The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: The Battle for Elena

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Can we go back to the time when the old Stefan cared whether Elena lives or dies?
That was before. It's your job now.

While there's still plenty to discuss from this week's new episode of The Vampire Diaries - an Original reunion?!? Another dead parent in Mystic Falls?!? A killer on the loose?!? - The CW has already released a clip from next Thursday's "Dangerous Liaisons."

It features Elena reacting to a request for a meeting, which prompts Stefan and Elena to sort of battle over which of them is now in charge of her protection. Hence the quote above. Who wins out? Who will go meet a certain Original returnee on the episode, which precedes a ball thrown by Klaus at his newly renovated mansion?

Watch and find out:

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Stelena Stelena Stelena !!! cant wait for them to be back together. Stefan..even in his worst state has not been as awful as damon has. When hes the good stefan again he will deserve her. Every episode the bad stefan is fading away bit by bit :(. Although i wouldnt mind paul wesley myself :p


I kinda miss the old Stefan too, especially now that he's constantly pushing Delena to be together since he felt he can never have Elena again after what he did as Stefan the Ripper(put Klaus accent here). But Stefan got a lot more interesting since the opening of Season 3.


D D D Delena!!! Hope Damon wins Elena in the end

David and sabrina 2014

Things are coming up big for the show. There may be a family reunion involving Klaus, but I mostly want the love to come back on the show and have the Stelena fans rise again. Looking at the pictures look cool and shocking, but looks can be decieving. I can't wait to see what happens in this week's episode. XD =) =D =O =P


@L.....Sorry to break it to you but Stelena isn't endgame. How boring would that be?


Sorry to break it to you but Damon and Elena are not endgame.


@Bored Now.
Well said. Elena Swan + 2 Edwards is exactly what this show is turning into. On the other hand, the originals ROCK! Rebekka and Caroline should be the center of the show now. Both of them are given limited material, but deliver so powerfully. The show should feature Klaus, Elijah, Rebekka, and Caroline as the main characters. They're the only ones that can act/have an interesting plot going on.


I love this show. They manage to make me want Damon and Elena together for 2 entire seasons, and then when they finally kiss I'm thinking ugh, get Stefan back in here. The evil Stefan is kinda fun (FOR NOW). The anticipation of wondering when the old Stefan is finally going to crack through is a huge reason of why I'm still watching this show. Though it's 13 episodes into this season and I'm starting to think maybe he's never coming back..
Otherwise, I would only watch for Caroline. Love her character. Loved her story line with Tyler, and now I really LOVE the idea of her with Klaus. The whole Original family is just too awesome...


Endgame? Damon and Elena, Stefan and Caroline


I guess Ill get in line....If she winds up with anyone, it better be Damon

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