. Damon and Rebekah: BAD combination. Come on, you guys Plec, Dries and Williamson....don't suck! Make us feel happy again.


Not to sound pretentious but they would have been Mikaelson because they are the SONS of Mikael. Mikael would have had a different last name which would have been the name of his father + Son on the end.


right now, I'm like team Damon! not so sure if I want him to be with Elena, coz she sure can be a bitch to him. sometimes he doesn't care enough, sometimes he cares too much... I'm confused. what does she wants? and that angry sex? Hot as hell!
and I don't want to see MO to kill her kids. okey, yes, if she want to kill finn, be my guest (he is lame, in love with his mother, with no brain and he's not even hot) but DON'T YOU DARE TO KILL KLAUS OR ELIJAH. just.. DON'T!
and I love caroline. with everyone except Matt. he has no purpose on that show anymore. we are just waiting for someone to come and kill him.


The episode was quite disappointing, however, I think they are just setting the mood, and making another storyline on how Klaus can die. I love the scene when Elena enters the room and Damon stopped and just looked at her, then there's Stefan. ..I think with Stefan around, Delena will never happen. Elena will always think of Stefan cause it's too obvious with the way Stefan acts that he's still so into her. Klaus and Caroline? Damon and Rebekah?. .seriously?. . I only hope that next week's episode will be far better than this one. . .


1: the first time, nothing..Well Damon and Stefan are always great, but this episode make me just feeling sorry for them both that they met Elena. One doppelganger is bad anough..I don`t like this episode one bit..
2. I think Damon was to emotional when he told Elena face-to-face the first time without lying on a death bed that he loves her, but otherwise, they are both over the point ignoring it..Okay but she wasn`t ready for his expression, so maybe this was the most stupid.. I don`t like the Rebecca scene. It was hot, sure, but it leaves me with sadness for both characters..And what about Stefan by the way. He used to be in love with Rebecca, nothing left??..Sometimes it`s weird where the writers up to..
The rest..nothing to say there..Klaroline are boring..Finn and Kol both okay..


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Rebekah and Damon? Gross. I'd go for the soft romantic scene when Matt gives his jacket for Rebekah. What? I'm a sucker for those kind of scenes.

Dumber Damon decision: going after Kol, telling Elena he loves her or getting it on with Rebekah?
Getting it on with Rebekah! Oh, come on dude, I'd rather he hooks up with a total stranger. Let's see how Elena react to Rebekah rubbing it into her face.

Harder to believe: Esther wants to murder her own children, Elena and Caroline know how to do a centuries-old waltz or Matt lives in Mystic Falls with no health insurance?
I stop trying to believe anything revolving around Matt but Esther, trying to murder all her children? It screams "ulterior motive" and "hidden agenda" all along.

Klaroline: Are you buying it at all?
Oh Dear God Please NO!

Which newly awakened Original made a better first impression: Kol or Finn?
Kol and his narcissistic way! Definitely yummy too lol.

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