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Last week's return of Jen Clark was underwhelming to say the least. Fortunately, it seemed as if the writers of 90210 read our minds on "Blood Is Thicker Than Mud" because the old Jen returned, more conniving than ever.

All it took to spark Jen's fire was a little unhealthy competition with little sis Naomi. We've always known Jen was a desperate sociopath, but I guess finding a new sugar daddy isn't just about little Jacques.

Dixon and Adrianna

Naomi really doesn't have any family in her life, so it makes sense that she continuously falls for Jen's apologies and excuses. Despite Jen sleeping with two of her past love interests, Naomi was ready to believe her sibling when she said she would give up Preston.

To be honest, I believed Jen too.... even though every single cell in my body was screaming not to. I should've gone with my gut and the same can be said for Naomi. It will be hard for Naomi to ever give up on Jen for good because, after all, Jen is her blood. But could Preston be the straw that broke the camel's back? Was he her soulmate of the week or could he have really been more?

I'm going to say probably not. If a guy is interested in you, he generally doesn't play you against your sister. Another super desperate girl on this show? Vanessa. I'm a fan of Arielle Kebel in real life and she kicked ass on The Vampire Diaries, but damn I just want to slap her on 90210!

Once a liar, always a liar. Liam was very understanding about the fresh start thing when confronted with her multiple driver's licenses, but Liam is also pretty trusting and naive at times. Why is she so hell bent on lying to him? She's obsessed with making him a star and he really doesn't even care that much. 

Elsewhere, Adrianna has done some crazy stuff in the past, we all know this. But it really pissed me off to see Vanessa play off of Ade's past mistakes, especially when we know how hard she's been trying to change this year. Don't get me wrong, swapping Silver's meds is still unforgivable, but Vanessa doesn't even know Adrianna. What girl would willingly slam her head through a mirror just to make an impact and keep up a lie? Damn! It looks like Silver might be her next victim after she sees how close she's been getting to Liam.

I hope Vanessa is outed for being the lunatic she is. In turn, I also hope Dixon takes the music contract. We all know he's going to since he has to take a hiatus from the show for the rest of the year. Dixon deserves his big break, though. Hopefully Adrianna will see that when he tells her.

Annie's storyilne was a snoozefest. But what else is new?

Ivy's new boyfriend is annoying and I can't stop thinking about the fact that he is Officer Garrett on Pretty Little Liars and possibly a murderer. It doesn't look like he will be in the picture once Ivy finds out that Raj lied to her and is still very sick. I always did like Raj.

So what did you guys think? Was this better compared to last week or would you rather just not see Jen? Will Silver get the test? Are we ever going to see the end of Vanessa? Hit the comments! 


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i just can't believe that every single time Silver has some problem, she can't talk with Annie, or Ivy, she can only be honest with mans. i liked her in season 1, but in the end of it when she kissed with ethan, than teddy (ade was in love with him), than navid ( i mean comee on ade and navid are meant to be 2gether, and they were in the longest relationship in 90210) now liam??? are u kidding me??? and after all of that i have to be sorry for her?
the end of episode, when naomi read letter from jen was very sad. i hope jen will finally go somewhere else, and leave her alone.
i think annie should get with PJ.


I hate hate HATE the idea of Silver and Liam. This girl needs to go away already. Liam belongs with Annie - GIMME BACK MY LANNIE!!!


This episode was definately better than the previous. First the sibling rivalry, it was so predictable that Jen would be the one to break Naomi's heart and that it was the 2 of them that would be rolling around and getting dirty. Annie, well i hope she gets where she wants to go with her charity. Ivy and Diego...yawn. Silver, poor poor Silver. I love her story, but shouldn't she have been tested long ago? Vanessa, how could Liam believe HER over Ade over Annie?? And i really hope Dixon takes the offer. BTW that was nice of Ivy to help Annie, never saw them as friends but that could be the start.


also i really really miss when liam was a mysterious badass!!!!!! super intelligent too! anyone remember that? now he seems just a naive lil boy.. i hate it!


can someone please tell me did they switch the actors of ivys new bf in a week?? i felt like he was someone new this week!! its drivin me crazy!!!


All i know is Silver better end up with Dixon after all this and get his aggression back.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode
Jen is such a witch, I know that Naomi has not other family but after sleeping with Liam and blaming Annie and all the other crap Jen has done to Naomi I really wish Naomi would have tossed her out of the house for good!!! However Preston will choose Naomi.
I feel bad for Ade, while I did not like her last season and think what she did to Silver was awful, she really turned it around. Everyone else knows that Vanessa is crazy and Liam will soon find out because she will steal all his money!!
I am predicting that Liam and Silver will get together!


I couldn't get over the fact that Ivy's new boyfriend is also Officer Garrett either. Vanessa is totally psychotic! Also, I finally realized why the girl at the gallery looks so familiar... it's Alex from Lost! Overall, it was a subpar episode.


I can't believe the writers are trying to put Silver & Liam together! They don't have great chemistry. He should break up with Vanessa and get back with Annie :) After Jane and Vanessa, it's enough, we don't need Silver. I can't believe she preferred telling him her personal issues rather than Annie (not Naomi 'cuz she's too self-centered)
I think Dixon will eventually take the contract but I hope it won't be the reason for a breakup between him and Ade, even though I prefer him with Silver and Ade with Navid -her one true love! They've been through so much together...
I don't like Ivy with that new boyfriend. I'm still mad at the writers they screwed up Ivy & Raj. They were the cutest couple EVER on the show but I heard when he comes back it won't be long =(
Why can't 90210 have real long-lasting relationships and not only over one season?


Possibly the best episode of the season to date!
Naomi and Jen! Amazing as always, I really love them! But I missed the connection with PJ. There was a scene or to but not even close to Naomi and Max.
Annie! I love her being all pissed of and Bitchy. Good she finally has a story not about her being madly in love! She should act a bit again and just stop talking about it!
Silver! J.S. is amazing and for me the best actress of the cast! U see her really strugling about the cancer and it's is a big topic! Dig into it writers, but skip Li(l)ver!
Liam how naive can U be!? I miss the assh**e Liam with the big mouth from S1! I love V! She plays that bitch which U must hate so real! She is working my nervs! She needs to go down big way!
Ade playing Sherlock was so stupid!? Get a confession FIRST! how will she interact with Dixon when he seals the deal?
Dixon deserves anything but that contract! That spoiled narsocistic brat! Hopefully he is the one Ausiello spoiled will die on the show!

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Adrianna [to Vanessa]

Last time I checked movie stars don't do manual labor.

Vanessa [to Liam]

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