A on A: Pretty Little Liars Star Speaks on Big Reveal

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The episode aired almost 48 hours ago, but we'll give you one more SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you still do not know the identity of A on Pretty Little Liars...

... okay? All good? Read on to actually hear from the actress behind the stalker.

Spencer and Mona

On Monday's PLL season finale, the world finally learned what Janel Parrish found out a few weeks ago: her character of Mona is, indeed, A. But is she working alone? What's up with Team A?

The actress could only say so much about Pretty Little Liars season 3 - aside from confirming she will be listed as a series regular - but she did speak to reporters on a conference call yesterday about...

... the season three premiere: "I do know that Season 3 the premiere will take place six months after Maya’s body was found, so it’s the second anniversary of Alison’s death. Mona will have been in the Radley Sanatorium for the last six months. She’ll get a mysterious visitor. You’ll find out more about that and there will just be more answers and connecting the dots."

... Mona's friendship with Hanna: "It’s safe to say their friendship is ruined. I kind of hope to see a showdown. I think that would be awesome. If Mona and Hanna meet face-to-face, I think it would be a very interesting interaction so I’m hoping Marlene gives that to me. It would be fun.

... clue from earlier this season that Mona was A: "Definitely the scenes where I’m helping Emily hack into the vice principal’s system to find out that he was bribed definitely shows that Mona had some technical skills that people didn’t know about. It also shows that she has a little bit of a devious side."

... Team A: You will definitely learn about that in Season 3. I don’t know exactly when."

... taking a new approach to Mona: It’s really just letting go of everything that I’ve created for this character for two years. Everything that I’ve built upon for this character doesn’t really matter anymore. Unless there are flashbacks of me as that Mona, I’m now creating a new character. It’s really exciting and I’m excited to see where it goes."

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I jus wanna knw one thing why is A or team A or whtevr doing this to aria spencer emily n hanna why? Whts the reason of this sickness n madness!!


i hope we still have bitchy mona..


PLL is definitely one of my favorite shows now. I can't believe the writers would actually make Mona a part of A team,whatever that is, but this show is awesome and I can't wait for season 3. . . And I also liked the fact that they didn't know yet that Jenna can actually see now, meaning there would be a lot of things to look forward in season 3. Also, what's the deal with Maya? did A killed her too?. . . OMG, can't wait. . .


according to the books Alison is A..and the body they found and assumed was Allison was her twin sister.


my theory is that alison is a. she used to receive her twin's texts, she found out, then she killed her and finally replaced her for some reason best spoby kiss ever

Snow not so white

Janel has done an excellent job. I'm glad she is becoming a series regular. I think we will be more fond of the new Mona, rather then old irritating Mona.




Can't wait for next season!


I'm glad that a time jump is happening. I just hope that they do some mini-flashbacks so we know a little about what's happened.

Saad khan

Sooner or later it'll be Alison herself or her twin sister as its in the books the True "A"

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